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Men's Perfume
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Smell and attraction: these are not simply two words used in marketing to sell us perfumes. These two concepts have gone hand in hand since the dawn of humanity. Our body odor defines us. Some even go as far as […]

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Beard Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Getting yourself a good quality beard oil isn’t just for eliminating dryness and itchiness. They also help keep your skin and facial hair nourished and hydrated. Every man with a beard understands that facial hair can become as tangled and […]

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Skin Tightening Cream
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Over time, our skin takes a beating from the sun, weight fluctuations, air pollution, the natural effects of aging and more; causing undesired wrinkles and saggy skin. Luckily, these days you can easily find lotions specially made to plump and […]

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Essential Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Essential oils are the perfect product to awaken your sense of smell and enjoy a world with many fantastic aromas that can promote so many emotions. It should also be noted that essential oils are products that contain certain therapeutic […]

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Roll-On Wax
Lisa Marlin in Personal Care

Let’s all acknowledge that hair removal is a pain. There are new products coming out all the time to make this task a little less tedious, but all have their disadvantages: using a razor means stubble, hot wax can burn […]

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Natural Sunscreen
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

There is no doubt that sunscreen performs a very important role in our lives, especially during summertime. These days, more and more people are looking for a way to protect themselves from the sun’s rays in a more natural way. […]

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LED Mask
Paige Dygbert in Personal Care

LED Masks: you may have heard of these already, or maybe not. In any case, in recent months, LED masks have been on everyone’s lips. This luminous mask device is revolutionizing the skincare regimes of the famous: the Kardashian sisters, […]

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Lip Scrub
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Who doesn’t want to have moist, luscious lips? This is an essential part of modern beauty, and for this reason, there is a wealth of products available that will help you achieve the plump lips you desire. These lip-care products […]

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Foot Spa Massager
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Our feet work hard every day carrying the weight of our bodies, which is why it is common for us to go home after a long day of work and have sore feet. If this is your case, a small […]

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