Last updated: 16/10/2022

Wax jackets have become an integral part of every woman’s wardrobe and are a very good choice, especially in the transitional season. The special thing about wax jackets for women is that the outer material is treated with a special wax. This treatment makes the outer material of the wax jacket waterproof and impervious to wind and cold. The wax impregnation transforms the jacket into the perfect outdoor companion that is not only very practical and reliable, but also impresses with style and elegance.

If you are looking for a women’s jacket that provides optimal protection from wet and cold weather, then you have come to the right place in our great guide to wax jackets. With the help of a few tips, we would like to show you how to turn a wax jacket for women into a fashionable eye-catcher in which you not only cut a good figure, but can also feel very comfortable outside on cold days.

The best Women’s Wax Jacket: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying wax jackets for women

If the advantages of a wax jacket for women have convinced you and you would like to learn more, then our criteria will be able to support you in your purchase.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Colour
  • Cut
  • Origin


The typical colours of wax jackets for women are very similar to the colours of autumn leaves. You have a wide choice of bronze, brown, beige and olive shades that harmonise perfectly with the days of autumn and winter. These colours make for a real eye-catcher and complement your look perfectly in the process. If you prefer more classic colours, there are wax jackets in black or dark blue to choose from, which can be styled very well with any other colour.

One thing is certain: wax jackets in every possible colour can convince with style and elegance. Combined correctly, wax jackets can be styled in all colours, whether sporty, casual, elegant or simple.

Try your way through the most diverse colours of wax jackets for women to get a feel for your individual colour. For that unmistakable English outdoor look, we recommend opting for a wax jacket in the typical autumn colours.


The range of wax jackets is very extensive and offers the right model for every taste. Basically, wax jackets for women are offered in long and short cuts, with some models featuring a belt or a detachable hood. In addition, some wax jackets have integrated inner pockets that offer enough storage space for your smartphone, a bunch of keys or a wallet.

A long wax jacket usually reaches mid-thigh and offers more warmth than the short-cut models. Especially on balmy autumn days, the long-cut wax jackets for women are ideal as mackintoshes. We recommend you browse through the range and decide individually which variant suits you better.

Women’s models in particular often have a charmingly slightly waisted cut to flatter the figure. With the help of a belt or a waistband, you can individually decide how tightly you want to waist the wax jacket. However, there are also models that are straight-waisted, making your look loose and comfortable. Loose-fitting models are particularly suitable for outdoor activities, as you can enjoy maximum freedom of movement here.

When it comes to the cut of wax jackets, it all depends on your preferences and taste. There is a suitable wax jacket for every woman that ideally complements her own style.


It is undisputed that the fashion world from Great Britain has been a trendsetter for fashion houses all over the world for centuries. In the course of time, some style elements have been able to establish themselves that still endure today. Wax jackets for women are, among other things, unbeaten classics that have been worn for many decades and are still very popular today.

You can be sure that wax jackets offered by British manufacturers convince with unique workmanship as well as high quality. If you are looking for a wax jacket for women from Great Britain, you will find what you are looking for in numerous verified online shops. Here you will be offered a wide range of first-class wax jackets for women, whereby you are sure to find a wax jacket that is tailored exactly to your individual requirements.

British retailers as well as online shops are known for offering wax jackets for women with the typical British cut as well as design. So if you’re looking for a high-quality wax jacket for women that is true to the original British style, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for at established brands like Barbour or Romneys.

Wax jackets for women: The most important questions answered

In the following sections, we would like to address any questions you may have and also give you some tips that should make the buying process easier.

In which styles are wax jackets for ladies available?

The English wax jacket is much more than just an outdoor jacket. There are now a large number of different wax jackets available for women, making this practical garment very popular across all age groups. In the next section we will explain in more detail in which styles wax jackets for women are particularly popular.

  • Casual: Wax jackets for women with a casual look give you a light but stylish appearance. Casual wax jackets can therefore be worn very well in the workplace or at business meetings. These models are usually cut a little shorter and are fitted. With a belt you can individually determine how tight you want the wax jacket to be. As far as colour is concerned, there are no limits here, with olive shades being particularly flattering on the figure.
  • Sporty: If you are looking for a wax jacket that you want to wear casually and comfortably in your free time, we recommend you try out the somewhat loose models. These give you a typically casual look and are also very comfortable. Whether you opt for a short or a long version depends entirely on your taste. Some models are offered with a detachable hood, which adds to the sporty look.

It is best to try out the entire range to see which model suits your style.

How do you clean a wax jacket for women?

You can gently wipe off light dirt from the wax jacket with a damp cloth. Larger dirt particles can also be rinsed off in the shower, although you can also use soft brushes if simply rinsing the wax jacket is not enough. However, be sure to avoid warm water and detergents. Warm water and aggressive cleaning agents dissolve the wax layer of the jacket and destroy the functionality of the wax jacket.

