Last updated: 16/10/2022

Who doesn’t know the hoodie for women? As a casual everyday companion, it is a real fashion statement. Classically, a women’s hoodie has a hood with a drawstring and a kangaroo pocket. Hooded jumpers are also known as hoodies. They come in many colours, with cheeky slogans or personalised with your own picture.

The history of the hoodie goes back to the American 1930s. A clothing manufacturer designed the hoodie for work in low temperatures. Thus, the hood and the pocket on the front served mainly a functional purpose. The robust look has remained to this day. Modern accessories, however, spice up this look.


The best Women´s Hoodie: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying hoodies for women

Women’s hoodies are a dime a dozen. To make sure you find your new favourite hoodie, we give you some buying criteria to help you decide.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Length
  • Accessories

In the following, we will go into more detail about the individual criteria and give you an overview of what you should look out for.


Hooded jumpers for women are made of different materials. You can buy hoodies made of cotton, fleece, wool or cashmere wool.

  • Cotton: The most common material for hoodies is cotton. Cotton is a natural material. Such hoodies are durable, easy to clean, breathable and feel pleasant on the skin.
  • Fleece: For outdoor and winter sports, many women especially turn to hoodies made of fleece. Fleece hoodies are made of synthetic fibres, mostly polyester. The heat-insulating and breathable properties of this fabric are very important, for example, when hiking.
  • Wool: Wool hoodies, on the other hand, are made from an animal product. In most cases, this is sheepskin. Wool is dirt and odour repellent and provides a very good temperature balance when worn. The disadvantage of wool, however, is that it is more difficult to clean. A special and high-quality type of wool is cashmere wool, which is obtained from cashmere goats in the high mountains of Central Asia. This fabric is very pleasant to wear on the skin, but it also has its price.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a lined ladies hoodie on cold days.


Roughly speaking, there are three possible lengths for women’s hoodies. The standard model goes to the hip, just like a normal shirt. Oversize models, on the other hand, reach above the buttocks and are also generally cut wider. If you are looking for something short, a so-called cropped hoodie is the right choice.


Several accessories are possible on hoodies. Sometimes there is only one, but sometimes there are several. These accessories are:

  • Drawstring: Most women’s hoodies have a practical drawstring at the hood, which you can use to narrow the hood a little and adjust it to your head. The drawstring is characteristic of a hoodie.
  • Zip: Some hoodie models have a short zip at the collar, which not only looks stylish but also makes it easier to put on.
  • Pocket: A practical feature is the so-called kangaroo pocket, where you can keep your hands warm or store small items such as a smartphone. The name is of course a reference to a kangaroo’s pouch at the front of the stomach.
  • Waistband: Many women’s hoodies have a built-in waistband at the bottom. Some models, however, do without, so that the fabric is visually continuous. What you choose is a matter of personal taste.
  • Mask: Very unusual hoodies have a kind of mask built into the hood that covers the mouth and nose. This mask primarily serves as protection against the cold and wind.

The list of these five accessories we have chosen as examples is of course not complete. If you take a closer look at many of the hoodies on offer, you will find even more details that further emphasise your style.

Hooded jumpers for women: The most important questions answered

To help you choose the right hooded jumper for women, we have compiled and answered the most important questions on this topic.

What are the advantages of a ladies’ hoodie?

The advantages of a ladies’ hooded jumper compared to normal jumpers without a hood are obvious: the hood. Thanks to the sewn-on hood, the hoodie also provides warmth to the head area and not just the upper body. You are also optimally protected against drizzle. A hood also hides your hair if you have a bad hair day – just quickly pull it over.

Hooded jumpers for women are also very comfortable to wear. You can snuggle in nicely, but at the same time you have good freedom of movement. Hoodies are flexible to use and extremely practical, thanks to the kangaroo pocket, among other things.

Last but not least, hoodies are very durable and offer you long-lasting pleasure and cosiness.

On what occasions can I wear a ladies’ hoodie?

Due to the different cuts, colours and accessories, hoodies can be worn on many occasions. Since one of the most important functions of this garment is to keep you warm, a women’s hoodie is especially suitable for cooler weather, i.e. from autumn to spring. In winter, you can either put on thin shirts under the jumper or put on a jacket.

