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Not all bodies are the same, and neither are all condoms. When it comes to condoms, there are many different types and sizes. Choosing the right condom isn’t as easy as it seems, so it is important that you learn all about these products in order to make a good choice. Choosing the right sized condom ensures that it fits properly, is comfortable, and doesn’t fall off when using it.

Aside from the extra pleasure of using the right condom, a good choice helps to increase confidence and intimacy. When you have the right-sized condom on, the enjoyment factor will be higher on a physical and psychological level. As you can see already, selecting the right condom is not as easy as you may have thought. So, which one is best for you? Well, read on and we will help you find out.

Key Facts

  • Size does matter. Not only does the correct size ensure that the condom fits better but choosing the right product you will allow you to enjoy a pleasurable experience.
  • There is a vast range of condoms available on the market. The choice you make depends on what you’re looking for. Some products are simpler than others, while some condoms provide exciting features.
  • Quality is essential when it comes to condoms. Choosing a quality product that is made from a renowned brand will ensure that there are no unwanted problems in the future.
  • It is recommended to buy more expensive and safer condoms to ensure that you are using a quality product.

Ranking: The best condoms

In this section, you will find a collection of the best condoms on the market at the moment. We have also summarized the main features of each product to make it easier for you to compare. With this list, you will be able to choose the product that interests you the most and meets your needs.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about condoms

When buying a packet of condoms it is important that you know some information about this product in order to make a quality purchase. In the following section, we will discuss the most relevant aspects of condoms so that you are well informed prior to making a purchase. Additionally, we will answer the most frequently asked questions among condom users.

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Practice safe sex by using a condom.
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What exactly are condoms?

A condom is a sheath-shaped barrier that is placed on a man’s penis and used during sexual intercourse to decrease the likelihood of pregnancy or the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STI’s). Condoms are not only made for men but also for women, however, today we will be reviewing the male condom.

The male condom unfolds onto an erect penis before intercourse and physically blocks the release of semen into the sexual organs of a partner. The vast majority of condoms are made of latex, but there are some brands that use alternative materials such as polyurethane or lamb’s intestine.

Latex condom

Before you begin having sex, don’t forget to put on a condom.
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If a condom is used correctly, pregnancy rates are as low as 2%. According to experts, “using condoms is an absolute must in relationships between people you don’t know much about or have just recently met.” Experts strong advise this as condoms not only prevent unwanted pregnancy but they also prevent the exchange of diseases that can be very dangerous to the health of a person, such as hepatitis B or AIDS.

Experts also reiterate that in relationships between people who already know each other, using a condom during sexual intercourse is not over the top. The advice of experts can be summed by saying that “prevention is better than cure”.

What are condoms made of?

The large majority of condoms are made of either natural latex, polyurethane or sheep intestine. Latex is a product with unique elastic properties that can stretch up to 800% before breaking. A negative aspect of latex condoms is that it is possible for them to become damaged when used with lubricants.

The second most popular material when it comes to condoms is polyurethane (or synthetic). One of the advantages of polyurethane is that it conducts heat better than latex and is not as sensitive or broken easily due to high temperatures. The disadvantage of polyurethane condoms is that they are not as elastic as latex products.

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Remember to store your condoms in a safe place where they will not get damaged.
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The third most popular condom material is sheep intestine. This may sound very strange but this is actually one of the strongest materials and is very effective at blocking semen. On the negative side, condoms made from this material are not very effective at preventing the transmission of STI’s due to the pores in the material.

How do you measure penis thickness to buy the right size condoms?

To purchase the right size condom, you need to measure the thickness of your penis, not the length. To do this correctly, you can use a tape measure when your penis is erect by wrapping the tape measure around your member. However, be very careful as this is a sensitive area of the body. Once you have taken a measurement of the thickness of your penis, take a look at the table below to find out what size condom you need:

Penis circumference Condom size recommended
Between 9.5cm and 10cm 47mm is recommended
Between 10cm and 11cm 49mm is recommended
Between 11cm and 11.5cm 53mm is recommended
Between 11.5cm and 12cm 57mm is recommended
Between 12cm and 13cm 60mm is recommended
Between 13cm and 14cm 64mm is recommended
Between 14cm to 15cm 69mm is recommended

What types of condoms are there?

Now that you know the size you need, it’s time to choose the type of condom that’s right for you. When talking about the type of condom we are not referring to the material, rather the design and the features of the condom. There are many options to choose from so it is far from a simple decision. For example, you can choose a “natural” or “standard” condom, which is basically a plain condom, without any special features. Or, depending on your personality, you can buy a condom that has some “interesting” characteristics. We can classify the types of condoms into the following:

Classification Types
According to shape Anatomical: Has a natural penis shape, so it fits well and is more comfortable. These condoms are wider at the tip and tighter at the base of the penis.

Straight: As the name state, they are the same width from base to tip.

According to texture Stretched: They have textures in the form of shapes that add an additional touch of fun. These condoms improve the pleasure for the recipient.

Dotted: Feature dotted textures and are designed for a similar effect to the previous type, to intensify the pleasure of the recipient.

According to thickness Sensitive: These are thinner condoms. They try to make the touch of the penis inside the recipient feel as natural as possible. Wearing one of these condoms can feel like you are not wearing a condom at all.

Extra safe: They are ideal for “risky” relationships or “one-night-stands”. These condoms are slightly thicker than normal to ensure they are extra safe.

Depending on the effects Heat or coolness: Thanks to the special lubrication of these types of condoms, they produce effects of coolness or heat depending on which type you choose.

