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Around twelve million people in Germany can count themselves among the lucky owners of a wood-burning stove. But depending on the heat output, a fireplace consumes several kilograms of wood per hour. And if you don’t want to spend too much of your life hauling new wood, you can’t avoid getting a wood basket.

But just like fireplaces, there are a variety of different wood baskets. Find out from us which basket is the right one for your ambience and your wood.


  • Wood baskets save ways to the wood store and thus ensure a constant supply of heat without much effort.
  • To meet all criteria, your wood basket should be transportable and also not too heavy. In addition, materials such as plastic are not so suitable for storing wood.
  • To store wood properly, the air on the wood should be able to circulate and still be protected from rain and wind, because damp firewood produces considerably more emissions of pollutants

The Best Wood Basket in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

Buying and evaluation criteria for wooden baskets

To find the right wooden basket for your individual needs, there are a few criteria to consider. These criteria should make it easier for you to filter your basket out of the large mass.

The criteria with which you can distinguish the baskets are:


The size determines the amount of wood you can store. The size of the wood basket depends on the size and heat output of your fireplace, as well as the amount of living space that needs to be heated. The basket should leave enough space to keep the frequency of fetching as low as possible and still not clutter up the room.


The material of a firewood basket is especially important for the good preservation of your wood as well as for giving the right ambience. Most common are models made of willow, bamboo, felt or imitation leather. They are stable, not too heavy and allow the wood enough air.

Alternatively, there are models made of steel or wire. Wire baskets are especially popular if you want to focus on the wood. Plastic models should not be used. They break more quickly and do not allow the wood enough air.

Here, of course, the location of the basket and the climate surrounding it are also important. Since the material also determines the colour of the basket, you can of course also base your decision on the desired design.


The shape determines what effect your basket will have on the rest of your home. It also determines how the wood is presented and stored. For example, with a traditional round trapezoidal basket, the wood can be nicely stored horizontally, while with a rectangular basket it can also be placed vertically. Some baskets can also be opened from the side, which can make it easier to take them out.


Depending on your needs and the type of wood basket, it may be advisable to use some extras. For example, if you have a long way to go, it may be practical to have a basket that has straps or even wheels. If you want a wood basket for outdoors, it may need something to close to be adapted to the weather conditions.

Depending on the material, especially with fencing baskets, rashes or inserts can also be helpful. That way you don’t lose chips or splinters everywhere.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about wooden baskets answered in detail

To make your decision easier, we have compiled some of the most frequently asked questions.

What is a wood basket and who is it suitable for?

The traditional wood basket is a woven wicker basket with two handles and a trapezoidal shape. It is intended for storing and transporting wood. In principle, a wood basket is suitable for anyone who has a fireplace. But of course also for anyone who handles wood in other ways, e.g. in a workshop.

What types of wood baskets are there?

Even if the essential aspects of most wood baskets are the same, there are differences depending on the requirements. There are baskets that are specially designed for transport and those that are specially designed for storage.

Some baskets are specially designed for outdoor use and must therefore be weatherproof. They also differ in the way they present the wood. However, if you are simply looking for a normal basket for your home, each will meet the necessary criteria.

How much does a wood basket cost?

The price usually depends on the type of material and the size.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (5 – 20 €) Baskets in small or medium size
Medium priced (20 – 50 €) Available in sets, Available in good quality, Available with add-ons such as liners and covers. Baskets in medium and larger size. With wheels or carrying straps.
High priced (from 50 €) Long half-life, Available in sets, Good quality, Available with accessories such as lining and cover.
Large size baskets. With wheels or carrying straps.

What is the best way to store wood?

Damp firewood for the fireplace is not only unpleasant in terms of smell, but also incredibly harmful to health and the environment. The reason is almost always incorrect storage.

Wood should always be protected from the weather. If you store your wood outside, however, the direction of the compass is also decisive. It is almost always advisable to position the wood store on the southern side of the property, as the wood is best protected from wind and rain here.


A fireplace provides warmth and a cosy atmosphere. But for safe heating with wood, correct storage of wood is very important. (Image source: Haiden Scott/ unsplash)

It is also very important that the wood is always in contact with enough air. Air circulation ensures that the wood always stays dry. To ensure this, you should also always stack the wood with the bark facing downwards. This prevents the wood from rotting on the bed. Since moisture and dew quickly collect under plastic, you should also avoid covering the wood with a tarpaulin or storing it in plastic containers.

How much wood should you have in stock at the fireplace?

It is said that you should store enough wood for one or two days at the fireplace. But only as much as you actually use. If you store the wood indoors for too long, mould can come into play.


The wooden basket has been used for centuries. What used to take days of weaving is now just a mouse click away. The large selection of wooden baskets is almost intimidating, but there is something for everyone. In addition, many baskets can also be used for other things and thus never completely lose their purpose.

For those who have a lot to do with wood, a beautiful wood basket is not only practical and labour-saving, it is also a beautiful eye-catcher for every room.

Image source: eugenivy / Unsplash