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If you are a new father or mother, you will know what we are talking about when you read “bottle warmer.” Yes, that handy device to heat babies’ milk or formula during their first months of life. Preparing a bottle seems like a simple task, but if the both members of a couple work, any extra help from a machine is always welcome, as you well know.

A bottle warmer will save you time and also your baby will thank you because you will have the milk ready quickly. New technologies, in addition, have entered the realm of baby items and advances have brought forth a wide range of bottle warmers, some which are highly advanced. Keep reading and you will see what is available out there!

Key Facts

  • New technologies have incorporated high-tech advances and functionalities in these devices, ideal to specify the exact temperature of milk or formula and to save time for busy “mommies and daddies.”
  • There is a wide variety of models on the market, so it is a good idea to pay attention to the most important features of each model before purchasing a bottle warmer, since it is a tool you will use several times a day–make sure it is the best one for your household.
  • The most advanced models include functions unimaginable a few years ago, such as the possibility of defrosting milk or sterilizing bottles, among others.

Our Selection: The Best Bottle Warmers on the U.S. Market

Portable, electric or electronic, the market currently offers an incredible range of products for your baby, including bottle warmers. Automatic shutdown or sterilizing functions are key features for parents, as well as ease of use and volume capacity, as we see below in the following list:

Philips Avent Fast Baby Bottle Warmer

Philips AVENT Fast Bottle and Baby Food Warmer is a safe and easy way to make mealtime more comfortable for your baby. Once switched on, the warmer gently heats bottles and food within 3 minutes. Its compact size makes it easy to store on a kitchen countertop or bedside table for nighttime feedings. The warmer heats bottles and foods safely and evenly and unlike microwaves, it won’t cause hotspots, so you can be sure the internal temperature is safe for your baby.

All Philips AVENT bottles, toddler cups, and food jars fit in the warmer. The warmer is fast and easy to operate – just plug in and flip the on/off switch on the back of the unit. A blue light lets you know the unit is on and working. An included instruction guide makes it easy to calculate the correct heat-up time. Operation involves adding water and turning the dial. A light blinks to indicate that the contents are properly warmed to a safe temperature.

Babebay Baby Bottle Warmer & Bottle Sterilizer

The Bottle Warmer is designed to simplify your bottle feeding process.  Based on the water-bath heating principle,the bottle warmer warms milk gently and evenly without hot spots. The double-bottle design allows it to warm milk and water at a time. You can also use it to heat up baby food and sterilize baby gadgets. A multi-purpose baby feeding helper to meet all your needs.

The bottle warmer warms up milk in a constant temperature to save the nutrients and vitamins in milk. The warmer warms quickly and evenly. By circulating the milk as it warms, hot spots are also prevented. The warmer holds up to two milk bottles to be warmed at once, one bottle for milk and one for water.

GUANLV Bottle Warmer for Breastmilk 6-in-1

Feed your baby with peace of mind, knowing your bottles and accessories are sanitized and dried in a sterile, chemical-free environment.The 6-in-1 baby warmer is designed for your busy family.  The GUANLV Warm Milk Heater is a safe, easy-to-use product that allows your baby to enjoy a more comfortable meal every day. The size of the product makes it easy to store on kitchen countertops or bedside tables for feeding at night.

Warm bottles and baby food are heated evenly and without causing hot spots, so you can be sure that the internal temperature is safe for your baby. LED lights let you know that the device is turned on and working properly. The instruction manual makes it easy to calculate the correct heating time for milk and different types of food.

Cuisinart Baby Bottle Warmer Nite Light

Preparing your baby’s drink has never been so simple and fast. The warming chamber quickly and evenly steam heats any size glass or plastic bottle to the perfect temperature. The machine also includes a jar basket to warm jars of baby food, and a built-in night light to make those midnight feedings a little easier for parents.

With a trusted brand like Cuisinart, you can be sure of high quality and function with this bottle warmer. Use to steam heat formula or breast milk in a glass or plastic bottle to your desired temperature too. The integrated nightlight can be used separately, and an integrated measuring cup allows for easy storage. BPA-free. Comes with a three-year limited warranty.

Munchkin Latch High-Speed Steam Baby Bottle Warmer

Given that the average baby drinks 6-8 bottles of milk per day, today’s busy mom needs a safe and easy solution to prep each feeding quickly, especially in the middle of the night. Meet Munchkin’s Speed Bottle Warmer, an easy-to-use steam bottle warming system that warms to baby-perfect temperatures in as little as 90 seconds.

Includes a convenient water measuring cup to ensure consistent warming and an easy-lift basket to remove bottles and food jars. Adapter ring helps warm smaller bottles or jars of baby food. Safe for both refrigerated breast milk and formula, this efficient bottle steamer includes a convenient water measuring cup to ensure consistent warming, plus an easy-lift basket to remove bottles and food jars. Warm bottles in under two minutes? Baby will be happy, and so will you.

