Last updated: 16/10/2022

The variety of women’s jeans cuts, colours, sizes is enormous. But finding the perfect pair of jeans is a challenge in itself. Which ones suit your type? Which ones fit best? Which ones conceal problem zones?

New cuts, ideas, combinations are offered every season and it’s not easy to keep an overview. We help you find the perfect jeans.

The Best Women’s Jeans: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women’s jeans

Every woman wants to have the perfect fitting jeans in her wardrobe, but which is the right one?

The most important buying criteria are:

  • Size
  • Cut
  • Wash
  • Material
  • Waistband height
  • Extras

If you follow the basic rules, you will save time and disappointment at the next fitting.


The jeans size is given in W/L. W stands for “Waist” and describes the width. L stands for “Length” and describes the length of the jeans. A good way to find out the right size is to measure the waist size on a well-fitting pair of jeans. A detailed inch chart on the internet can help.


You should pay particular attention to the choice of cut to find the right jeans model for your silhouette. The cuts of women’s jeans are:

  • Skinny Fit: Skinny jeans with a high stretch content and a very tight fit.
  • Slim fit: Jeans are tight at the bottom and thigh, slightly wider at the legs.
  • Straight Leg: Jeans are cut straight from thigh to ankle.
  • Bootcut jeans: Jeans are cut slightly wider from the knee down.
  • Boyfriend jeans: Jeans sit loosely and are reminiscent of the men’s cut. The leg cut is straight.
  • Mom jeans: These jeans have a high waist and a figure-hugging cut, are very comfortable and were originally created for women shortly after giving birth.
  • Jeggings Jeans: Are as thin and supple as leggings and as sturdy as jeans. A wide elastic waistband makes them even more comfortable to wear.
  • Culottes flare: denim trousers – sit tight at the bottom and leg cut runs down in an A-shape to give width.

Consider which parts of your body you want to show off and where you would rather hide something. With the right cut, nothing stands in the way of a successful jeans purchase.


The wash of the jeans helps you to set the necessary accents or, on the contrary, to visually conceal the little puddles. The washes differ from one another:

  • Destroyed look: ripped jeans; with small holes or completely destroyed versions.
  • Ripped look: the structure of the jeans is heavily distressed to create a “worn” look.
  • Bleached: the jeans have been lightened with bleach or given lightened effects.
  • Stone washed: the “worn” effect is created by washing with small pumice stones.
  • Acid washed: the jeans have been treated with acid to create strong contrasts and creasing effects.
  • Used look: the structure has been heavily stressed and is partially pitted. The jeans look as if they have been worn for a long time.

Remember that dark colours make you look slimmer and light colours tend to make you look wider. A successful choice of wash will add extra points to the look.


Jeans made of 100% cotton feel a little stiff and robust. But sometimes this is the way it is meant to be.

If you want the slightly softer option, opt for 98% cotton and 2% elastane or more. For greater comfort, manufacturers mix in polyester or elastane. Such jeans are more elastic, fit the figure well and are lighter.

Very elastic jeans like skinny or slim fit show off visually beautiful legs and sometimes have up to 40% elastane. These jeans feel like a second skin.

Waistband height

Choosing the right waistband will help your tummy and hips fit in well and prevent rolls from forming. So for the curvier women, the jeans with high waist fit well.

Women with a wasp waist should rather go for low waist. Such jeans are worn on the hips.

The waistband of mid waist jeans sits below the navel.


A button placket makes the jeans particularly decorative. These jeans have a retro look and emphasise the slim waist with the eye-catching button placket.

The holes in jeans are called destroyed style. They can be combined in many ways, especially with elegant blouses and pumps.

The fringed hem is very trendy, this element makes the jeans casual and stylish. You can also fringe your favourite jeans yourself.

Women’s jeans: The most important questions answered

The days of boring basic jeans are long gone. Today they come in numerous varieties, styles, cuts, washes and colours. We answer the most important questions about choosing the right jeans below.

In which styles are women’s jeans available?

