Last updated: 16/10/2022

As classic jewellery, ladies’ rings enjoy great popularity. In addition to their traditional meaning of connection, ladies’ rings are also perfect for brightening up your personality thanks to matching shapes and colours.

Rings for ladies can perfectly complement your wardrobe in different ways. Be it in gold, silver or platinum, adorned with a gemstone or without. Thanks to timeless design and tactful colours, a ladies’ ring easily enhances even simple outfits and can be worn in all everyday situations. In addition, the piece of jewellery is perfect as a gift with meaning.


Ladies’ rings are still considered to be one of the most symbolic pieces of jewellery. So that you can concentrate on the essentials when buying, you will find the most important buying criteria on the subject of women’s rings below. This will help you keep track of everything from inconspicuous pieces of jewellery to meaningful gold rings with diamonds.

The most important key points when buying rings

  • Size
  • Material
  • Stone type
  • Alloy

The individual points are listed in more detail in the following sections.


The size of the ring is crucial. Fortunately, many suppliers of women’s rings offer size charts to help you find the perfect measurement. Find out the inner diameter of a ring and compare it to the corresponding values to find the optimal ring size.

It is important to note that the different sizes can vary between manufacturers. When shopping for a ring, look at the size charts provided by the manufacturer to be on the safe side. It is also possible to purchase rings that are adjustable in size, which usually fit all fingers well.

The size of the hand also plays a role for women’s rings. As a rule of thumb, the larger the hand, the wider the ring should be.


The material determines the basic colour tone of the ring. Of course, your personal preferences play a role here.

Depending on the occasion for which the ring will be worn, it is advisable to include existing jewellery in the decision. This way you can ensure that the ring matches your outfit and style in terms of colour, or stands out in contrast to it. In addition, your skin type can be taken into account in the selection process. Golden colours accentuate darker skin, while cold-coloured precious metals like silver suit a lighter complexion more.

The most popular materials include rose or red gold, silver, as well as yellow gold. Some elements can also be mixed to create more subtle shades.

The precious metals mentioned, together with platinum, are also considered to be particularly durable. So you don’t have to worry about your ladies’ ring discolouring or rusting after just a few years.

Type of stone

Ladies’ rings can be complemented well with different gemstones. Personal taste is also paramount here, but should be combined with the style of the ring.

Quartz, zirconia stones, opals and emeralds have a strong colour influence on the ladies’ ring, depending on the material chosen. With particularly coloured stones, a larger circumference can lead to better colour intensity. However, large jewels are not always practical and you risk getting tired of them. Therefore, we recommend that you rather opt for smaller stones.

Colourless stones are often timeless and can be worn for any occasion. The diamond (or brilliant) is a classic. It promises long-lasting, multi-faceted luxury and is considered the hardest material in the world. As an inexpensive alternative, colourless zirconia is also extremely popular.


An alloy is the combination of one substance with at least one other element. This is generally used in metal processing and is especially used for rings.

Gold and silver metals, for example, can only withstand a few stresses. Thanks to the alloying with copper or zinc, durability as well as hardness are increased. The degree of alloying can be controlled, which can influence the colour of a ring.

A 333 gold ring, for example, consists of 33.3 percent gold. The remaining two thirds are made up of the foreign materials mentioned at the beginning. This exemplary composition makes the ring more robust and cheaper, but it also loses a large part of its brightening colour.

The alloy you choose depends on your preferences and budget. The higher the purity, the cheaper the end product will be. For gold rings, an alloy of 585 gold is the standard.

The best womens Ring: Our Picks

To help you keep track of the right ring for you, we have provided you with the most important answers regarding ladies’ rings.

In which styles are ladies’ rings available?

It is not only in the material and type of stones that rings for ladies can differ. The general style also plays a role. This usually differs in the way the gemstones are arranged. We have therefore summarised the most important styles for you.

