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HDMI Adapter
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

As technology continues to penetrate all aspects of modern life, we find ourselves constantly surrounded by different types of tech devices. Aa technology continues to develop at high speeds, new devices with different connection characteristics and standards are constantly being […]

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Powerline Adaptors
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Computer Accessories

Here’s a classic situation in many homes around the U.S.: you’ve just signed up for the most advanced – and sometimes the most expensive – Internet system available, but it doesn’t reach all of the rooms in your home or […]

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Mouse pad
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

New technology continues to revolutionize the computer industry year after year, and that includes major improvements to the accessories around computers like mice and mouse pads. The mouse pad, in particular, has changed tremendously in the last couple of decades. […]

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Foldable Keyboard
Lisa Marlin in Technology

Although it’s not ideal, sometimes you need to work while on vacation. You may also travel frequently for work, or living the life of a “digital nomad”, working while you travel all the time. In all of these situations, carrying […]

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Barcode Scanner
Brett Holmes in Technology

A barcode scanner uses a laser to read the bars and spaces that makeup a barcode. These devices are usually limited to only being capable of reading this type of information, which they send to a computer via a cable […]

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Wireless Mouse
Brett Holmes in Technology

The computer mouse is often considered a secondary or “peripheral” accessory to a computer. However, it can be an item of great importance. Because most laptops come with a touchpad or trackpad, you can often work without using a mouse. […]

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Tablet Keyboard
Brett Holmes in Technology

These days tablets are one of the best selling technological devices on the market. Tablet keyboards combine many of the advantages of a computer, without the inconvenience of the tiny screen size of mobile phones. They are ideal for professionals […]

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iPad Keyboard
Brett Holmes in Technology

A feature that many people miss when it comes to using an iPad or tablet is a physical keyboard. Purchasing a keyboard that is iPad compatible is one of the best ways to extend the usefulness and functionality of your […]

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Laptop Bag
Brett Holmes in Technology

The defining feature of laptops is naturally their portability. For this purpose, we need a suitable bag or backpack to protect our device from bumps and scratches. These bags also allow us to carry important accessories such as mice, power […]

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