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Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

There are few things in life that give us more pleasure than seeing our own healthy, smooth skin. The use of exfoliants has become our best ally in getting there. Exfoliation is one of the oldest cosmetic treatments, even Cleopatra […]

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Face Scrub
Charlotte Steward in Facial Care

Regularly exfoliating the skin on the face is part of the beauty and facial routine of many people. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, as well as one of the most sensitive and most important to […]

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Callus Remover
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Summer is here, and it’s time to catch up on certain parts in our beauty routines that we may leave behind during the colder months. When was the last time you took a break and got a pedicure? Are you […]

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Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

We all know that summer is the perfect combination of hot days, the beach, sun and holidays. During this season everyone likes to have tanned or brown skin. However, solar radiation not only tans your skin and makes you look […]

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Evening Primrose Oil
Ava Kirk in Personal Care

Evening primrose oil has been used for medicinal purposes for centuries. It’s made from a plant called the Evening Primrose, or evening-star, and is known to soothe symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, relieve menopausal symptoms and help treat skin conditions. Are […]

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Micellar Water
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

We all love makeup, and for obvious reasons. It enhances our features, makes us feel more confident and attractive, and allows us to be creative. However, at some point we eventually have to take it off, which can be quite […]

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Hair Removal Cream
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

Legs, groin or armpits: wherever hair appears, it is both unpleasant and unsightly for many of us. This is why, over the years, we’ve developed various techniques and strategies to get rid of hair. This phenomenon is called depilation or […]

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Coconut Oil
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

We can all agree that coconuts are one of the most versatile foods out there, we can use all of its parts in a plethora of situations. We can use coconuts to make fruit salads, cocktails, sugars and much more. […]

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Women's Perfume
Charlotte Steward in Personal Care

How we perceive an aroma transcends simply how it smells. Smells evoke many different real and abstract feelings. A smell can convey cleanliness, attraction, hunger, and even a memory. There is little doubt that there are certain smells in your […]

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