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Phoebe Mary in Home

You may be thinking about purchasing a dishwasher because you want to update your old model, or maybe you realized how much this appliance can help you in your daily life. These modern machines use less water than you would […]

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Microfiber Towel
Phoebe Mary in Home

Travel towels offer many advantages, and a lot of us prefer to travel with our own for greater comfort and hygiene. Other people like to take them to the beach, or to the hotel gym. While it is true that […]

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Phoebe Mary in Home

It has been quite some time since us humans had to get down on our hands and knees to clean a floor. Good thing too, because it definitely was not fun. While cleaning may still not be most people’s preferred […]

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Clothes Steamer
John Kelly in Home

Ironing is one of the most detested domestic tasks, but one that we all endure because we love wearing clean and well-ironed clothes. There are actually studies showing that most people rank cooking as their favorite household chore, and ironing […]

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Robot Vacuum
Phoebe Mary in Home

Performing cleaning tasks at home is not always pleasant. Or it may be that you simply don’t have time. Vacuum robots have been among us for decades, but technology has managed to democratize their access. They are devices that are […]

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Handheld Vacuum
Phoebe Mary in Cleaning

Who doesn’t love a clean home? We sure do. But achieving that clean home requires a handful of quality supplies and appliances, among them a handheld vacuum cleaner. This portable device is key: you can reach every inch of your […]

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Robotic Window Cleaner
Phoebe Mary in Home

To maintain a home you have to perform all kinds of tasks. Some are more tedious than others, of course, but those who have large windows or a lot of glass furniture know that cleaning takes a lot of time […]

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Washing Machine
Thibault Perinet in Home

Technology has made our lives easier and more enjoyable. If you think about the devices that have most affected your lifestyle, it is possible that smartphones and televisions first come to your mind. However, others have probably contributed much more […]

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