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To feel some adrenaline, to release some stress or simply for exercising. Punching a boxing bag or an opponent can help you to disconnect from almost anything. In addition, boxing is one of the most complete sports, with which you can become ultra-fit and toned. What’s more, this is a sport that you can practice alone and from the comfort of your home. Don’t wait any longer to take up boxing!

There is no better way to start than buying yourself a pair of boxing gloves. It is simple to create an exercise routine involving boxing to stay fit without leaving home. However, if you prefer, you can also take a pair of boxing gloves to the gym to work out on a bag or with a trainer. As boxing gloves are bulky, it is important to find a pair that allows you to do the activities in the most comfortable way. We have created the following guide to help you find the perfect pair of boxing gloves.

Key Facts

  • Boxing gloves are an essential item for boxing at home without having to go to a specialized boxing gym. They are also required for training in a boxing ring or sparring with a partner.
  • There are two types of gloves available: training gloves and gloves used to compete in competitions.
  • Whether you practice boxing in the gym or you have a bag hanging at home, boxing gloves are an essential piece of equipment to complete your workout.

Ranking: The best boxing gloves

In the following section, we present to you the best boxing gloves on the market. We have selected these products based on their value for money, their features and customer feedback. Take a close look at this list as we are very confident that your next set of boxing gloves is on this list.

Shopping Guide: Everything you should know about boxing gloves

If you are still reading this guide, it’s because you’re seriously thinking about buying a new pair of boxing gloves. In the following section, we provide a complete shopping guide so that you can purchase gloves that are perfect for you. This is an important investment that will help you to complete a professional workout and stay fit. Read on and discover all there is to know about boxing gloves.

Men using boing gloves

If you want to stay in shape or lose a few extra pounds, you can opt for an aerobic model.
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What are boxing gloves?

Boxing gloves are the standard padded gloves that boxers, both professionals and amateurs, use to soften the impact of blows during boxing fights. They are often used in conjunction with the other types of defense protection (e.g. mouthguards or helmets) depending on the level being practiced.

Why wear boxing gloves?

Unlike other martial arts such as karate or kung-fu, whilst practicing boxing, the hands are the only body part that can be used for attacking your opponent. As a result, it is very common that your hands become damaged. This is why it is so important that your hands are well protected with good quality boxing gloves. Some boxing gloves will even go a step further by providing additional cushioning to protect your opponents.

A good pair of boxing gloves should tightly fit your hand around your wrist and fingers. With a good quality pair of boxing gloves, you should be able to withstand blows over and over again without losing the cushioning qualities of the gloves.

What exercises can I do with boxing gloves?

An activated abdomen and a firm chest is the position you must keep in mind all the time during your boxing workouts. As part of your exercise routine, you can begin by punching the air in what is commonly referred to as ‘shadowing’.

By performing this type of workout you will develop great power in the upper body. Boxing will provide strength to the shoulders, abdomen, arms, chest, and back. Practicing this sport also requires a very strong waist, wrists, legs, ankles and buttocks, which is why boxing workouts quickly make your figure well-toned.

Gloves in boxing ring

Boxing is a great sport to release stress and forget all the problems from the day.
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Is the color of the gloves important?

Surprisingly, yes. The ideal color for a pair of boxing gloves is red (the classic color), as this color is less visible to the human eye than other colors in the spectrum. If you’re in a sparring match against someone, it is better to have a color that your opponent can’t see easily. Conversely, if you are training at home or in the gym, light-colored gloves will help your trainer see the punches better.

Did you know that the use of modern boxing gloves causes less facial injuries but more damage to the brains of fighters? Modern gloves have also been shown to reduce the force of the boxer’s punches by 70%.

How long do boxing gloves last?

Even if you take very good care of your gloves, any material that is used with such force as boxing will eventually wear out and deteriorate. Even if your gloves look good on the outside, if at the time of impact you notice pain in your wrists, it may be that the gloves are losing their cushioning properties and it is time to start thinking about a new pair.

Gloves on the wall

There are boxing gloves specially designed for professional use with more weight according to the person’s body weight and wingspan.
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How do you take care of boxing gloves?

Below we have some excellent tips to extend the life and usability of your boxing gloves. Take a close look at these tips so that your gloves last as long as possible!

