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Your newborn baby has been in your tummy for nine months. This means that your little one is used to a warm, comfortable place. Of course, it will be difficult to offer your baby something as comfortable as your womb, but a mini-crib will get the job done. A mini-crib is an excellent job when you have a very young baby that takes up less space. In the following shopping guide, we will explain what this item is and why you should (or shouldn’t) get one for your little baby.

Using a co-sleeper, also known as a newborn crib or a bedside sleeper, for the first months of a baby’s life has many benefits. It will keep your little one warm, allow you to sleep right by your baby, and takes up less space. We will go over these benefits and more throughout the article. Are you ready?

Key Facts

  • The material and quality of the crib that you choose for your baby will affect the way your baby sleeps. You want your child to be as comfortable as possible for good physical and mental development,
  • There are three different types of cribs to choose from, co-sleepers (which we will be talking about today in this article), traditional cribs, or bassinets. All of these items can be used with a newborn baby. However, a co-sleeper has many more benefits than the other two on our list. We will go over these benefits and compare the different types of cribs later on in our article.
  • Before you make your final purchase, it is important to go over some important factors that will help you make the best choice possible. We will go over these factors at the end of our article in the section titled “Shopping Criteria.” Stay tuned!

Our Selection: The Best Co-Sleepers on the U.S. Market

Decorating a baby’s bedroom is something that excites many new or experienced parents. Picking out the best crib for your little one is an important part of this process, and we believe that a co-sleeper is the best option for a newborn baby. Before diving deeper into what these items are and why you should get one, we will go over our favorite models currently available on the U.S. market. If you find a particular product interesting, click on it, and you will be redirected to Amazon where you can compare prices, reviews, ratings, and much more.

The Newest Co-Sleeper Online

The first option on our list has one its place as the number one new release on Amazon. This new and exciting option is of high-quality and is also very popular among other users. Go over the reviews and ratings yourself. You are sure to be satisfied. This model is also foldable, making it easy to store away when you don’t need it.

Amazon’s Choice

Do you like to buy the best of the best? Are good ratings and positive reviews important to you when shopping online? Then, the second item on our list may just be the choice for you. This co-sleeper has won its place as Amazon’s choice. It is extremely popular among users and has tons of positive reviews and ratings to go through. You can’t go wrong with this model.

The Best High-Quality Co-Sleeper

Do you like the best of the best? Well, the third option on our list may be your item! Sure, this product may be a bit more expensive than the others on our list. However, if you are willing to invest, in this case, you are paying for quality. In our opinion, this is the highest-quality co-sleeper currently available on Amazon. You won’t be disappointed.

The Best In-Bed Co-Sleeper

Are you looking to have your baby as close to you as possible? Sleeping side-by-side with your baby has many benefits but can be extremely dangerous for your little one. Well, the second item on our list can be placed directly in your bed and eliminates any risk of suffocation while co-sleeping. Remember, we never recommend sleeping with your baby without a co-sleeper.

The Best Closed-Off Co-Sleeper

If you are a worried parent, which we all are, you may worry about your child escaping from the co-sleeper, especially if it has one open side. This is highly unlikely, but, to give you peace of mind, we have provided you with our favorite closed-off co-sleeper on the U.S. market. As the name suggests, this crib has “walls” on each side and is completely safe for your little one.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Should Know About Co-Sleepers

A newborn baby sleeps between 16 and 17 hours a day. That is a lot of time in the crib. You need to purchase a high-quality crib to help promote the healthy physical, neurological, and emotional development of your child. In the previous section, you have read about our favorite models on the U.S. market. It is normal if you have a few doubts. To clear these doubts, we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions. Are you ready?

mom holding a baby

A co-sleeper, also known as a bedside sleeper, has a similar structure to a traditional crib, but it is much smaller.
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Should I get a bassinet, crib, or co-sleeper?

When looking for a crib, there are three main options to choose from: a bassinet, crib, or a co-sleeper. You can use any of these types of cribs with your newborn baby. However, you may be wondering what is the difference between these similar items. In the following section, we will explain what each one is and what makes them unique.


A bassinet is a type of cot that is usually made out of woven material. This material is then placed on a stand. This allows the bassinet to be easily moved. A bassinet is quite light and takes up little space. This item is usually used with babies up to 4 months of age.


A co-sleeper, also known as a bedside sleeper, has a similar structure to a traditional crib, but it is much smaller. It may come with a rocker that will allow you to rock your baby to sleep or wheels that will allow you to move the co-sleeper around the house wherever you go.

This type of crib is normally used during the first 4 to 6 months of a newborn baby’s life. You will know that it is time to buy a bigger crib when your child cannot fit comfortably anymore into the co-sleeper or when they begin to sit up by themselves. We do not recommend using a co-sleeper when your child has gotten heavier than 20 pounds.


A traditional crib is much bigger than a co-sleeper. This type usually does not come with wheels. Therefore, it is fixed in the room where you install it. You can use a crib during the first two years of your baby’s life.

Why use a co-sleeper?