Shopping Guide: Everything You Need to Know About Baby Bottles

If you have been sleeping very little since your baby arrived, there is no doubt you need a bottle warmer. This device is not only essential, but it will save you time and you will always appreciate thos precious extra few minutes of sleep. New technology has allso added many functions to today’s bottle warmers, features that shorten non-sleeping time during the night, and help parents get warm milk to baby more quickly, but safely–again letting everyone get back to sleep sooner. See our list of features to look for below.

Feeding a baby

The bottle warmer is an extremely useful device for when a newborn arrives at home.
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What exactly is a baby bottle warmer

As the name implies, a baby bottle warmer is a device or appliance that allows us to heat our baby’s milk or formula bottles. This type of item allows you to keep the bottle at the right temperature through electricity or a battery, without using a microwave. The purpose is that you can feed your little one warmed food or beverages at any time of the day or night, safely and quickly.

Gabriel García MárquezWriter and winner of Nobel Prize for Literature
“When a newborn child first squeezes his father’s finger, he has him trapped forever.”

What is the main purpose of a baby bottle warmer?

Bottle warmers help you quickly prepare baby’s food to an appropriate temperature so they don’t have to wait very long. You can still heat bottles like our grandparents, at the bain marie, but if you don’t have time and your baby is hungry, there’s nothing better than a fast, modern bottle warmer. And even better if you have twins: a few minutes and that’s it!

Bottles warming

Bottle warmers are perfect for reaching the ideal breast milk temperature.
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Why invest in a bottle warmer?

Because you can feed your baby even when you are traveling, or simply, when you decide to go out. There is no risk that the milk will burn because the device usually includes an automatic shutdown function. In addition, it only heats as much as a baby needs, so it maintains all the vitamins and nutritional benefits of milk, whether mothers’ milk or formula.

The bottle warmer was invented in 1903 by the Croatian chemical engineer and inventor of Polish origin Eduardo Penkala (1871-1922). Specifically, the device was patented in Budapest under number 29276.

Why is it not a good idea to heat baby food or milk in the microwave?

In the first place, the microwave is not a good idea for baby feeding because it is easy to overheat breast milk, which causes it to lose its healthy properties. Second, for formula, the microwave does not provide a uniform temperature to the liquid to be heated, so there is a risk of burns for the baby.

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“The only creatures that have developed enough to convey pure love are dogs and babies.”

What kind of bottle warmer is most suitable for my baby?

Basically, there are three types of bottle warmers on the market: electric, portable and digital. Most of them use hot water to increase the temperature of the bottle evenly and gradually, but there are several variations within these types. In the following table we will see the different types of bottle warmers, their characteristics and other important features:

Type of bottle warmer Characteristics Other aspects to take into account
Electric Most devices need a source of electricity and operate with hot water or steam.

These are standard models, ideal for home use.

Those that use hot water tend to be slower than steam, but the heating is more gradual and uniform.

The advantage of the models that use the water bath is that all of the nutrients in the milk are retained.

If you do not have much time, steam is ideal, but you have to keep in mind that milk can lose nutritional properties by heating very fast.

Portable Generally, they are more compact and you can take them with you anywhere.

If they work with hot water you should not forget to refill the tank each time you are finished using it.

They do not need electric current, but usually work with a rechargeable battery.

they take longer to heat than other models.

Most are connected to the power outlet of the vehicles or include an adapter to connect to the cigarette lighter.

Digital They are the most current in the market.

They can work with electricity, battery or rechargeable batteries.

They usually include LCD screens that notify you of the temperature of your baby’s food.

They incorporate several programs, as well as a timer or specific functions such as defrosting.

There are “multifunction” models, that is, with several functions such as sterilizing, heating sections or vaporizing. In addition, many times they can accommodate more than one bottle, ideal for parents of twins or several babies.

What are the benefits of a bottle warmer?

A bottle warmer has many advantages when a new baby arrives in the family. In addition to the time you save yourself in the tedious task of preparing bottles, you will be able to feed your baby as soon as they are hungry. In the following list we summarize the most positive aspects of this useful appliance, already a fixture in homes with babies for a few decades:

  • Nutrient preservation: Above all, if you are a nursing mother who wants to preserve the benefits of breast milk. You already know that you should not heat breast milk in the microwave.
  • Uniformity: The temperature of the milk is distributed homogeneously, something that does not happen with the microwave, so it is an additional reason to opt for a bottle warmer appliance.
  • Accuracy: Current bottle warmers have excellent accuracy in terms of temperature–a great advantage compared to traditional methods of heating bottles. You already know that the ideal temperature is approximately 98 degrees, like Mom’s body.
  • Speed: This is one of the great advantages of bottle warmers. You no longer need pots and pans to prepare your baby’s bottles. You do not even have to leave the baby’s room in some cases. Depending on the manufacturer, it can take between 90 seconds and six minutes– that’s a lot less than the old fashioned way at the stove.

How do you clean a bottle warmer?

