Last updated: 16/10/2022

Ladies loafers are very traditional shoes that were already worn 100 years ago. Originally, loafers were only for men, but it didn’t take long for the trend to catch on with women as well. These are semi-open shoes that do not have laces at all.

There is a shoe for every occasion, so women’s loafers are very flexible and can be combined with many outfits. The fit of these shoes makes them very comfortable and easy to put on and take off.

The Best Women’s Loafers: Our Picks

Ladies Loafers: The most important questions answered

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with the most important information about women’s loafers. At the end we also have a few styling tips for you.

What styles of women’s loafers are available?

Loafers for women are very popular shoes with designers. Therefore, there are many brands that have developed their own version of a women’s loafer. In principle, they are all very similar and only differ in the stitching, embellishments or the cut of the material. We would therefore like to introduce you to some shoes that bring significantly greater differences.

  • Penny Loafers: Penny loafers are also known as college shoes as it is a popular choice for school uniforms. Such women’s loafers are therefore almost exclusively made of leather, suede or patent. This gives the shoes a formal touch, which is why they can also be considered for business outfits.
  • Loafers: Loafers are very comfortable and uncomplicated shoes. Their high wearing comfort and casual look make them particularly suitable for everyday outfits. This type of women’s loafers usually always have a low heel.
  • Heeled Loafers: Traditionally, women’s loafers have a low heel because women’s loafers only came onto the market later. These shoes are open-toed shoes with a small to medium block heel. Models with medium-high heels can also have a platform sole to make them more comfortable to wear despite the heel.
  • Espadrilles: This shoe is not a loafer in the historical sense, but in principle they function exactly like loafers. They are semi-open shoes made of fabric and flax. Because of the material, this shoe goes all out for comfort. The already open shoes are also breathable, which is why they are best worn without socks.

The women’s loafers mentioned above have their own advantages and thus their very own area of application. They complement each other very well and allow you to wear ladies loafers for any occasion. Of course, you can incorporate any type of shoe into your outfit according to your own taste.

Which material is used for ladies loafers?

That depends on the shoe type. Formal shoes like penny loafers or even heeled loafers rely almost exclusively on leather, suede and patent. This gives the shoes a nice sheen. Leather also makes the shoes robust, so they are also ideal as street shoes. The situation is different with loafers. In addition to the materials already mentioned, loafers can also be made of fabric. This makes loafers loose and airy shoes that are perfect for summer. Espadrilles are never made of leather or patent.

What should I do if my loafers are too tight?

Women’s loafers are much tighter than other types of shoes, so they will fit tightly even without laces. For this reason, you should not panic immediately if they pinch a little compared to your other shoes. This feeling will subside over time after you have worn in your ladies loafers.

Can you wear ladies loafers with socks?

It is still often debated whether loafers and socks can be sensibly combined. Loafers for women in particular are a very old trend that is slowly making a comeback. Our answer is: yes, but only with the right socks. Ankle-high socks are definitely the best choice. It’s a tried and tested trend that was already worn in 1950.

Sock colour can also make a significant difference. While women’s loafers in a dark material go well with white socks, colourful socks are a much better choice with white loafers. Choosing the same colour for both shoe and sock destroys the advantage that loafers have over other types of shoes like ankle boots, and that is contrast.

Styling tips for women’s outfits: How to find your right outfit to match the shoe

  1. Casual look: A classic way to wear women’s loafers in everyday life is with high-water jeans and without socks. You can go wild with the top, be it a blouse or a crop top.
  2. Schoolgirl look: With a knee-length skirt and penny loafers, you can create a very innocent-looking schoolgirl look. You can also wear socks or stockings with it. With socks, however, you should pay attention to the tips already mentioned above.
  3. Business look: Heeled women’s loafers with small block heels are very suitable for a formal look. They can be perfectly combined with a trouser suit


Ladies loafers are tried and tested shoes that have been worn for many years and have been perfected by designers. Thanks to the great variety, there is always a suitable shoe for every occasion, which is also available in different materials.

We mainly distinguish between formal shoes such as penny loafers for women or heeled loafers. Their elegant design and robustness make them suitable both for important occasions and as street shoes. On the other hand, loafers and espadrilles help us create a more casual look.

Image source: Noah Smith / Unsplash