  • Don’t leave your gloves in your bag after training. It is very important to air your boxing gloves out as soon as you get home. This will ensure that the sweat does not dry inside the gloves and is not absorbed by the material of the gloves. However, it is not advisable to lay them directly in sunlight and it is recommended to avoid humid places.
  • Put tea bags or small travel soaps inside the gloves. This will reduce the bad smells that will be on the inside of your gloves after a few training sessions. In addition, every two or three weeks, you can spread talcum powder on your hands before putting your hands inside your gloves.
  • Always use boxing bandages when using the gloves to absorb sweat. It is very important to use clean bandages whenever you are going to put on your boxing gloves. It is enough to wash the bandages in the washing machine with a little softener after each use. Using boxing bandages will help to absorb the majority of the sweat and these are far easier to put in the washing machine than your boxing gloves.
  • Do not use your boxing gloves whilst wearing rings, bracelets or watches. This is both dangerous for your hands when you punch and can also damage the inside of the gloves.
To care for the exterior of leather gloves, Nivea moisturizer or specific leather products can be applied to help the material last longer.

What types of gloves are there and what are their uses?

Glove type Use
Bag They are small and thin. They serve to toughen up the knuckles on the hands.
Training For all uses. Lighter than sparring gloves.
Sparring For boxing against an opponent. They must weigh at least 14-16 oz.
Fighting They are smaller and more compact than sparring gloves. These gloves will do more harm to your opponent when a punch connects. They are used in boxing competitions.
Aerobic They are the cheapest type. They have little padding and will break faster than any others so it is recommended to avoid this type.

Are laced or velcro boxing gloves better?

Although it may seem like an aesthetic aspect, wearing boxing gloves that are closed at the wrists by laces or velcro can vary the level of comfort. Laced gloves usually offer a higher level of comfort, as the glove fits comfortably around the wrist. However, lacing up a boxing glove can be a difficult task.

Velcro gloves are definitely more practical. However, the downside is that the velcro can break the cotton bandages underneath. Our recommendation is that if you have thin wrists, choose a pair of laced gloves. All you have to do is tie the cords once and then put your hands in and out every time you use them.

Shopping Criteria

Although buying boxing gloves is not a huge investment, if you are not an expert in fitness gear, you may not know what features you should look for. With this in mind, we have prepared a simplified explanation of the most important purchase aspects when it comes to boxing gloves.


Artificial leather: Highly recommended for beginners or people who have a tight budget. There are also high-end artificial leathers such as Skyntex. Artificial leather is more comfortable than real leather as it fits better over the hand and is lighter. The durability of artificial leather is very similar to leather gloves that are made from cheaper materials.

Leather: The most commonly used leathers for boxing gloves come from buffalo, goats, and cows. Cowhide is by far the best quality leather for boxing gloves and is, therefore, the most expensive. Cowhide leather adapts very well to the shape of your hand and withstands impacts better.

Vinyl: This is the cheapest material used for making boxing gloves. Boxing gloves made from this material have little durability and can hurt your wrist and knuckles when training.

PVC: These types of boxing gloves are also economical and are slightly better quality than vinyl, although the price is usually a little higher. These boxing gloves are recommended for beginners. It should be noted that some specialized boxing clubs do not let boxers train with these types of gloves.


One of the most important factors when buying a pair of boxing gloves is weight. The weight measurement of boxing gloves is in ounces(oz). The weight of gloves bought depends on the size of the boxer and the intended use of the gloves. The below table explains this perfectly so that you know what weight you need in your gloves:

Weight Use
6 oz They are intended for children to start learning this sport through games.
8 oz Gloves that are also intended for children, to learn about boxing through games.
10 oz For beginners or novices, provided their weight does not exceed 65 kg.
12 oz For sparring training and intended for boxers whose weight does not exceed 70 kg.
14-16 oz Gloves for all types of daily training. The 14-ounce gloves are for boxers weighing less than 78 kg and the 16-ounce gloves are for boxers weighing between 78 kg and 85 kg.
18-20 oz Special training and heavyweights. They are for boxers who weigh more than 85 kg.

Filling material

The filling of boxing gloves is the main source of protection for your hands and knuckles. There are three main types of filling used in boxing gloves:

  • Hair
  • Foam
  • A combination of both

Boxing gloves that are made from a combination of hair and foam are more versatile and protective than the first two. You should take into account the weight of the filling and the firmness of the glove when choosing one type or another. Overall it will depend on your strength, physical condition, and your intended use.


As you can see, boxing gloves are one of the fundamental items to practice boxing at home and at the gym. There are different types of gloves available on the market depending on the weight, the intended use, and the material. Each type of boxing glove has a designated function and is appropriate for a specific type of training. There are many types of gloves to choose from, it all depends on your needs.

Whether you plan to box in the ring against an opponent or simply to hit the bag at home, boxing gloves are an essential component. If you are looking to improve your performance, you should look for more professional models. Some gloves, made of leather and with more weight, will allow you to progress your daily workouts so that you can box better.

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