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Blusher: everyone’s heard of it, but some are wary to try it. Blusher is a wonderful makeup product because it gives a little touch of colour to your cheeks and it can make you look healthier, happier and rosier. You can buy blush in all different shapes, sizes and colours. You can simply choose your favourite colour or a colour that tickles your fancy or you could choose one that has matches well with your skin tone. It’s up to you! If you’re just starting on your blusher journey, or if you’re well into it but you’re wanting lots of different colours, or perhaps you’ve been using the exact same one for years and you’re desperate for a switch-up? Well, whatever the reason may be, we’ve got you covered with this ultimate guide, where we have rankings of the best blushers on the market, reviews of these products, and lots of hints, tips and info so you can choose the best one for you. Let’s get started!

First things first

  • There are two types of blush: cream and powder. Obviously, you can use whichever you want, but if you have dry skin it’s best to use a cream blush and if you have oily skin, then a powder is best for your skin type.
  • Apply your blusher to suit your skin shape.
  • The shade you choose isn’t to alter your skin colour or to look more tanned or whiter, but rather to complement and beautify your own tone.

The best blushers in the UK

We’ve had a look at the different blushers on the market, analysed prices and customer reviews, and come up with this comprehensive list of the best in the UK. You can see each of our favourite types of blusher in the selection below, alongside a little description of each product. We’re certain that by the end of this ultimate guide, you will have chosen the best blusher for you!

Past Product Reviews

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Soft Colour Powder Blush (4g)

First up we have this best-selling brand which everyone knows – Rimmel London. This is a household name and this smudge-resistant formula gives this blusher a long-lasting shimmering touch. The colour is called Pink Rose so it’s perfect for those who have light skin as it will give your face a healthy, rosy glow. This wonderful blusher also comes in two different colours: Live Pink (suited for darker-skinned individuals) and Santa Rose (a brownish colour, perfect for if you want to look a little more tanned!) One of the cheapest blushers on the market, you know you’re not getting a product that is compromising on quality, since Rimmel London knocks it out of the park and delivers great-quality products every time! Additionally, this is frangrance-free so you know it’s not going to harm your skin, and it has a natural sheer touch so it’s perfect for both those with oily and those with dry skin!

Rimmel London Kate Sculpting Highlighter, Contour and Blush Palette (18.5g)

Now, we have this sculpting palette, once again by Rimmel London. It’s no surprise this set is the number-one bestseller on Amazon! It is a three in one set – with one shade to highlight, one to contour and one to blush. With everything in one neat palette, you don’t have to worry about spending extra time and money on more products. Another great thing about everything being in one is that you know the colours match and they go well together because they’re all in the same palette together! What’s more, you know that this palette has wonderful colours and it’s of great quality because it’s by Kate Moss. Also, the colour is long-lasting and seamlessly blends with your natural skin tone for a radiant, healthy glow. This is why this palette is perfect for all skin tones! This palette will give you the perfect sculpted look with a touch of shimmer – what more could you want?

Bourjois Little Round Pot Blusher (2.5g)

Next up we have the Little Round Pot Blusher by bestselling brand Bourjois. This little blusher is perfect for when you’re on-the-go and you want a flush of colour in your cheeks! This set comes with a built-in mirror and brush and it has a wonderfully sensual rose scent, so it will keep you smelling beautiful all day long! Don’t worry about it breaking when it’s in your bag, because the way this blusher has been made makes it resistant to breakage, so say goodbye to opening your bag in the middle of the day and seeing a broken blusher, we know how heartbreaking that is! What’s more, this colour is called Healthy Mix and it’s the perfect combination of peach and golden tones to make your skin look radiant as ever! But this also comes in eight other tones so you’re guaranteed to find the perfect one for you!

Max Factor Creme Puff Blusher (4.5g)

We couldn’t have a ranking of UK makeup without including Max Factor now, could we? This beautiful blusher is a multi-tonal shade which is designed to be easily blendable buildable so you can add contour, highlight or even more blusher on this and it will look amazing! Additionally, the multi-tonal pigments in the blusher work perfectly with every skin tone, so you don’t have to worry about buying a colour which is not perfect for your skin colour! This blusher also lasts for eight hours, so you can slay all day with this magnificent creme puff blush! The texture means that you can create a subtle finish, striking contours or you can even highlight your cheekbones and everything in between! There really is no excuse for you not to get this blusher!