You may be asking yourself why you should use a co-sleeper instead of a traditional crib or a bassinet. Why spend money on an item that you will only use for a few months. In the following section, we will go over the pros and cons that come with using one of these items. The main con is that you will only use it for a few months, but, in this case, the pros outweigh the cons. However, whenever you are shopping online, it is important to know both to decide whether this item is a fit for you and your baby or not:

  • Portable
  • Does not take up much space
  • Cheaper than a traditional crib
  • More comfy for your baby
  • Great for smaller spaces
  • Some models allow you to sleep beside your baby
  • Some models are versatile and can be used as other types of furniture
  • Many models can be taken anywhere you go
  • You can only use this item for the first 4 to 6 months of your baby”s life
  • It is another thing that you will have to spend money on

What is co-sleeping?

“Co-sleeping” is when you share your bed with your baby. Having your baby near at all times makes it easy for you to breastfeed. Co-sleeping strengthens the bond between parents and baby. Many people just put the baby in bed with them. However, you should not do this as you risk suffocating the baby. A co-sleeper is an amazing option as this item allows you to co-sleep with your baby risk-free. These cribs can be attached to the bed and act as an extender. This way, your baby will have its own space in your bed.

baby sleeping

Co-sleepers are great for smaller spaces.
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What different types of co-sleepers are there?

There are many different types of co-sleepers available on the U.S. market. This is wonderful because you will be able to easily find the perfect model for you and your baby. In the following section, we will go over the two main different types that you can find online.

  • Foldable Co-sleeper: Depending on your situation, this may be the most convenient type of co-sleeper on the market. This type folds away, making it easy to transport with you wherever you go. This crib takes up minimal space and is easy to store away.
  • Convertible Co-sleeper: As we mentioned before in the article, some models can be used as other pieces of furniture. For example, there co-sleepers that can be used as a baby seat.

baby with a colorful pijama

Co-sleepers are most commonly made out of wood or metal.
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Shopping Criteria

Although you now know a lot more about co-sleepers than you did before, don’t make your final decision yet. Before picking out the perfect item for you and your little one, there are some important criteria that you should keep in mind. In the following section, we will list and go over these criteria to help you make the best choice possible. Hang in there.


Co-sleepers are most commonly made out of wood or metal. Wooden cribs are much warmer than metal cribs. However, metal models are stronger and will last you longer. Currently, there are some alternatives to the materials that we already mentioned. For example, some mini-cribs are made out of cardboard. This may sound crazy, but cardboard mini-cribs are much less expensive and are just as safe and useful as metal or wooden models.

baby on a modern bedroom

The cloth that comes with the mini-crib will help keep your baby warm and comfortable.
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The mattress that comes with your co-sleeper is vital. Therefore, you need to pay attention to this aspect as well when making your choice. First of all, the size of the mattress should be appropriate for the size of the co-sleeper you purchase. There should be no hole between the mattress and the crib where your baby can fall through and get stuck. Also, it needs to be firm and stable. It should also be made out of breathable, hypoallergenic materials that are machine washable. It should also come with an anti-choke system, for the safety of your baby.


The cloth that comes with the mini-crib will help keep your baby warm and comfortable. This item should come with sheets, a blanket, and protective fabrics that will keep your little one from bumping their head. You will want to make sure that the blanket fits perfectly into the crib before making your purchase. The sheets should be made out of cotton and should be machine washable. This just makes things easier.

The sheets need to be fitted so that they will not come off the mattress at night and cause your baby discomfort. The blanket is meant to keep your baby warm. However, you need to make sure that it is not too heavy. The best way to make sure the sheets are perfect is by reading the comments of other Amazon users. Many people will upload their experiences of the item they bought.

James J. McKenna, Ph.D.World-recognized infant sleep authority
“It has never been proven, nor shown, nor is it even probable, that sleeping with your baby has any kind of negative long-term effects when the relationships between those involved are healthy. Instead, experts are finding that cosleeping can help develop positive qualities, such as more comfort with physical affection, more confidence in one’s own sexual gender identity, a more positive and optimistic attitude about life, or more innovativeness as a toddler and an increased ability to be alone”.


Finally, the most important factor when it comes to buying anything for your children is their safety. Co-sleepers should be certified and 100% safe for your child. Do not settle for less. The crib you choose needs to have round edges that will not cause your baby any harm. If it is wooden, it should not have any splinters. The screws must be hidden away and not be sticking out at all. Finally, the paint and polish used on the crib should be non-toxic.


There is nothing more exciting than becoming a parent and bringing your baby home for the very first time. We understand that you want everything to be perfect. Remember that having a comfortable crib for your child to rest and sleep in is vital. A co-sleeper will allow your newborn baby to adjust to their new home in no time.

Since traditional cribs are much bigger than co-sleepers, your baby may not feel as comfortable in one. In a co-sleeper, your child will feel snug and warm. To choose the best one for your home, you will have to consider the shopping criteria that we explained at the end of this article. However, we are now confident that you are ready to make the best purchase possible. Now, it’s up to you. So, what are you waiting for?

We hope that you have enjoyed our article about co-sleepers. If you liked this shopping guide and review, don’t forget to share it with your friends on social media. Have you tried using this item? Tell us about your experience; we want to hear from you. Thank you so much.

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