Last updated: 16/10/2022

The world of dresses is huge and beautiful. Dresses are also all the rage when it comes to sports. Whether in a casual, cosy style or in an elegant, figure-hugging look. With a sports dress, you become a real eye-catcher when doing sports.

Not only for sports, but also in everyday life, you will cut a great figure in a sports dress. They come in a wide variety of designs, patterns and colours. Styled with matching shoes and accessories, they are not only practical but also a fashionable eye-catcher that should not be missing from your wardrobe. 

The Best Womens Sportswear: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women’s sports dresses

Sports dresses are now available in many different styles. Styled correctly, they become a real highlight and are also super practical. However, there are some aspects you should consider when buying a sports dress. To find your perfect sports dress, you should pay attention to the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Presence of sleeves
  • Presence of integrated trousers
  • Length

You will learn how to choose the perfect sports dress in the coming sections.


Women’s sports dresses come in many different materials. Besides the aesthetics, the material also determines the breathability. Most sweater-style sports dresses are made of cotton or a blended fabric, such as cotton with polyester or with elastics. These sports dresses are suitable for light sporting activities.

If you want to be not only sporty but also fashionable while hiking or walking, a cotton sports dress is perfect for you. Do you work up a sweat during fitness training or tennis? Then get a sports dress made of polyester or polypropylene. Both materials absorb hardly any sweat and dry super fast. It is important that the material meets your requirements for a sports dress. Whether made of cotton, polyester or polypropylene, sports dresses are not only practical but also super trendy.

Presence of sleeves

Short sleeved, long sleeved or even sleeveless. Sports dresses not only vary in material, but are also available in different sleeve lengths. Long-sleeved sports dresses offer more warmth and, together with tights, make a trendy outfit for your sporting activities on nice autumn or winter days. Do you still want to look stylish in summer when playing tennis or working out? Then short-sleeved and sleeveless sports dresses are a must-have for you. There is a perfect women’s sports dress for every weather!

Presence of integrated trousers

Many sports dresses already have integrated shorts. Why this would be a clear plus point for you, you will find out in the following paragraphs. Above all, with short dresses you run the risk of a gust of wind revealing too deep a view. Integrated trousers protect you from unwanted glances. Do you know this?

Your thighs rub against each other uncomfortably when you run or walk if you wear a dress. Sports dresses with integrated shorts are the solution here. They offer the comfort of shorts, but at the same time the look of a dress. But don’t worry, the integrated shorts don’t show through the dress. So sports dresses with sewn-in shorts are not only practical, but also chic.


Sports dresses come in a wide variety of lengths. The length determines what a sports dress is suitable for and how it should be styled. If you need a lot of legroom, we recommend that you opt for a shorter sports dress. Especially for sports like tennis or leg training in the gym, a shorter sports dress has a clear advantage.

If you are looking for a sports dress for the cooler seasons or prefer to play sports with a little more coverage, longer than knee-length sports dresses are made for you. No matter what your requirements are for the length of a sports dress, you will definitely find what you are looking for in the wide range.

Sports dresses for women: The most important questions answered

To help you choose the right sports dress, we have answered the most important questions about women’s sports dresses.

In which styles are sports dresses for women available?

Sports dresses come in two different styles. We have summarised what is so special about each style for you below:

  • Jumperstyle: Swe ater style sports dresses are usually a little looser and therefore have a very casual look. This style is available in all possible versions: long, short, with sleeves, without sleeves, with hood, without hood. Especially when hiking, a sweater-style sports dress is a great basis for a sporty and stylish outfit.
  • Tennis look: Women’s sports dresses in tennis look are often very figure-hugging and are perfect not only for tennis but also for fitness training. Classically, these sports dresses are short-sleeved and have a short skirt. Often, these sports dresses already come with integrated trousers and thus offer eye protection.

The two styles offer their own advantages and can be adapted to your requirements. While sweater-style sports dresses are super cosy and have a casual look, tennis-style sports dresses shine with their elegance and a classic style.

Which sport is a women’s sports dress suitable for?

Women’s sports dresses are suitable for a wide range of sports:

  • Tennis: the classic. The sport of tennis is probably the first when you think of sports dresses. The dresses not only offer you a lot of freedom of movement, but also look great. Shorter and tighter sports dresses are especially suitable for tennis.
  • For fitness training: Here too a sports dress is a real eye-catcher. Both styles of sports dress are suitable here. Whether it’s a tennis look or a jumper look, you’ll convince people with your fashion taste in the gym.
  • When hiking: Whether in the forest or on the mountain. Sports dresses are great for hiking. They are not only practical, but also make a beautiful outfit. Sweater-look sports dresses are great for climbing mountains or exploring the woods in a relaxed way.

In addition to sporting activities, sports dresses are also perfect for everyday life. Whether in a cosy and casual jumper look or in a figure-hugging tennis style, sports dresses are very trendy.

How do I clean a women’s sports dress?

When caring for and cleaning your sports dress, there are a few rules you should follow to enjoy this fashionable piece in the long run. We recommend that you hang your sports dress up to air after each use. However, it would be best to wash your sports dress every time. Above all, sports dresses made of polyester and other chemical fabrics quickly start to smell. You should also wash your sports dress at 30°C or 40°C and not use fabric softener.

Drying is also an absolute no-go for sports dresses. Dryers and fabric softeners can have a negative effect on the function and breathability of sportswear. Chemical fabrics in particular can lose their shape and their structure can be destroyed. By following our tips, you can properly care for and clean your sports dress and enjoy it for a long time.

What is special about a women’s sports dress?

Besides their function, women’s sports dresses are a fashion highlight. They offer you everything that other sportswear has to offer and make you trendy at the same time. In short: Sportswear with style.

The special thing is that they look super stylish despite sweating. Sports dresses for women offer you the great advantage during sports that they have much more legroom, which sports like tennis or fitness training demand. In addition, they are usually made of very breathable material and thus offer perfect air circulation during sports.

Styling tips for women’s sports dresses: How to turn your sports dress look into a real eye-catcher

Sports dresses are an eye-catcher when styled correctly. Especially for sporty and casual looks, sports dresses are perfect, but also if you are aiming for a more chic look, a sports dress for women is the perfect choice. Below we have put together some styling ideas and tips to inspire you:

  • Casual: Paired with your favourite sneakers, you can style a sweater-look sports dress into a casual and trendy outfit that you can also rock while shopping or at a brunch
  • Very classic and sporty: a sports dress in tennis look styled with neutral sneakers, socks and a sweatband. A coherent and stylish outfit not only for tennis
  • Flashy and trendy: If you have chosen a sports dress with an eye-catching pattern or colour, we recommend that you keep your shoes and accessories low key so that your sports dress becomes the focus of your outfit
  • Classy: A tennis-look sports dress with your finest pumps and a chic, small shoulder bag or clutch will make you a trendsetter even at a fancier event

With our styling tips and ideas, you and your sports dress will be a real eye-catcher!


Sports dresses for women are suitable for playing tennis, hiking and fitness training. But also in everyday life and at other events, women’s sports dresses, properly styled, can turn your outfit into an eye-catcher. The dresses in tennis and jumper look are not only a must-have for sports. There are sports dresses in neutral and plain, flashy and gaudy, short or long, long-sleeved and short-sleeved. With such a wide selection and different styles, you will find a sports dress that suits your needs. Sports dresses are very trendy and should not be missing from the wardrobe of a sporty and stylish lady.

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