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Wooden bowls can be found in almost every household because they can be used in many different ways. They are perfect for storing fruit or vegetables. They can also be used decoratively and beautify your home, for example on the table or in the display case.

Each wooden bowl is unique, just like the piece of wood it is made of. In this article, we have compared different models and worked out the most important options. With this, we want to make your purchase decision easier, because the choice is huge. With this guide, you will find the right wooden bowl for your style and taste.


  • Wooden bowls are suitable for many purposes. They combine a practical and stylish solution, for example for storing fruit or similar items.
  • The decisive factor for the choice of your wooden bowl is the place of use. If something is to be served in it, other criteria must be met than for a decorative element, for example.
  • It is worth investing in a higher-priced wooden bowl, as the stability of the wood usually means that it will last for a long time. In addition, proper care increases the longevity.

The Best Wooden Bowl: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for wooden bowls

To help you find the perfect wooden bowl for you, we’ve picked out the most important buying criteria you should look out for to make the right buying decision. These criteria include:

The choice is huge, but with the right criteria, everyone can find the right wooden bowl for their taste and interior style.


Wooden bowls can be found in every conceivable size. Depending on the intended use, you have to adjust the size of the wooden bowl. If you want to store fruit or vegetables in the wooden bowl, it again depends on the needs of your household. For decorative purposes, a slightly smaller wooden bowl is usually recommended.


With a wide range of shapes, you can find the wooden bowl that suits your style. Since wood can be shaped into many different forms, the shapes range from round, oval, square and oblong to heart-shaped. So the design aspect should definitely be taken into account.


The design of the wooden bowl depends largely on the type of wood used. There are very light woods, such as bamboo, alder or pine. Light-coloured wooden bowls fit very well into a rather modern interior.

Woods that convince with their dark note are, for example, olive wood and walnut wood.

The finest wooden bowls are made from teak roots. Dark tones are more suitable for the classic and nostalgic style of living.

Intended use

The impressive grain of the different woods makes a wooden bowl a visual eye-catcher for the table, the showcase or the sideboard. The unique pieces are therefore very decorative and can be used universally.

With their variety of shapes and colours, wooden bowls provide the basis for appealing accessories to match the season. They are suitable for any arrangement.

Depending on the model chosen, fruit or vegetables can be stored in them. A practical and decorative wooden bowl is often found in winter when wooden bowls are filled with nuts. Small wooden bowls with holes are suitable for storing soap, for example.


Wooden bowls should not be cleaned in the dishwasher. Wash the wooden bowl by hand with a gentle lye (washing-up liquid) and lukewarm water. Allow to dry well and oil regularly with cooking oil. The oil closes the wood pores so that it remains resistant to bacteria and odours. It also protects it from drying out, which in turn can prevent cracks.


Depending on the intended use, there is an additional criterion. If you want to store food in your wooden bowl, you should make sure that the wooden bowl is food-safe. In concrete terms, this means that the wooden bowl either has a food-safe varnish or that the wooden bowl is untreated. As mentioned in the care section, most bowls need to be oiled. Since linseed oil, olive oil or walnut oil is usually used, this process would also be food-safe.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about wooden bowls answered in detail

In the following, we will answer the most important questions that are asked in connection with wooden bowls. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

Who is a wooden bowl suitable for?

Because wooden bowls are so versatile, they are basically suitable for anyone who is looking for an eye-catcher or an attractive storage option for various items. Wooden bowls for fruit have the positive effect that the sight of them can naturally stimulate the appetite.

Which size & shape is suitable for my intended use?

The choice of size and shape of the wooden bowl can only be made after answering the purpose of use. If you want to store fruit and vegetables in the wooden bowl, you must determine the needs of your household. If a lot of fruit and vegetables are eaten, a larger, round wooden bowl is suitable. If the wooden bowl is used for decorative purposes, you can also look for more unusual shapes. Elongated or rectangular shapes are suitable for this.


Wooden bowls are versatile. Olive wood in particular can be used to store soaps because of its high resistance to moisture. (Image source: pixabay / HeyKristine)

These can be adapted according to the season and time of year. At Advent, wooden bowls are also very suitable for the Advent wreath. The size depends on where the decorated bowl will be placed. Wooden bowls can also be placed effectively in the entrance area to store your keys. A unique accent can be set by a wooden dish for soaps in the bathroom. In both cases, the wooden bowl serves a decorative as well as a practical purpose.

Which wood is suitable for what?

Wooden bowls are particularly durable and robust. However, there are considerable differences in the choice of wood. Not only the colour and grain of the bowl is determined by the wood, but also the hardness. Since the wooden bowls should last as long as possible, I recommend that you choose hardwood, such as olive or teak.

Olive wood is one of the hardest types of wood. This means that it does not swell as quickly and is not as flexible. In addition, the olive oil it contains has an antiseptic effect, which is particularly advantageous in the kitchen. Teak is characterised above all by its special and fine grain. The wood is known for its beauty and durability. That is why it is often used to make decorative items or kitchen utensils.

How long do wooden bowls last?

The durability of the wooden bowl depends on the right care and the intended use. For proper care, it is very important to note, as described above, that wooden bowls are not dishwasher safe. The long and hot washing cycles would cause the wood to crack and would therefore no longer be leak-proof.

If you want to keep your wooden bowl for a long time, wash it only with lukewarm water and a mild detergent. Afterwards, the bowl must dry very well. The more often it is washed and wet, which is the case with wooden bowls for salad or soap, for example, the more often the bowl must be oiled again.


Wooden bowls can be aesthetically enriching as well as practical for storing fruit and vegetables. In most cases, both aspects are combined, as the bowls can be used attractively and fulfil a practical purpose. Thanks to the wide variety of shapes and colours, everyone can find a wooden bowl that suits their taste.

When buying, the most important thing to consider is which wooden bowl suits your taste and needs. When it comes to needs, you can focus on design or practicality, which includes, for example, care.

Image source: pixabay / PublicDomainArchive