Last updated: 16/10/2022

Rubber boots – a word that rarely arouses excitement and curiosity. They are useful when it rains, but fashionable and good-looking they never are. Not so! Ladies’ wellies in particular are available in such a wide variety that you will soon find it hard to decide on a pair.

Whether in classic black, decorated with bows and glitter, or in brightly coloured with patterns – the choice is huge. Different types of rubber boots are suitable for every purpose. And whether you prefer to go shopping, riding or fishing: with the following advice, you will be able to identify the best model for you.

The Best Women’s Wellington Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying ladies’ wellies

Choosing the right rubber boot for ladies is not quite as easy as it might seem at first glance. In fact, there are several aspects you should consider before making a final decision.
These are the following buying criteria:

  • Intended use
  • Density
  • Height
  • Heat
  • Appearance

In the next passages, we will give you a brief overview of the features that you can use to guide your search for ladies’ wellies.

Intended use

First of all, you should be clear about the situations in which you want to wear your ladies’ wellies. The conditions in the garden at home are usually different from those in the riding arena, and you certainly don’t want to walk to the supermarket in light rain with heavy fishing boots.

Ladies’ wellies can be designed for specific professions or hobbies, or simply shine as a fashionable shoe. Think about when and where you want to wear your boots and look for a suitable pair based on that.


Wellies wouldn’t serve their purpose if they weren’t water repellent. But there are miles of difference between the drops that might hit you in a spring shower and a mudflat walk. Take your cue from the experiences of others, but also pay attention to the material: while rubber boots made of PVC are cheap and suitable for simple rain boots, it’s better to choose products made of natural rubber for pond work or fishing. If you need rubber boots for women that not only seal against water and mud, but also reliably against oil and grease, boots made of neoprene are the best choice.


Height is also an important criterion when choosing the right rubber boots for women. The intended use should also be taken into account here. A fashionable rain boot does not have to be too high. You can base your choice here on your height and leg length, as well as current fashion trends, just as with other types of boots.

Pond or fishing boots should in any case be significantly higher; depending on the depth of the water, even those that reach above the knees are recommended. Nevertheless, even with such models you should take your own body size into account, because the boots should not be too high for the sake of comfort.


Do you want to buy women’s rubber boots that will allow you to work in the garden in mild weather? Or would you prefer a model in which you can walk across wet meadows even in cold winter temperatures? There are rubber boots specially made for both preferences. Standard rubber boots for women, especially those that are only suitable for light rain, are not particularly resistant to the cold. However, there are many products for winter that are warmly lined on the inside. Thermal boots, which we will discuss in more detail below, are also available. If you are clear about what time of year you want to wear your boots, the decision should not be difficult.


As with all clothing, appearance comes down to personal taste. Rain boots come in many bright colours and patterns, with embellishments and in different styles. Unfortunately, there is less choice when it comes to functional rubber boots for women; they are mostly offered in monochrome black or brown tones. But even with them, the cut and style can differ. Let yourself be inspired and choose not only a high-quality boot, but also one that you like visually and that matches the rest of your wardrobe.

Wellington boots for women: The most important questions answered

Even on the subject of rubber boots, which at first glance doesn’t seem too complicated, questions come up from time to time. We have summarised and answered the most common and important questions for you.

What types of rubber boots are there for women?

At the beginning, we showed you how important it is that you are clear about the purpose for which you actually want to buy new rubber boots for women. To go into more detail, we present below some sub-types of the rubber boot that can be used for different purposes:

  • Rain rubber boots: Rain boots are mainly suitable for everyday wear. If you want to go for a walk in rainy weather or go shopping in the pedestrian zone, you should be satisfied with simple rain boots. Mostly, this type is made of PVC and is available in many colours, patterns and designs.
  • Thermal rubber boots: Thermal rubber boots are designed to protect against not only water but also cold. In winter, they are lined and made of cold-resistant materials such as natural rubber to provide a good seal even in snow. At other times of the year, however, the thermal boots are most definitely unsuitable.
  • Pond boots: These boots are not only for working in the pond, but can also be used as fishing boots or at the seaside. These rubber boots have to withstand not only rain, but whole masses of water. They are very high so that no water can run in from above. However, they are often too uncomfortable for relaxed walks.

What materials are used in the manufacture of ladies’ wellies?

Although the name suggests it, not all rubber boots are actually made of rubber. The two most commonly used materials are:

  • Polyvinyl chloride (PVC)
  • Natural rubber (rubber)
  • Polyurethane (PUR)

What the difference is between these two materials will be explained to you in the following sections:


Conventional rain boots are usually made of PVC. The material is cheap to process, which is why the end products are usually in the lower price segment. In addition, PVC can be easily dyed, which is why ladies’ rubber boots in particular are available in many colourful patterns. The disadvantage of such boots are the plasticisers used, which can be harmful to the environment and health, as shoes made of PVC that are hardly resistant to cold are often not very durable.


Due to the way they are processed, rubber boots are never made entirely of real rubber, but when rubber is used, most of it is. The material can be made into both stiff and flexible boots, depending on requirements. Real rubber is particularly suitable for winter rubber boots, as the material can withstand far more cold than other materials. However, as natural rubber and the production of rubber is time-consuming and cost-intensive, such boots usually cost much more than those made of PVC.


Polyurethane is a durable material that is resistant to harmful substances. Even cold temperatures have little effect on it. That is why women’s rubber boots made of PUR are suitable for the winter months on the one hand, and also as part of workwear in many areas on the other. Because the material is extremely durable, boots made of this material last a long time even if they are worn every day. Despite its high quality, polyurethane is also not particularly expensive.

How do I clean and care for my ladies’ rubber boots?

When it comes to cleaning and caring for your ladies’ wellies, it once again depends on the underlying material. For all types, fresh dirt should be rinsed off with lukewarm water immediately after taking the boots off. However, as pond and fishing boots in particular are extremely susceptible to stubborn dirt, pure is often no longer enough. In such cases, a soapy solution will help.

Boots made of genuine natural rubber require special care. Since boots made of this material are usually in the upper price segment, you should pay particular attention to proper care here; after all, the boots are supposed to last a long time. To protect the natural rubber boots as a precaution, it is best to use glycerine. Silicone oil can be used for external refreshment.

Under no circumstances should you use a conventional cleaning agent indiscriminately. Many boots are very sensitive and can quickly degrade if not cleaned properly. More information about the specific product can usually be found at the manufacturer. They often offer special cleaning and care products that are explicitly tailored to your ladies’ wellies.

What extras should my ladies’ wellies have?

Whether your ladies’ wellies should have special visual extras depends entirely on your personal taste. Some women like it playful, with decorative elements and colourful ribbons. Others prefer a plain, monochrome look. However, there are other, additional elements that may be of use to you.

One example would be inset steel caps. These are worthwhile if you wear your wellies when working with heavy equipment, or even on the riding stables. This not only protects your feet from getting wet, but also from possible injury. By the way, some boots also come with zips that make them easier to put on and take off. Of course, these are also sealed against moisture.


As you now know, rubber boots for women are not to be underestimated as a practical as well as fashionable element. Their versatility means they can be worn all year round, with a smart mackintosh as well as with work clothes.
There is also something for everyone in terms of price: depending on your needs, you can buy high-quality and expensive models as well as affordable alternatives for everyday wear. Since ladies shouldn’t risk getting their feet wet either: next time, go for a smart pair of wellies.

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