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Our research and product review has the purpose of taking care of your money and what you buy. This time we are going to tell you about wooden boots, an old product that never loses its place.

Wooden boots are boxes that have been used since time immemorial for many purposes. They have played a leading role in more than one pirate, action, love, comedy or period film, among others. Stories find a way to make room for this kind of product.

But they are not only used in films, since anyone can have them thanks to their usefulness and designs. That’s why, so that you don’t run out of yours, today we will delve into the details that make them valuable, their disadvantages, functions, types, etc. Everything that will help you decide which one is best for you and your home.


  • The wooden boot is an item for the home made in different sizes and with different types of wood, whose primary purpose is to help store personal objects in it, as well as being an element that gives distinction to a space, helping to create an interior or exterior design in accordance with the other furniture.
  • Boxes with lids, whose function is to store objects of any kind, are usually called boots, but in reality there is another type called chests. Although their differences are minimal, each one has characteristics that distinguish them.
  • In order to acquire one or more -as required- it is necessary to consider aspects such as the type of wood, the style we want, the size we need or the additional functions it can help us to cover.

The Best Wooden Trunk: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Buying is not only the exchange of a currency for an article, but an intelligent acquisition by means of a monetary transaction. Achieving this means not buying on impulse but knowing one’s own needs, the product, its variants, advantages, disadvantages and competition. That is why we present you with this buying guide.

Trunks are storage boxes, but also witnesses to thousands of real and imaginary adventures. (Photo: gekaskr /

What is a wooden trunk and what are its advantages?

Wooden boots are household items made of various types of wood, available in different sizes and capacities. Depending on their size, they can be placed in bedrooms, living rooms, bathrooms, offices, garages, cellars, etc. They are used for storage and decoration.

Their use is unlimited as they can store things as small, personal and treasurable as letters, jewellery, souvenirs; or as big as records, magazines or books, bed linen, toys, board games, office articles, bathroom or kitchen items, etc. They also serve to let your creativity run wild.

They are also functional for use as part of the decoration in almost any room, whether as a coffee table in a living room, side table or giving a special touch to a space according to its design and finish. Because of the type of product it is, it lends itself well to vintage, handmade or ethnic tastes.

  • Versatile and durable product
  • Helps to store objects
  • Variety of sizes
  • Decorate indoor and outdoor spaces
  • Can be used for additional purposes
  • Poor quality detracts from its usefulness
  • Can be cumbersome
  • Durability if made of MDF
  • Can have latches, handles, hinges or misplaced details

Trunk or chest – what should you look out for?

Nowadays almost any piece of furniture with a rectangular size (similar to a chest), which is presented in the market providing storage functionality is called a chest, but based on its origins there is a structural difference between a chest and a chest.

Trunk. Formerly used to transport clothes or utensils, dishes, etc., similar to a suitcase. A distinctive feature is that trunks traditionally do not have legs and are therefore placed flush with the floor. They are classic items, formerly rustic but nowadays with vintage or modern designs.

Chests. They are larger than trunks. They can have a more vintage feel. Their size does not make them easily mobile or relocatable. They help to store more or larger objects and at the same time they function as a decorative element.

Chest Trunk
Sizes Small to medium Large
Storage Smaller capacity (personal items, clothes, etc.) Larger capacity
Legs No Yes
Transportable Yes No

Buying criteria: factors that allow you to compare and rate different models of wooden trunks

Before buying it is useful to know some points that help to make decisions based on the different options offered by the market. This gives us the opportunity to buy in a better way and with conscience, knowing in advance what is available and being able to decide what I want without being rushed.

  • Sizes
  • Types of wood
  • Style
  • Additional functions


Boots are available in a variety of sizes, which gives us the opportunity to store objects according to their size. Length, width and depth are fundamental concepts that determine the use we will make of them. Although there are an infinite number of sizes, they all fall into the categories of small, medium or large.

Small. These are jewellery boxes or small chests whose main distinction, apart from their size, is that they are transportable, easy to handle and can be placed and stored on or inside other pieces of furniture. They help to store very personal and even valuable objects. Reference measurements: 8.50 cm high x 8.50 cm wide x 11 cm long.

Medium. These are the most commercial boots on the market. Their dimensions are somewhat larger than those of the small ones but they are still manageable and dynamic. Their designs can vary between classic vintage, handmade and more modern or childish proposals. Reference measurements: 12 cm height x 11.70 cm width x 17 cm length.

Large. Of larger dimensions. Also known as chests, depending on their design, some have legs and even drawers. Because of their size, the weight of the structure and the weight of the objects inside, they are more difficult to move and relocate. They look good in large rooms. Reference measurements: 15.5 cm height x 15.2 cm width x 22 cm length.

Type of wood

Wood is the basis on which boots are made, and thanks to the material, we obtain shapes, sizes, legs, drawers, additions and styles. It is mainly responsible for the durability and finish of the boot, regardless of the decorative design that can be added. According to the type of wood, boots are classified as follows:

Solid wood boots. Made with wood that comes directly from the trunk. Of high quality, it undergoes a drying process to reduce the humidity that the wood may have by up to a fifth. Its price is high, but it provides elegance and durability.

Treated wood boot. Those that use this wood are good to be placed outdoors as it has been exposed to some treatment that protects it from the sun, humidity or other agents such as termites.

Raw wood boots. They are those that are sold unfinished, that is to say, unfinished. Buying them in this way results in a more affordable option and at the same time is an advantage for those who wish to decorate their furniture personally.

Synthetic wood. They are those in which wood is used that comes from the union of wood waste and plastic, resulting in a very durable material (5 times more than natural wood), resistant and less maintenance.

Boot according to style

This type of boots are categorized by the style they carry, this has to do with the touch with which they are manufactured, adapting to a style that can be coordinated with the interior design of a home. Remember that boots not only function as storage furniture but also as decorative elements.

Rustic. This type of finish gives the boot an appearance that denotes the passage of time and the details included as hinges and antique locks help to nuance the character that you want to give the furniture, paint or varnish are another pair of elements that help to make the boot look rustic as a whole.

Made of antique wood. These are rescued and/or restored boots or chests that highlight their antique properties. Most of them are made of solid wood. They have one or more locks and can be finished in metal.

Handcrafted. These are boots whose manufacture expresses an elaborate handmade work, from the creation of the boot to its decoration, hand-painted with an attractive design. Because of the work involved, they are not usually economical options, especially if they are large.

Children’s trunks. They are wooden boots with structures that help to tidy up the little ones’ rooms. They can also be colourful or with children’s designs included and even with cartoons with which the little one identifies.

Additional functions

It is worth considering what we want to store in it to decide what kind of boot I need in my home, but within that scheme of thought we can take into account whether it will serve to decorate a space and if it can also make our life easier by serving as something else.

For example, if I need to store things from the living room and I also need a coffee table, I have to consider a medium or large sized boot, but also that its top should not be curved but flat, because when it serves as a table, I will use the top to place objects on it. A curved top looks great if we are only looking for decoration and storage.

A coffee table, a side table, a reading seat, a place to recharge books or to place a lamp, nestled in a corner. Its additional uses can be as varied as needed and according to the creativity of the user.

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