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Paige Dygbert in Gadgets

The passage of time is unavoidable–not only for people, but for documents as well! Important papers, especially if you store them in a corner of the office or the house, are at the mercy of moisture, the environment, mold and […]

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Brett Holmes in Technology

Because of the wide selection of monitors available to Americans, choosing the right monitor for your computer is no easy task. It is a blessing and a curse that we have such a wide variety of models and at very […]

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Digital Marketing Internship 2020 – Apply NOW
Johann Dielert in Technology

THEGOODESTATE is a digital, internationally positioned media company with a focus on digital content. We live the idea of a dynamic, decentralized corporate culture that focuses on long-term and solid growth. We are driven by the passion to generate high-quality […]

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Printer Toner
Brett Holmes in Technology

Toner is one of the most important products you need to ensure good-quality laser printouts. Despite this, toners cartridges remain largely a mystery to many people. Therefore, when you are looking to buy the best printer toners for your personal […]

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Wireless Charger for iPhone
Brett Holmes in Smartphones

One of the most exciting features available in current smartphones is wireless charging. Recharging your battery is now hassle-free—no annoying cords to carry around and constantly untangle. Wireless charging also protects your charging port, since you no longer need to […]

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Portable Scanner
Brett Holmes in Technology

Portable scanners are innovative products that allow you to scan documents easily, quickly and from any location. They are small and lightweight, so you can easily carry them anywhere. With a portable scanner, you can make copies in different formats […]

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Car Speakers
Jaiden Sattlemeyr in Technology

Driving in your car, listening to your favorite music, does it get any better? Having great car speakers can really make a difference to your music listening experience. This is why good quality speakers are a must have. But which […]

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Lithium Battery
Brett Holmes in Smartphones

Today’s world would not be complete without the countless electronic products in our lives. Smartphones, laptops and tablets are just some examples. To use them for hours without being connected to an electrical outlet, another power source is necessary: ​​this […]

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Airprint Printer
Brett Holmes in Technology

Like most people, you probably own at least one iOS device. You most likely have lots of photos of unforgettable or special moments stored on it. What better way is there to decorate the walls of your home than with […]

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