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You are very welcome! Are you looking to buy a new console and still not decided on which one can give you the most fun? The Xbox from Microsoft is a great option.

In the next few lines of this article, we will tell you all about Xbox. We will bring information about its generations, main games, talk about its advantages, disadvantages and much more. Stay tuned and become a great connoisseur of the subject!


  • Xbox is already in its fourth generation and keeps updating to offer the maximum technology when it comes to the graphic quality of games.
  • Called the “Netflix of games”, Xbox Game Pass allows you to play the main titles available for the console without buying them. All you have to do is pay a monthly subscription fee.
  • Graphics quality and performance, backwards compatibility and Xbox Game Pass are some of the advantages of Xbox over the competition.

The Best Xbox: Our Picks

There are different generations and versions of Xbox available on the market. Below you’ll find the ones that are worth your purchase, plus some accessories:

Buying Guide: What you need to know about Xbox

Xbox is one of the consoles that has dominated the gaming market for generations. Our buying guide answers all the most frequently asked questions about it!

Imagem mostra uma pessoa jogando um game em uma grande televisão.

Xbox can provide entertainment for many hours. (Source: One Shot/

What makes Xbox different?

Since its launch in 2001, Xbox has gone through four generations and has remained in stiff competition against Sony’s Playstation and Nintendo’s consoles.

Microsoft now offers amazing features for those who choose Xbox. Besides modern and updated consoles with the latest technology in the world of games, connectivity and benefits stand out.

The Xbox Game Pass service, called the “Netflix of games”, allows access to any game at any time with a monthly subscription. The Xbox Network is a complete support network that always helps users.

There is a rich library of games for Xbox and Microsoft also offers backward compatibility, that is, the most modern consoles continue to run the titles released for previous generations. Thus, you do not lose your investments in games.

Did you know that Xbox was the first console released by an American company since the huge failure of the Atari Jaguar?

What are the generations of Xbox?

Xbox is already in its fourth generation. The first two are considered obsolete, the third is still a best seller and the fourth, just released, has the pinnacle of technology and a very high price tag.

  • Xbox and Xbox 360: The first two generations of Xbox were released in 2001 and 2005, respectively. They were very successful, but they are obsolete and today are more suitable for those who like “retro games”.
  • Xbox One: Suitable for those who do not want to spend a lot of money, Xbox One is the third generation of the console. There are also the Xbox One S and Xbox One X versions. It is no longer manufactured, however, many units are still sold and there is compatibility with most of the newly released games.
  • Xbox Series: Modernity and technology is at its peak with the Xbox Series, released in 2020. It still has very high prices, but it will be a long time before it needs to be replaced as we are at the beginning of the generation.

Currently, the Xbox One has a lower price, but soon the games released will no longer be compatible with it. Despite the high investment required, Xbox Series is the best option to buy.

What are the advantages of Xbox?

Xbox is not the only console available in the market and so you need to understand what advantages and disadvantages it offers over the competition.

Microsoft’s main competitor is Sony, as Nintendo offers consoles from slightly different categories, such as the Switch, with many titles of its own.

Imagem mostra um controle de Xbox em destaque.

Many people don’t like the Xbox controls. (Source: Mike M/

When we compare the new generations of Xbox and Playstation consoles, we notice that Microsoft’s console takes a slight edge in technical specifications. The Xbox Series X has 12.15 teraflops, while the Playstation 5 offers just 10.28. The graphic processing and processing speed are superior.

Xbox’s superior backward compatibility is a plus, as is the excellent Xbox Game Pass. Sony tries a counter-attack with PlayStation Plus, but the service doesn’t offer as many benefits.

Many people can’t adapt to the Xbox controller, so they still prefer the Playstation. The Sony console also has a superior library of exclusive games.

Check out a table with the advantages and disadvantages of Xbox in relation to Playstation:

  • Better performance to run the games
  • Bigger retrocompatibility of games
  • The Xbox Game Pass service is exceptional
  • The price is a little lower
  • Many people don”t like the controls
  • The list of exclusive games is inferior

What are the top games for Xbox?

Xbox has in its library most of the games that are multiplatform, that is, that do not have an exclusivity contract with any console brand. Along with the launch of the Xbox Series, the new title of the “Assassin’s Creed” franchise was confirmed.

Xbox features games from most of the famous game franchises

Among the exclusive games for Xbox Series, we can highlight titles like “The Medium”, “The Yakuza Remastered Collection”, “The Wild at Heart” and “Twelve Minutes”.

“Forza Horizon 4″, Grand Theft Auto V”, “The Witcher 3”, “Read Dead Redemption 2” and “Call of Duty: Warzone” were voted as some of the best games for Xbox One. All are from famous franchises.

When you buy an Xbox, you will miss only the titles of famous franchises from Nintendo, such as “The Legend of Zelda” and “Super Mario Bros”, which are exclusive to the Japanese company’s consoles, and others like “Gran Turismo” and Spider-Man, linked to Sony and Playstation.

Purchase Criteria: Factors to Choose an Xbox

It is not enough to choose an Xbox from the available consoles, you also need to choose a specific Xbox. We will now discuss some criteria that help you make a decision:


We’ve already commented on what the generations of Xbox are and said that the Xbox Series is the most advanced. However, it is split into two different consoles.

The Xbox X Series is Microsoft’s most powerful console

Xbox Series X is Microsoft’s most advanced console. It offers better processing, more ability to run games perfectly and 1TB of storage. The price, of course, is also much higher.

In turn, the Xbox Series S is more affordable. It’s not as graphically powerful and has “only” 512 GB for storage, but it already performs its function very well.

You can make your choice based on how much money you have to invest and how much you demand maximum performance from the console.


Microsoft includes a controller, HDMI cable and power cable in the Xbox package. It is possible for shops, however, to add more accessories. This makes the cost-benefit of the purchase higher.

The Xbox package can include more controls, accessories such as memory expanders, steering wheels, headsets and even some games. The acquisition thus becomes more attractive, even able to make your life easier in the future.

Colours of the controls

Xbox is not a console with design variations, except for the different versions. What may change, however, is the colour of the controls.

Xbox controls are available in a variety of colours and if you decide on a console that comes with extra accessories in addition to the ones that come in the box, you can possibly choose what you want your joysticks to look like.

It is possible to keep the sobriety of the basic model or travel through many colours and designs!

Imagem mostra uma pessoa segurando um controle de Xbox.

There are several shapes of Xbox controls. (Source: Florenz Mendoza/


Microsoft consoles are sold with a one-year warranty, while accessories such as controls, cables and storage devices are covered for three months against possible defects.

A good way to choose a console to buy is to look at which shops offer an extended warranty. This way, you can get your console covered for not one, but perhaps two or three years.

If the shop is trustworthy and offers an extended warranty, you will get great benefits. After all, the investment in an Xbox is huge!


Xbox is one of the consoles that dominates the market. It leads the way in technology and performance, with the next generation Xbox Series featuring the latest in gaming.

You can choose an Xbox Series (split into Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X models) or a previous generation Xbox One. There are some great exclusive titles for the console, as well as franchises shared with Playstation and Nintendo Switch.

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