Last updated: 16/10/2022

The coat has been one of the most fashionable pieces of clothing for decades. The coat is available in many different colours, styles, fabrics and for every season. The coat can be combined with any outfit and adds a lot of value to it. Whether a long or short coat, in plain beige or in bright red, with a coat you are always and everywhere the eye-catcher.

You can wear anything with a coat. Whether it’s for a party night or dinner in a fancy restaurant. You can’t go wrong with your women’s coat. In the following we give you the best styling tips around the ladies coat.

The Best Women’s Coat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What you should look for when buying coats for women

From plain black to gaudy animal prints, ladies’ coats come in every conceivable style. It doesn’t matter which type or colour you choose, the coat will always look good. To find the right coat for you, however, you should pay attention to a few criteria.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Length
  • Shoulder width
  • Sleeve length
  • Fit
  • Types

The following points will tell you how to find the right coat for you.


Ideally, your coat should be neither bulky nor constricting, it should make you look slim and beautiful. The coat is the perfect length when it is about a hand’s width above or below the knee.

The coat should not end directly at the knee, otherwise it could shorten your silhouette and leg. However, we are only talking about a minimum distance from the coat to the knee. Of course, this does not mean that smaller women can never wear a coat that only goes to the knee.

Shoulder width

The width of the shoulders of the coat should not be too narrow, in the best case so that you can still put a cosy pullover under it in winter. To check that the coat you have chosen is not too small or too big, simply cross your arms and “hug” yourself with your hands when trying on the coat.

If the coat stretches at the back of the shoulders, the coat is too small. You can also see if the coat fits you or not by looking at the seams. To do this, you should look to see if the seams of the coat line up directly with your shoulder. If the seams of the coat already hang far down over your shoulders when you try it on, the coat is too big. There should be a comfortable feeling of tension in your shoulder area, so that the coat is not too small but not too big either.

Sleeve length

Your arms should have enough room to move in your new coat. So you should do two tests before buying. In the first test, you should be able to reach over your left shoulder with your right hand and vice versa. If this is possible without problems, the sleeves offer enough freedom of movement. The second test is to stretch your arms forward. If the sleeve reaches to the wrist, the sleeve length is perfect.


Your coat should have a perfect fit for you. The seam of the coat should be flush with your shoulder. Also, the coat should not wrinkle at the back when you try it on, and when you close the coat, it should not tighten at the chest.

Since everyone’s body is built and shaped differently, there is a variant of the coat that is appropriate for each body shape. If you have a small waist and a narrow torso, you should choose a coat in a simple A-line. If you have a slightly wider build, a coat in a floor-length design will flatter your figure.


The coat for women comes in two different fabrics. One is the cotton coat, which keeps you warm and looks stylish in any colour.

On the other hand, there is the ladies’ coat made of down. This coat is especially popular in winter. Because it is equipped with light and warm down filling. This is usually surrounded by a light and at the same time water-repellent polyamide fabric.

Women’s coats: The most important questions answered

Choosing the right women’s coat can be difficult. That’s why we have answered the most important questions for you in advance.

What types of women’s coats are there?

There are different types of ladies’ coats, depending on the season in which they are to be worn. We have listed the most common types of ladies’ coats for you here.

  • Trench coat: The trench coat is one of the all-weather coats. The sporty and elegant ladies’ coat has a belt, a wide lapel, epaulettes and cuffs. The trench coat is also available with a single or double-breasted button placket.
  • Travel coat: The travel coat is a real all-rounder. The women’s coat is a winter-proof weather coat and protects against rain, wind and cold with its warming lining. The material of the women’s coat is also windproof and rainproof.
  • Short coat: The short coat differs in length from the well-known ladies’ coat. It is shorter than a classic coat but longer than a jacket.
  • Ulster: The Ulster consists of a wide collar, a large lapel and heavy but fluffy material. The coat is especially suitable for winter or cold autumn days. The Ulster is classically long and has a double-breasted button placket.

So with the selection of different types of ladies’ coats, there is something for every woman. Depending on the model, you should also make sure that the women’s coat fits well and is suitable for your fit.

How do I know if my women’s coat fits well?

Before you buy a women’s coat, you should pay attention to several things when trying it on. Among other things, the length of the coat, the length of the sleeves, etc.

  • There should be about a hand’s width of space between the knee and the coat, above or below. .
  • The shoulder seam should end at your own shoulder.
  • The coat should not wrinkle at the back.
  • The sleeves should reach to the wrist.
  • The coat should be fitted to the body shape.
  • If present, the collar should go to the middle of the neck.
  • The collar of the women’s coat should not stand out, but should be folded back flat.
  • If the coat is intended for rainy days, the material should be water-repellent and also warm.

Think carefully about the occasions for which you want to wear the coat. A cotton coat should not be worn on rainy days.

You should also ask yourself which colour and fit is suitable for your body type.

How do I care for and clean my women’s coat?

You should air out your coat regularly. This will eliminate unpleasant odours. In addition, possible dirt hardens and can thus be knocked off more quickly and easily.

If you wanted to wash your women’s coat, you should look at the sewn-on washing label. This is where the care differs for coats. However, a wool coat should never be put in the dryer; this process can cause the ladies’ coat to become one or more sizes smaller.

You should wrap a wet coat in a large towel and wait until the towel has absorbed the excess water. When the remaining water is gone, the coat should be unrolled again. Then the coat must be carefully pulled into shape. The coat should be dried lying down.

Small balls of wool can be carefully removed with a disposable razor. If the coat absorbs unpleasant odours, it can simply be hung with the window closed after a shower. The unpleasant odours will disappear through the water vapour.

How can I shorten the sleeves of my women’s coat?

If you have found the perfect coat for you, but it still has too long sleeves. Here is a short description of how you can shorten the sleeves of your women’s coat yourself.

First of all, you should measure the length of your arms, then put on the coat and stretch your arms out to the side. Ideally, the coat you have bought should already reach to the wrist. If this is not the case, mark the length to your wrist with pins or tailor’s chalk.

If there are buttons on the sleeves of the coat, you can only shorten the sleeves to about 1 cm below the last button.

To make the sleeves easier to re-cut, remove the buttons and undo the decorative seams. Now cut off the excess fabric up to the marking. When this step is done, fold the sleeves slightly into the sleeve itself at the front. This way you end up with a neater seam than if you rolled the sleeve up. Now sew everything back together and you have the perfect sleeve length for your ladies coat.

Styling tips for women’s coats: How to achieve the perfect ladies’ coat look

To show off your women’s coat perfectly, you can and should enhance the coat with different types of garments and accessories.

  1. Golden or silver accessories make your coat look more sophisticated.
  2. A women’s coat in a bright colour is best worn with a simple outfit.
  3. A beautiful wristwatch can be a special highlight.
  4. Black biker boots give any coat an eye-catching effect.
  5. A scarf in a different colour or pattern will make your coat stand out even more.

The best way to combine a coat with an evening dress is to wear a long fur coat, which of course does not have to be real fur. With a skirt, it is best to wear a coat that is longer than the skirt you are wearing.


So if you want to buy a ladies’ coat, there are lots of different options here – the coat can be worn with anything! There is something for every taste and every body shape, so every woman can find her perfect coat.

Whether in sporty, casual or elegant style, the coat is always a fashion go. Whether you wear it with high heels or sneakers, accompanied by pretty accessories, coloured shoes and a scarf, you will be an eye-catcher everywhere.