Retardant: These are condoms that contain a dose of anesthetic such as lidocaine. By containing this substance, they slightly reduce the sensitivity of the penis to stop you from getting “over-excited’ too quickly. This will help delay the ejaculation so that you can have a longer and more pleasurable sexual experience.

What are the colors, flavors, and aromas of condoms?

In addition to the types of condoms we explained in the previous section, condoms can also be bought in different flavors and colors. Depending on what you choose, they will provide a flavor or aroma of your choice. Flavored condoms are designed for use during oral sex, as the flavor will mask the taste of the latex or lubricant. There are some flavors and colors that are very common such as chocolate, mint or strawberry, as well as stranger flavors such as blueberry sponge cake.

Color Uses
Brown Often used for chocolate flavored condoms.
Gold Using a gold-colored condom will make your member the king.
Yellow Used for providing a banana flavor. There are some yellow condoms that have pineapple flavor.
Orange Often used for flavoring condoms with a mango or orange taste.
Silver Commonly used for coconut-flavored condoms.
Black These condoms may be used to recreate sexual fantasies where the black condom turns your penis entirely black.
Turquoise Normally used for bubblegum flavored condoms.
Light brown Used for a Coca-Cola flavor.
Red Used for strawberry flavor.
Fluorescent Glow in the dark.
Blue There are some blue condoms with a blueberry sponge flavor.
Green Used for flavors such as apple or mint.

How are condoms put on correctly?

Condoms are the best way to have safe sex and are products that are very simple to use. However, in order for a condom to be as effective as possible, it is crucial that a condom is used correctly. It is imperative that the condom is correctly placed on the penis prior to intercourse. Below we have a video that will show you how to correctly put a condom on.

Can condoms have other uses?

Condoms stand out as multipurpose bags and barriers because of their strength, elasticity, and water-resistance. As an example of another use of condoms, they were used for military applications during World War II. They were used to cover the opening of rifle barrels to prevent water blockages and debris from entering the gun barrel.

Did you know that condoms have also been used to smuggle pills, cocaine, heroin, and other drugs across borders and in airplanes?

Are there any adverse effects of using condoms?

Some people may be allergic to latex, which will result in unpleasant symptoms such as skin irritations if using condoms made with this material. If someone has a severe latex allergy, using latex condoms can potentially be fatal. Excessive use of latex condoms can also cause the development of a latex allergy.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of condoms?

Now that you have learned about all the key aspects of condoms, it’s time to learn about their advantages and disadvantages. It is essential that you take this information into account in order to fully understand this product and not be disappointed.

  • Extremely safe if used correctly
  • Many types available
  • Different colors and flavors to choose from
  • Prevent the spread of disease
  • Contraceptive is close to 100%
  • Prevent transmission of AIDS
  • Some materials can cause allergies
  • Condoms can break
  • Sexual pleasure may be slightly reduced

Shopping Criteria

When buying a packet of condoms, it is important to consider a few aspects prior to making a purchase. Below we have included the most important factors that you should take into account before purchasing this product. We highly recommend that you closely look at the following criterion in order to make a successful purchase.


As we have mentioned continuously throughout this guide, quality is the most important aspect when it comes to buying condoms. Not only will it ensure that you have a pleasurable sexual experience, both for you and your partner, but it will also ensure that you prevent an unwanted pregnancy. The higher the quality of the condom, the less likely that it will break.

As well as avoiding pregnancies, a good quality condom also serves as a physical barrier against the spread of sexually transmitted diseases such as hepatitis B or AIDS. These are diseases that can be fatal if contracted. We highly recommend using latex condoms, as they are the strongest and safest condoms.


The texture of the condom is another important factor to consider. Some people dislike using condoms because they say that the loss of sensitivity and pleasure is too high whilst having sex. This is why there are many different textures available that attempt to increase pleasure during sex. The different textures can be particularly pleasurable for the other person.

However, you must take note that not everyone is the same and some people find textured condoms irritating. There are some people who report that they are ultra-sensitive and that condoms with different textures can make them “overly-excited”. If this is the case, it is recommended to use plain condoms without textures.

Did you know that condoms can also be used to cover the endovaginal ultrasound probe during medical procedures?


A critical aspect, especially if you have an allergy to a certain substance or component, is to choose a condom made from a material that will not irritate your body. If you know that you are allergic to latex, it is advised to purchase condoms made from other materials and that specifically state that they are ‘latex-free’. As well as improving the pleasure during sexual relationships and avoiding irritation, you will be taking care of your health.


The person wearing the condom may not notice it, but for the other person, the flavour of the condom is a very important aspect to keep in mind. This is particularly relevant when it comes to performing oral sex. In order for the sexual relationship to be pleasant for both you and your partner, consider the flavour of the condom. You may even like to have a range of flavours available so that your partner can decide which flavour takes their fancy. Different flavours are also a great way to ‘spice-up’ a sexual relationship by trying different tastes and aromas.


The best way to avoid an unwanted pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is by using a condom. Some condoms may not provide the pleasure you are looking for, but this is why there are many different types available that can offer high stimulation for both the man and recipient. You can review the wide range of options available to make your sexual relationship more pleasurable through different textured or flavored condoms. Apart from preventing pregnancy and STIs, they can also make sex more pleasurable.

If you have or are planning on having sex in the near future, it is now time to choose a condom that best suits you in terms of size and type. Keep in mind everything we have explained in this guide so that you can choose the condom that best suits you. Online stores such as Amazon are a perfect place to buy condoms, as they are discreet, inexpensive, and there are many options to choose from. Remember that prevention is always better than a cure.

If you found this guide interesting, don’t forget to share it on your social networks so that it reaches more people. Or if you prefer, please leave us a comment below. Thank you very much!

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