If the lining gets wet during rinsing, it can be dried at room temperature. Please note that drying with heat sources is very harmful to wax jackets, as they melt the wax. Only in the case of very large soiling is it conceivable to clean the wax jacket in the washing machine, but really only if there are no other options left. Keep in mind, however, that the wax jacket will lose its wax layer after being cleaned in the washing machine.

Since this means that the functionality of a wax jacket is lost, it is advisable to re-wax the jacket. You can either have this done by an expert or do it yourself. How to wax your wax jacket yourself is explained step by step in the next section.

How do you properly re-wax a wax jacket for women?

If you decide to wax your wax jacket on your own, we would like to give you some valuable tips on how to make your jacket look like new.

We recommend that you give yourself enough time to do this. Especially after a wash in the washing machine, it is quite advisable to give your jacket a new layer of wax to keep it waterproof. If you notice brittle and dry wax spots on the outer material of your wax jacket, it is also advisable to re-wax the jacket so that moisture and cold do not have a chance to penetrate to your body.

We recommend that you equip yourself with the following utensils to bring your wax jacket up to scratch:

  • Teapot
  • Sponge
  • Clothing wax

We will explain the steps you need to follow when waxing step by step:

  • Heat the wax: Before the wax can be applied to the jacket, it needs to be heated. Make sure you buy the right wax from a professional, as normal wax becomes brittle too quickly and damages the material. A stove is the easiest way to heat the wax.
  • Spread the wax evenly: Now spread the heated wax very slowly and carefully over the entire jacket. The easiest way to apply the wax is with a sponge or cotton cloth.
  • Work the seams carefully: Take your time when working on the seams and work very carefully, as moisture can easily penetrate, especially at the seams.
  • Allow to dry out: After treatment, you can leave the wax jacket to dry out at room temperature.
  • Touch up uneven spots: If uneven wax spots remain on the jacket after treatment, they can be heated briefly with a hairdryer. This process evens out thick layers of wax.

A much easier method is to use wax sprays. To do this, warm up the wax jacket at high room temperature or in the bright sun so that the warmed fibres can absorb the wax particularly well. The wax spray can then be spread evenly over the jacket and gently worked into the jacket’s fibres with a fine brush. To maintain the protective layer of your wax jacket in the long term, you should carry out the re-waxing process about 2 to 3 times a year.

When is a wax jacket for women particularly suitable?

A wax jacket for women is a practical all-weather jacket that has become an integral part of many women’s wardrobes. The jacket has a lot of advantages to offer and is particularly convincing for numerous outdoor activities.

Wax jackets are wind- and waterproof and, especially on rainy days, a good alternative to rain jackets, which are usually not sufficiently lined and offer no protection from the wind. Even in the snow, wax jackets perform very well and provide you with sufficient warmth thanks to high-quality inner lining. With many models, the inner lining of the wax jacket can be removed. This means that the wax jacket can also be used on warmer rainy days in spring or late summer.

So if you enjoy hiking, walking, riding or cycling in nature even on cool and wet days, a wax jacket is a very good choice especially in the transitional season and will definitely pay off. Pet owners in particular really appreciate the robustness of wax jackets, as they always remain well protected from wind and moisture during long walks in the forest.

Styling tips for women’s wax jackets: How to achieve the perfect wax jacket look

Whether you want to wear your wax jacket classy and elegant or cool and super stylish. With our styling tips, you will always succeed in presenting your wax jacket as a true fashion statement.

  • Casual and chic: Short and form-fitting models are a very good choice for everyday work and are also suitable as a weatherproof transitional jacket for formal business meetings. Combined with a simple trouser suit and matching boots, you can turn a wax jacket into a real IT piece. For dark outfits, we recommend wax jackets in classic shades of brown or green, as these stand out particularly well and guarantee a great look. Accessories include simple earrings and a colour-coordinated handbag.
  • Cosy everyday look: In everyday life, a wax jacket can be combined with jeans or cargo trousers. A wide jumper can be worn underneath so that you are comfortably yet stylishly dressed in your free time. Sneakers or cool boots are particularly good footwear and round off the outfit. For everyday wear and when hiking or going for a walk, we recommend the wide-cut versions, as this allows you to enjoy the greatest freedom of movement. Cool accessories such as a beanie cap or a thick woollen scarf will enhance your outfit.

The timeless, royal-inspired look of wax jackets means they can be combined in a variety of ways. Wax jackets for women emphasise the look of a British lifestyle and add a touch of extravagance paired with fashionable self-confidence to your outfit.


A high quality wax jacket for women convinces above all with its brilliant quality and high durability and is definitely worth an investment. The wax jacket will always be a reliable companion for you in wind and weather, in which you will feel cosy and comfortable.

Whether you’re hiking, riding or cycling – with a wax jacket, the weather doesn’t matter, because the practical all-rounder guarantees you the best protection from cold autumn and winter days. With their distinctive look, wax jackets can be combined with many clothing styles and give you the typical English outdoor lifestyle.

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