Maybelline Face Studio Master Face Blush (4.5g)

Last but not least, we have this Maybelline blusher, which is the cheapest of our ranking. This does not mean that is compromises on quality though because this blush is made with concentrated pigments and it has an ultrafine soft texture, so you won’t even know you’re wearing it! Additionally, it gives the skin a sophisticated look and a fresher complexion. The colour we have here is the Cosmopolitan colour and this one will look beautiful on any skin tones because it will add a healthy glow. There are also six other fab shades, and at the price it’s at – you could get all of them if you want! This blush is perfect for those who are just starting out buying blushers and they want to test which ones they think will look best on them.

Buying Guide: Everything you need to know about blusher

You’ve seen the best blushers on the market, now it’s time for the buying part. You’ll have to consider a series of different aspects that go well beyond price when the time comes to buy your very own blusher. If you’re interested in makeup, then we’ve put together this fab list of things we recommend that you think about before making your purchase. We’ve also got a list of the most frequently asked questions by people who are considering buying blusher and we’ve answered them, so by the end of this section, any remaining doubts will be dispelled and any remaining questions will be answered. Let’s dive right in.

Woman with illuminator

Blusher can give your skin a rosier, healthier look.
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What is blusher designed for?

Everyone could benefit from using blusher! It’s perfect to give your skin a little pop of colour which will give it a soft and healthy look and turn a tired face into a radiant, youthful one! Blusher can also hide imperfections and enhance your features.
A blush can conceal wrinkles and give a youthful look to a mature face

How can I apply blusher?

Knowing how to apply blush is key if you want to reap the rewards of this excellent product. Read this to learn about how to apply it:

  1. Pop a little blusher on your blusher brush.
  2. Smile slightly, then pop the blusher on the apples of your cheeks.
  3. Dab it on with the brush or make little circular movements. If you want further definition, put a little on your cheekbones too.
  4. Make sure you start with a little bit of blush, then build it up if you want to – blush is more effective if it looks like there’s not much on.
  5. Make sure the blusher is blended well into your cheeks.

Blush won’t just brighten up your face, but it will also define, give volume or soften your face.


Powders are the most popular type of blusher.
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Does the way I apply blusher change depending on the shape of my face?

Blusher can soften your features, brighten face or add volume to your face. In order for blusher to do its job perfectly, you have to apply it in the correct way, and that correct way depends on the shape of your face. Take a look at the table below so that you can learn more about how to apply blusher depending on the shape of your face.
Face shape: Goal: Method of application of blusher:
Round Define Apply from cheeks to temples.
Wide Narrow Apply horizontally under cheekbones.
Thin Widen Apply from cheekbones to ears.
Square Round Apply from cheekbones slightly downwards, or apply onto apples of cheeks.
Diamond Soften angles Apply on the top of cheekbones and towards ears.
Heart Smoothen jawline Apply at bottom of cheekbones, similar to contouring.

How much blusher is best to put on?

It’s always better to apply a small amount at first then spread it because this will give a more natural look. Apply with small touches. However, at the end of the day, do what you want! Apply the blusher however you feel is correct because at the end of the day, you’re the only one who’s wearing it!
Pixi BeautyWorld-renowned skincare and makeup brand
“Blusher is like the magic wand of make-up.”

Should I change the colour of my blusher depending on the time of day?

You can definitely select different products depending on whether you’re going out in the morning or if you have an evening event. The colour will naturally vary, with more discreet ones preferred in the morning and a little more eye-catching blushes for partying at night. Experts say that it’s best to wear a matte blush if your skin is oily and a satin-textured blush if you have dryer skin.
At night, bright blushes are definitely the most popular and most suitable, although you should try to remain as natural as possible for the best possible look

Can I use blusher to contour my face?

Yes, you can. People are calling this technique “draping”, and it consists of using your blush to contour the face, combining dark and light tones to bring volume and shine to your face. You can, for instance, get a more daring look if you put a little blusher on your chin, temples and earlobes. If you want more volume on your face, add a little dark blusher. If it’s more brightness in your face that you want, then put the blush at the top of your cheekbones. Beauty and makeup professionals say that these techniques spruce up the face and give it a natural and fresh look.


Remember to wear an SPF every day to protect your skin from the sun’s rays – blushers can go on top of this so don’t worry.
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Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to blusher?

If you notice certain reactions on your cheeks after applying blusher, you may be allergic to one or more of the components found in your product. If you begin to have small patches of spots on your skin, in particular, those that sting when you touch them, you may have a problem with the blush. In that case, we encourage to leave your skin to rest for five days. This, however, is very uncommon. If you have sensitive skin or eczema, be careful whenever you apply new makeup products. It’s best to apply a little patch of the new blusher on your arm and wait 24 hours to make sure that your skin doesn’t react to it before you put it on your face. If you do put it straight on your face and you get a reaction, seek medical attention immediately or consult your dermatologist.

