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Erotic Novel
Nicholas Falconer in Books

You may think that the popularity of erotic novels is a recent phenomenon, however, this is not the case. Erotic literature is known to be as old as literature itself. In fact, in ancient Greece, as early as 400 B.C., […]

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Fantasy Book
Thibault Perinet in Books

Fantasy is currently one of the most popular literary genres. Millions of people around the world will confess to following characters such as Harry Potter, Daenerys Targaryen or Conan the Barbarian. This is a testimony to the success of the […]

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Mystery Book
Tevaughn Brown in Books

Do you enjoy reading stories such as an unexplained bank robbery or a corpse found without a trace or supernatural events that defy all reason? Whatever the exact plot may be, reading a good mystery book that is filled with […]

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Thibault Perinet in Books

Many people believe that paper books have a bleak future ahead of them. They say that the advent of the various mobile devices we can use to read will lead paper to become obsolete. However, that time hasn’t come just yet, […]

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Bestseller Book
Oswald Jimenez in Books

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a bestseller (or best seller) is “an article (such as a book) whose sales are among the highest of its class”. While the term isn’t exclusively reserved for them, it is most often associated with books. […]

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Classic Book
Oswald Jimenez in Books

You may consider yourself a voracious reader but if I asked you if you’ve read Tom Sawyer, how would you respond? What about Shakespeare, Jane Austen or Charles Dickens? It’s not enough to be a keen reader, you also need […]

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Oswald Jimenez in Books

In recent years, e-book readers have become one of the most popular technological devices. The very first was commercialized in 2004, with Amazon’s first Kindle model being released in 2007. Based on electronic ink technology, these devices provide comfort, versatility, […]

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Self-Help Book
Oswald Jimenez in Books

Self-help books are undoubtedly one of the biggest literary phenomena in recent history. In fact, they’re often found all over the bestseller lists. They discuss many different problems, from various angles and disciplines including psychology, philosophy, mysticism and religion. Every […]

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Feminist Book
Oswald Jimenez in Books

Feminism is a collection of social, ideological and political movements with the common goal of ending gender discrimination and achieving equality between the sexes. Feminism is represented in many different fields, from politics to art and popular culture. Regardless of […]

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