Of course, you can’t miss out on the new trends, but you can’t banish the classics from your wardrobe either.

  • Jeans with boots: the skinny or slim fit jeans never went away and are totally hip again, especially in combination with boots.
  • Push-up jeans: the high waist and the slightly lower large back pockets – also with embroidery or flap pockets – make your bottom look more voluptuous.
  • Mom jeans: accentuate your curves. A slight stretch ensures a better fit.
  • Bootcut jeans: especially suitable for ladies with strong legs. The jeans are slightly flared at the bottom and go well with sneakers or even heeled shoes.
  • Marlene jeans: combine a high waist with plenty of leg width. These jeans were made famous by Marlene Dietrich and were a classic in the 30s.
  • Cropped jeans: the models with the shortened leg cut. The ankles remain open and make for a great eye-catcher, namely the matching beautiful shoes.
  • Turn-upjeans: the jeans with straight legs are rolled up and create a great look in everyday life or as a cool accent in business looks.

Jeans with a flare or in a Marlene shape are best suited to tall slim women. Wide-cut jeans make you look smaller. Small women have the option of stretching their figure a little with the appropriate slim jeans models.

How can I tell if my jeans fit well?

Models always have perfectly fitting jeans, how do they do it? Here are a few clues that the jeans don’t fit:

  • no creases or bulges in the crotch – the jeans are too big.
  • if there are cross creases between the bottom and the back of the knee on skinny – the trousers are too small.
  • do not choose a size too small – the jeans are bulky.
  • if you can’t move in them, they don’t fit either.
  • if you can’t wear the jeans without a belt, the jeans are too big.

Jeans bought way too small do not widen when worn, this is a mistake. Your new jeans should definitely not be too tight. The side seam will then quickly run into curves and accentuate your curves even more.

How do I wash my jeans properly?

Jeans care is relatively simple. You should follow the care instructions on the label and wash your jeans inside out so they don’t lose their colour.

When drying, remember not to use too high a spin speed so that the shape doesn’t suffer. If you dry your jeans in the fresh air, lay them flat to avoid stretch marks.

The hem of my women’s jeans is broken, what can I do?

The frayed hem gives a great used look. However, not everyone likes that. You then have the following options:

  • have the jeans shortened if they were too long anyway.
  • the jeans are fraying all over, all over the hem. This, by the way, is a new trend.
  • a good alteration tailor will definitely save your jeans.

Your favourite jeans can be saved in most cases. So that you can enjoy your ladies’ jeans for a long time to come.

Styling tips for women’s jeans: How to achieve the perfect look

If you know the most important styling tips, you will be able to find the right jeans for every type and combine them to your advantage:

  • Hip jeans are back. But differently than in the 2000s. The modern hip jeans are loosely cut and look casual. It’s best to combine the jeans with flat shoes or pumps. A tight-fitting top goes perfectly with them.
  • Bermuda jeans are best worn with a blouse and high heels on hot days. In winter, wear the wide Bermudas with knee-high boots.
  • The skinnies never went away. These jeans go perfectly with almost all boot styles. They sit perfectly on the bottom, make beautiful legs and show off the boots to their best advantage.
  • Bootcut jeans really do go with every type of shoe. By the way, the high-fashion version not only has a flared cut at the bottom, but also a high waistband.
  • Very wide jeans like the Marlene or Balloon cut are very striking and beautiful. Slim tops and blouses that are tucked into the high waistband of the jeans go well with these jeans.

All these looks are beautiful and timeless. You don’t have to choose one pair of jeans when you can have them all.


With the variety of different cuts, washes and colours of women’s jeans, it’s almost impossible to decide on one pair of women’s jeans. Classic, sporty, classy, bold or washed out… the jeans are all beautiful.

Women’s jeans can really be worn almost anywhere with any look and occasion. Some women own ten different pairs of jeans, others have just one trusty companion. But there’s a perfect pair of jeans for every woman, we’re sure of it!

Featured image source: Unsplash / Laura Chouette