Shopping Criteria

When you’re thinking about buying blusher, it’s important to think about lots of things. All of this new information could be overwhelming but luckily for you, we’ve done all the hard work. We’ve summed them up below – take a look!

What texture do I want my blusher to have?

As we mentioned earlier, blush can come in different textures, with powder and cream being the most common. There are several factors to consider when choosing one or the other: it is essential to know your skin type, the makeup style you like and the end result you want to obtain. Here are the characteristics of the different types of blush texture available:

Texture Characteristics
Powder For oily skin. Best for if you want to use blusher to contour. Apply with a brush.
Cream For dry skin. If you have oily skin it can make your skin look greasy. Very natural results. It can come in sticks or boxes. Not as easy to apply as a powder because it’s hard to get an even coating.
Liquid Ideal for dry skin. Very natural look. Better for skin that does not have acne or older skin.
Balls The combination of colours means they have different tones in the blusher. Apply with natural hair brushes. The most brightening of the types of blusher.
Mineral powder or loose powder Suited to combination skin. Similar to compact blush. It tends to coat the brush quite a bit, which means you need to be careful before applying.

What colour do I want it to be?

When you’re looking at the tone of the blush you want to buy, start off by looking at your own skin colour. Pick a product that will allow you makeup to look natural. If you’re looking for a natural look, then look at your own skin colour and decide the colour of blusher you want based on that. If you’re looking for a more daring colour or you want it to stand out, then choose a colour you like! For a natural look:

  • Light skin – light pink tones
  • Medium skin – dark pink, fuschia or orange with golden reflections
  • Dark skin – russet, dark gold and terracotta


The correct colour blusher can make your skin look naturally radiant.
(Source: Daria Minaeva: 60728779/

You could also base your blush colour on your hair colour or dye. Women who have black or dark brown hair should use bronze or brown. Those with light brown or blonde hair will prefer peach, coral or orange blushes.

Where do the ingredients of the blusher I’m interested in come from?

These makeup products contain soluble dyes and pigments. Some come from natural – animal, plant or mineral – or artificial origins. You also often find titanium oxide or zinc to cover the skin, and mica or glitter. Kaolin or magnesium carbonate are used to absorb perspiration. Many experts recommend choosing mineral blushers, as they are able to naturally protect the face from the sun. These offer a matte finish that looks more natural, allowing the skin to breathe without clogging the pores. Since these products do not contain oils, they are suitable for dry, mixed and oily skins alike.

Jaqueline Kilikita ELLE Magazine
“The right blusher can turn a lacklustre complexion into healthy, lively, ethereal skin with just one sweep.”

How do I get a blusher to match the condition of my skin?

If you have older skin, it’s best to get a blush which is a similar colour to your skin. Blend it well and make sure that it doesn’t make your cheekbones look too high. Also, try out a rose colour if you’re feeling daring since this can give you a healthy complexion. If you have young skin, look for rose, orange and iridescent shades! Remember that wearing strong tones will make you look older.


Make sure your blusher is made from natural ingredients that won’t harm your skin.
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Are there any allergens in the blusher I want?

We wear cosmetics for hours every day, so it is important that they do not contain anything that will damage our skin. Dermatologists recommend testing a product on the inside of your wrist or the inside of your arm and waiting for potential reactions for at least 48 hours. The following can cause problems for your skin and potential allergic reactions:

  • Scented blushes – likely to have lots of chemicals which could harm your skin.
  • Preservatives such as parabens – luckily for you, most manufacturers have discontinued their use.
  • Products advertised as durable on the skin – they usually have chemicals which stick to your skin and make them last a long time, so they’re more likely to be harmful.
  • Paraffins and petroleum products.
  • Nickel, more commonly found in products with brighter colours – if you’re worried about this, stick to neutral colours.


Blushes are essential cosmetics in any beauty routine. They’ll give your skin a healthier and younger appearance, and your face will come out looking joyful and rested. If you think about all of the things we’ve mentioned in this article, then you’re guaranteed to find the perfect blusher for your skin and your wallet. Thanks for reading! If you liked this ultimate guide and found it useful, leave us a comment in the section below and tell us which blusher out of our ranking is your favourite, or if you have any top tips on how to get the most out of your blusher. You can also share it on your social media so more of your friends can reap the many rewards that blushers offer! Happy buying! (Source of featured image: 5second: 505160600/