Last updated: 16/10/2022

Ladies’ wallets are ideal for storing money and documents. Many manufacturers offer different types of wallets. Ladies’ wallets help organise and store ID cards and credit cards. In this article we want to show you what to look for before buying.

We have also summarised everything you need to know about women’s wallets to help you make the best choice. We have researched the most frequently asked questions about women’s wallets and found the answers.


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Women’s Wallet: The most important questions answered

In the following, we have compiled a small overview with relevant questions about women’s wallets for you. These should give you an overview of the basic variations of wallets as well as other important aspects to help you make your decision.

What types of women’s wallets are there?

Ladies’ wallets are available in different variations. Over time, four distinctions have been established that stand out from the simple ladies wallet. We have included a brief description of each of the four alternatives.

  • Wallets for cards: There are ladies’ wallets especially for cards. These models do not have a coin compartment, but only several card compartments for storing ID cards, money cards and business cards.
  • Wallets with a coin pocket: Models with a coin pocket have it on the inside of the ladies’ wallet. Often closable by means of a button, you have the option here to safely store small change.
  • Wallets with money clip: This variant has a small clip on the inside. Here you can simply clip in your banknotes and have them quickly at hand.
  • Large wallets: There are oblong, large wallets especially for ladies. These usually provide you with more space to store all kinds of documents as well as money. In addition, this variant usually looks more appealing.

Of course, there are many combinations of these variants. Therefore, think carefully about the purpose for which you need your ladies’ wallet. In most cases, large wallets offer enough space for coins, notes and cards. If you are looking for a space-saving ladies’ wallet, we recommend the models for cards or with a money clip. These are usually relatively simple and small.

Which material is best suited for women’s wallets?

Ladies’ wallets are made of many materials. Leather, fabric or felt are often used. The leather version looks the best and can be easily integrated into any look. Moreover, real leather is durable and very robust if cared for properly.

Of course, there are also wallets made of imitation leather. However, these do not last as well as the animal version. Faux leather wallets often have a colour print on them. This means that there are more designs to choose from.

A final alternative are women’s wallets made of cork. With their natural-looking design, these are an environmentally friendly and vegan way to store money. Cork is easy to clean, hypoallergenic and odourless. Furthermore, cork as a base material is water repellent and surprisingly robust.

What are personalised women’s wallets?

Many suppliers give you the option to personalise your ladies wallet. In other words, you can print an inscription on it or even have the colour and design customised. Please note that there is often a small surcharge for this.

Nevertheless, this alternative offers the possibility of acquiring a unique product. In addition, this variant is also ideal as a gift for your loved ones to leave a lasting impression. If you are looking for something more unusual, there is also the option of having a photo printed on your ladies wallets.

Which women’s wallet for each area of use?

It all depends on your individual needs. Many ladies do not want to carry small change around with them and are therefore happy to do without a coin compartment. There are also people who pay exclusively with electronic money cards and do without physical money altogether.

We recommend that you either go for a classic wallet or have an oblong ladies’ wallet on hand for larger events. These are often beautifully designed and are perfect for going out due to their elegant appearance.


Ladies’ wallets come in many shapes and materials. Depending on the intended use, you should therefore consider the size and construction of your desired model. Wallets made of genuine leather are the most durable option. Models made of imitation leather are often a little cheaper. Furthermore, there are often more design options for women’s wallets made of synthetic leather.

On the internet, some suppliers also offer the possibility to personalise your wallet. With special lettering, colours and pictures, you can create a unique product. For work, we recommend a classic design. For special events, however, your ladies’ wallet should look more visually appealing to ideally complement your fine look.

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