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Golf Clubs
Nicholas Falconer in Hobbies

Although many people see golf as a sport for retired people or a sport that requires minimal physical effort, the fact is that golf requires a significant amount of skill, concentration, endurance, and patience. Particularly at a professional level, golf […]

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Golf Balls
John Kelly in Hobbies

Golf is a sport that is not only very popular in the USA, but also across the entire world. However, not as many people play golf as other sports in the USA, as it requires purchasing specialized equipment (such as […]

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Squash Ball
Lisa Marlin in Hobbies

Choosing a squash ball can be a difficult task if you do not know what factors you should consider. Additionally, every player has their own playing style that evolves over time. It is therefore common for more experienced players to […]

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Avery Hilland in Hobbies

Kayaking, sometimes referred to as canoeing, is an amazing sport that many Americans enjoy. Kayaking is a water sport that, depending on the difficulty or situation, can become an extreme sport. If you are someone who doesn’t know anything about […]

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Chess Set
Tevaughn Brown in Hobbies

Towards the end of 2018, a technology company created a computer program capable of learning how to play chess. The artificial intelligence (A.I.) was initially programmed with only the basic rules of the game, but in a short time it […]

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