  • Solitaire: With a lobed setting consisting of 4 to 6 wires, this ladies’ ring style exudes a timeless design. The corresponding stone is placed in the centre and has a wonderful play of light. Platinum and gold are considered particularly popular metals for solitaire rings.
  • Trilogy: This ring for ladies has three stones set next to each other. The jewel in the middle is generally somewhat larger. The wiry knob setting enhances the sparkle of the stones and underlines their elegance. This style has a very romantic meaning, as each stone covers a phase of life. The past, the present and the future.
  • Eternity ring: This style stands out from other ladies’ rings because of its gemstones arranged in a continuous line. The encircling sequence of stones symbolises the meaning of eternity.
  • Halo: This style of ladies’ ring consists of a larger jewel surrounded by several smaller gemstones, usually diamonds. This style gives the ring a strong brilliance and makes the central gemstone appear more massive. This type of ring is more complex to work with, but inevitably appears more precious.
  • Design: Design rings emphasise very individual styles. Be it motifs like hearts, flowers or more abstract shapes. With this decorative style of women’s rings you will stand out.

When choosing the right style, it all comes down to personal taste.

Which ladies’ ring suits you?

To ensure that the ladies’ ring emphasises your appearance as effectively as possible, we recommend choosing a look that matches your skin, eye and hair colour.

For lighter skin and darker hair and eye colour tone, ladies’ rings set with diamonds in white gold or platinum will complement your look perfectly.

With blonde hair, a golden-brown complexion and blue-green eyes, golden-yellow rings again support the radiance.

The different stones can also reflect your character. So if you want to link your ring more closely to your personality, different stones are recommended depending on your characteristics

  • Diamond: The timeless diamond stands for willpower and mental strength, among other things. They are indomitable and have a firm character.
  • Rose quartz: Ladies’ rings with rose quartz suit emotional people particularly well. The stone stands for sensitive and romantic character traits.
  • Emerald: This ever-popular gemstone usually stands for harmony and health. Alternatively, emerald often stands for charisma and eternal youth.
  • Ruby: The deep red ruby stands for love, vitality and determination. In addition to these qualities, it is often considered a lucky stone.

The style, colour and material you choose generally depends on your personality and your general fashion style.

Which rings for ladies are in fashion?

In general, rings with stones seem to be very much in demand. In addition, there is a particular popularity for especially coloured stones. Despite the timeless appeal of diamonds, women’s rings with stronger designs are more popular.

Smaller colour accents underline the personality and tend to stand out.

How can ladies’ rings be personalised?

Several ring manufacturers offer online configurators for rings. Here you can select and customise the size, gemstones, alloys and material.

Be aware, however, that personalisation via configurators can be very expensive and requires a good knowledge of buying criteria and styles.

What does the carat mean for women’s rings?

Carat determines the weight of precious metals and jewels. One carat is equivalent to 0.2 grams.

The value of carat is very informative, especially for ring alloys, as it reflects, for example, the pure gold content of a gold alloy. 24 carat gold stands for 99.9 percent gold content, 8 carat gold for only 33.3 percent.

The same measurement principle also applies to the diamonds used in ladies’ rings.

Styling tips for ladies’ rings: How to achieve the perfect combination

To ensure that the style also fits in combination with several rings and jewellery, we will help you with the following tips:

  1. When wearing several ladies’ rings, make sure that no more than two colour combinations are worn on one hand.
  2. Be careful to keep one finger free of rings. This will keep the decoration of the hand to a discreet level.
  3. We recommend that you choose more tactful women’s rings if you are wearing eye-catching neck or ear jewellery. This prevents excessive kitsch and provides a beautiful accent.

Outfits can generally be enhanced with almost any type of ladies’ ring.


Rings for women are suitable for almost all everyday situations and underline your personality without being overly flashy. On the other hand, even simple everyday clothes can be spiced up with a matching ring.

Whether classic, innovative or embellished with a stone: A ladies’ ring decorates your hand meaningfully and blends in harmoniously with the rest of your jewellery. Thanks to different sizes, rings are suitable for every finger and the timeless design makes them just as popular as ever.