Last updated: 16/10/2022

As a sportswoman, you know that there is the right equipment for every sport and often a lot of time and money is spent on choosing shoes and other accessories. The same is true for women’s sports bras. There are different models that are designed for the different sports and support the female breast.

With a well-fitting sports bra for women, the next training session will immediately be much more pleasant, because it ensures that no back or breast pain arises due to a lack of support for the connective tissue. We explain what you should look for when buying a women’s sports bra.

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Sports bra for women: The most important questions answered

When choosing women’s sports bras, it can be easy to get overwhelmed because the choice of sizes, intensity levels and styles is huge. Here are some tips and advice to make your search easier.

Why should I wear a women’s sports bra?

Unlike bras for everyday wear, the material of women’s sports bras is made to absorb sweat. This keeps moisture from building up and prevents bacteria from causing skin inflammation. But that’s not the only reason why you should never do without a women’s sports bra when training.

A women’s sports bra also provides the necessary support during exercise and prevents both back pain and permanent tissue damage. The female breast has no muscles, which is why the connective tissue wears out under the strain of sport. By the way: this also applies to women with a small bust size!

What do I need to consider when buying a sports bra for women?

One thing right from the start: your comfort is the most important thing. Look for a women’s sports bra that you feel comfortable in. You should also consider the material of the sports bra. Synthetic fibres, unlike cotton, are made to absorb moisture and dry quickly.

The fit is also important. Sports bras for women should be tight-fitting, but not cut in uncomfortably and should not make it difficult for you to breathe. Before buying, be sure to ask yourself what kind of sport you are buying a sports bra for. For example, if your workout involves a lot of sessions on the ground, it is better to choose a sports bra without fasteners to avoid uncomfortable pressure points.

How do I find the right size for my women’s sports bra?

In order for you to be able to exercise without restrictions, your sports bra needs to fit properly. Your normal bra size is not necessarily your sports bra size. However, it can serve as a first guideline when you try it on.

Since weight changes and training progress can change the size of your breasts, it is recommended that you measure your breasts again before buying a women’s sports bra. When wearing it, you should feel compression but still be able to breathe easily. To determine whether the sports bra you have chosen is really the right one, you should put it through a stress test when trying it on, for example, by doing a bounce test.

Which women’s sports bra for which sport?

In addition to size and fit, the type of sport also plays an important role when choosing a women’s sports bra. In order to have the perfect support, sports bras are divided into different intensity levels.

  • Low support: These sports bras are suitable for sports that place little strain on the breasts, such as yoga, pilates or hiking.
  • Medium support: Women’s sports bras in this category are suitable for going to the gym, dancing or cycling.
  • Strong support: For ball sports, aerobics and dance with a lot of jumping elements, you should choose a women’s sports bra with a high support function to protect your connective tissue from the shocks.
  • Very strong support: You should choose a women’s sports bra with the highest level of support if the sport puts a lot of pressure on your breasts, such as martial arts, jogging or horse riding.

Not sure which category your sport falls into? Think about how much shock your body needs to absorb during exercise and choose a stronger sports bra to be on the safe side.

How do I clean and care for my women’s sports bra?

Proper care is especially important so that you can enjoy your women’s sports bra for as long as possible. Regular cleaning protects and preserves the elastic fibres. It is best to wash your sports bra after every long training session to remove sweat and deodorant residue. You can counteract odour formation by hanging the women’s sports bra to dry before washing.

For cleaning, it is best to use a sports detergent and wash the sports bra either by hand or in a washing net at 30-40°C on a gentle cycle. Afterwards, your women’s sports bra should definitely be left to air dry, as the fibres will break down in the heat of the dryer.


The choice of a women’s sports bra needs to be well thought out and should never be made lightly. It is also worth buying several sports bras at once, as they are often in the wash and not every model is suitable for every type of sport.

Take your time when making your choice and make sure you feel comfortable in your new women’s sports bra. It is ultimately an investment in your body and your health and with the right care you will get something out of it for a long time.

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