First, you must unplug the appliance and turn off the power. Afterwards, you can remove the loose parts and wash them in a dishwasher. for the exterior body of the device is enough to clean it with a damp towel. Do not use abrasive products for cleaning. On the other hand, you will need to deal with the lime or other mineral deposits that usually appear when using tap water.

If you want to avoid the descaling process, use distilled or boiled water at low temperatures. You can also use a suitable descaling product, in addition to following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Bottle with milk for baby

Organizing your pantry can save you inconvenience when preparing your baby’s milk.
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Shopping Criteria

It would seem easy to buy a bottle warmer, but today there is a wide variety of models on the market and it is not always so easy to opt for a specific one. In order for your purchase to match your needs, we will establish some factors to which you should pay attention before choosing a bottle warmer for your household and your baby:


For parents of twins or multiple babies, it is important to look at the size of the device. Not only will you prepare more than one bottle at a time, but you can also easily accommodate wide-mouth bottles. Warrmers that heat “large caliber” bottles, also tend to have more functions, but are more expensive.

Operating System

Before deciding on a particular bottle warmer, check to see if you need to plug it in to the wall or if it is autonomous with batteries or battery. If you are short of time you will need a portable device and it may be useful to purchase one that can be charged in the car. If you are going to use it at home, opt for a device exclusively for domestic use.

Baby drinking water

Bottle cleaning is essential for the health of your child.
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Bottle warmers with more watts can give you a longer warming time. Look closely at this factor and read reviews from other users. On the other hand, remember that for frozen breast milk, it is important to bring it to the desired temperature slowly and gradually so that it does not lose its beneficial properties.


Another issue you should pay attention to is warm-up time. Some devices need ninety seconds to get your baby’s food ready, but others will require several minutes. If your child is impatient, do not hesitate to opt for an ultra-fast bottle warmer. It is usually more expensive, but it will give you faster service.

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Auto-Off and Keep Warm

Almost all devices have automatic shutdown functions to protect milk from overheating. Depending on the model, this function affects the temperature of the water, the temperature of the heating plate and the passage of time. If you are a novice with these types of machines, this functionality will be very useful for not being aware of how the device works.

On the other hand, the additional function of keeping food warm, which turns on automatically after reaching the desired temperature, is very useful. However, it is also important that the integrated thermostat has a control function, which is used to measure the temperature of the water in the device at regular intervals.

Ease of Use

It seems obvious, but the bottle warmer should be easy to use, including in stressful everyday situations. Often, parents are holding their hungry baby and have little time to operate the device. It is enough that the device works and guarantees the desired temperature in a few minutes, but keep this feature in mind.

Feeding a newborn

Enjoy every moment of your child’s upbringing.
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Light and Sound Signals

It is helpful that your device includes acoustic and/or light warnings, for example to point out that your baby’s food is ready at the desired temperature. It can be an acoustic signal or an LED, but this feature is always helpful so you don’t have to watch for the bottle warmer while attending to your hungry baby.


If you are thinking of buying a bottle warmer, another issue of interest is the universality of the device. That is, if the device is capable of heating bottles of any brand or if it only supports those that are compatible. With a baby at home, you will handle more than one bottle, hence the importance of this consultation for new parents.

Although many bottle warmers imply that they only work with those of their own brand, it is generally possible to interchange bottles of another company, and also of different sizes.


Generally, baby devices have very strict safety standards, but it is important to verify this so as not to bring unpleasant surprises. You also know that cheap often is expensive in the long run. To stay extra safe, and to extend the life of your bottle warmer, ook at the electrical connection and disconnection systems and discard the excess water at the end of each heating process.

Preparacion de leche materna

Remember that Mother’s milk is the best kind of milk.
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Additional Functions

In addition to the function of heating the food for kids, a bottle warmer can include other features that will be extremely useful. This is the case of devices that include the ability to sterilize bottles and nipples. With the following list you can analyze which extras you want your device to incorporate:

  • Sterilization: There are models that include the option of boiling water and thus eliminating all traces of bacteria and unwanted microorganisms. It can be very useful if your baby is just weeks old.
  • Bottles and Jars: There are also models that not only heat liquids, but also give you the option of heating containers with your baby’s jars and glass pots. It is a function that you will appreciate over time.
  • Defrosting: Each time they are the devices that incorporate the defrost function. If you freeze breast milk it is a great option that will save you a lot of time.
  • Juicer: High-end models include a juicer so you can prepare nutritious and healthy juices for your little one. In this way, you avoid the individual purchase of a citrus juicer.


The bottle warmer is an extremely useful device when a newborn arrives in your home. It is not an indispensable product, but it integrates some functionalities that will allow you to enjoy more undistracted time with your baby or other pleasures besides parenthood, such as hobbies or taking a trip without having to worry too much about the feeding arrangements of your little one.

As you have already seen, the acquisition of a bottle warmer requires that you pay attention to a series of factors. Security, additional functions or the operating system are key aspects when buying a device to prepare your child’s meals. Keep them in mind and enjoy this new stage of your life.

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