Last updated: 16/10/2022

Silver is one of the oldest materials for jewellery making. It was already very popular with the Romans and was even more valuable than gold at that time. Today it is more affordable than gold, which has in no way diminished its popularity as jewellery among women.

The Best Women’s Silver Bracelet: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying silver bracelets for women

As old as silver is as a material, so is the variety of silver jewellery. To help you find the silver bracelet for women that suits you perfectly, we have prepared a few tips for you below.

The following buying criteria should be considered for silver bracelets for women:

  • Type of silver
  • With or without pendant
  • Wide or narrow and fine bracelet for ladies
  • Engraving

You can find out what you need to know about the individual criteria in the following sections.

Type of silver

Silver is available in different types and qualities. These differ in their composition in general and especially in the pure silver content. The best silver alloy for jewellery is the so-called 925 silver, also called sterling silver. Here, 925 refers to the fineness, i.e. the pure silver content, whereby 925 means that the alloy contains 925 thousandths (i.e. 92.5%) of pure silver. This silver alloy is particularly resistant, which explains its popularity in jewellery making.

A silver bracelet for ladies with or without a pendant

Whether your silver bracelet for ladies should have a pendant or not is a question of personal taste. Pendants such as crosses, hearts, letters and anchors give your silver bracelet for ladies a certain personal touch. Pendants can give the bracelet a meaning, but you can also get tired of them. Silver bracelets for ladies without charms shine with a certain simplicity and timeless elegance. A silver bracelet for ladies where you can remove the pendant can be worn with or without a pendant, depending on your mood.

A wide or a narrow fine silver bracelet for women?

A plain fine silver bracelet for women conveys elegance and femininity, can be perfectly combined with other jewellery and goes with many styles of clothing.
A wide silver bracelet for ladies or a silver bangle are statement pieces. They don’t stand up well to competition from other jewellery, as they make enough of a statement themselves. They are best combined with a simple wardrobe, to which they can add that certain something extra.


Silver is particularly suitable for engraving. With engraving, you can add a personal touch to your silver bracelet for ladies or make it a gift with a difference for a special woman.

Silver bracelets for ladies: The most important questions answered

Not everything that glitters is gold. But what about silver? And what happens when it stops shining?

What is the best way to clean a silver bracelet for women?

Silver becomes dull and turns black over time. Fortunately, cleaning your silver bracelet for ladies is very easy. In addition to special silver cleaning cloths, home remedies such as baking soda or vinegar / lemon juice can also help.

  • Baking powder: For the baking powder method, simply mix this with a little water to make a paste and polish the silver jewellery with this using a soft toothbrush.
  • Vinegar / lemon juice: For the vinegar or lemon juice method, mix these with hot water and soak the silver jewellery in it for a few minutes (please only use glass or plastic bowls, no metal).

After both methods, rinse the jewellery with lukewarm water and rub dry. Your silver jewellery will shine like new again.

Are silver bracelets for ladies without a stamp made of real silver?

The stamp is a good indicator of the authenticity of a silver bracelet for women. It indicates the pure silver content and usually shows the number 925, because, as we have already learned, 925 sterling silver is the alloy most commonly used for jewellery.
No stamp does not automatically mean that it is not a genuine silver bracelet for ladies, but extra care should be taken in this case.

Styling tips for silver bracelets for ladies: How to combine your silver bracelet perfectly

A silver bracelet for ladies goes perfectly together with:

  • Other silver bracelets
  • Leather
  • Coloured stone bracelets
  • Gold bracelets (if the style is the same)

Silver bracelets for ladies are therefore very versatile to combine. However, be careful not to mix too many colours and different metals.
Wide and eye-catching silver bracelets for ladies should always be worn alone so that they can enjoy the undivided attention of the beholder.


Silver was already popular in ancient times and even today every woman should own a beautiful silver bracelet. Whether a fine elegant one or a wide confident one is entirely up to your taste and style.

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