Even in summer, a hooded jumper for women is a reliable companion. Why not take it with you on walks in the fresh evenings and drape it over your shoulders like a stole?

Whether you’re watching a film on your own couch or doing sports, a hoodie is a real must-have. For quiet and not so sweaty sports like yoga or Pilates, a hoodie counteracts possible hypothermia. There are even special women’s hoodies for outdoor activities. With the right look, hoodies are now even in vogue for work in the office.

What is the trend in women’s hoodies right now?

Hoodies for women are great for breaking up the style of an outfit. You can easily lighten up a rather austere outfit with a hoodie.

At the moment, colour blocking is trendy. This means that you can combine different, bright colours in your outfit. The colour regions are clearly demarcated. Colour blocking in the hoodie itself is also possible.

The counter-trend to colour blocking is all-over patterns, i.e. small patterns or motifs that are completely distributed over the hoodie. Small floral patterns are an example.

A functional trend in women’s hoodies is called layering. This refers to the layered look. Here, a blouse or a longer top may peek out from under the hoodie. This is a real eye-catcher, especially with cropped models. But especially in the transitional seasons, this trend can be used to compensate for temperature differences.

How do I fold a ladies’ hoodie?

Folding a hoodie correctly and in a space-saving way is not as difficult as you might think. You can find several folding methods on the internet. We have a simple variant for you here:

  1. Lay your hoodie spread out flat, face down, on a firm surface.
  2. Now cross the sleeves over the back of the hoodie. Do not do anything with the hood yet.
  3. Now fold the bottom half of the hoodie upwards to the shoulder area.
  4. Fold the right half of the jumper onto the left half in this step. The hoodie now has a square shape. However, the hood still peeks out and is not folded in.
  5. The last step is to open the hood and tuck the folded part into the hood. The hoodie should now be a compact square package.

When you have folded all your hoodies this way, you can simply stack them on top of each other. This way it always looks neat in your wardrobe.

Styling tips for women’s hoodies: How to achieve the perfect hoodie look

A women’s hoodie is a true all-rounder in your wardrobe. We have divided its usability into four different looks:

  • Home: Especially casual for at home are hoodies with sayings or a motif. An oversize hoodie is the cosiest and most comfortable. To accentuate this home look, wear leggings or loose jogging pants.
  • Sports: You will definitely look stylish on your next visit to the gym with a cropped hoodie for women. The short cut will accentuate your trained tummy and show off your athletic progress. The sports bra, either in the same colour or in colour blocking style, can also be worn under the hoodie. The sporty look is made perfect by chic sports shoes and tight sports trousers.
  • Outdoor: In the outdoor sector, you can combine your women’s hoodie with all kinds of functional garments, such as Capri hiking trousers. Hiking boots and, if required, a plain headband give this style a special character with which you can be seen at any mountain hut.
  • City: There are numerous outfit options for outings in the city – whether shopping with friends or drinking coffee.
    • A cool look combines the cosiness of an oversize hoodie with the elegance of skinny jeans or tight leather trousers. For a visit to the club, you can also swap the trousers for opaque tights. This turns the oversize hoodie into a kind of mini dress. In this case, however, the hoodie should loosely reach a bit below the bottom.
    • If you wear a fitted hoodie made of fine knit with a pair of jeans, you have the right look to look good even when shopping in the supermarket.
    • Another option is to combine a women’s hoodie with a skirt. You complete your personal look with your choice of shoes. Here, anything is conceivable that is fun and pleasing – from boots to ankle boots to overknees with a heel.

As you can see, a ladies’ hoodie has nothing to do with being lazy and letting yourself go. In the right combination, you can wear it to the café, bar or sports and always look cool.


Hooded jumpers for women are the all-rounders among jumpers and should not be missing on any woman’s wardrobe. Whether it’s for sports, hiking in nature, at home or for activities in the city, create your own modern look with a women’s hoodie.

You should pay special attention to comfort and the right size. You can choose between different cuts, accessories and materials. There’s something for every woman.

Image source: Rustem Baltiyev / Unsplash