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A cardigan is a cardigan made of a tight or coarse knitted fabric. Depending on which material is used, the warmth properties vary. Women’s cardigans are particularly suitable for autumn, so that you can snuggle up warmly in the great outdoors.

Cardigans for women can be worn as a jacket or as a top with a button placket and are therefore suitable all year round. Longer cardigans are suitable for colder days and cropped versions for summer.

Best Women´s Cardigan in the United Kingdom: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying cardigans for women

Women’s cardigans are particularly suitable for colder seasons, such as autumn and winter, to snuggle up warm and look chic at the same time. However, there are also cardigans that are worn separately as a top or are made of a thin fabric that makes them suitable for summer evenings. Below we have determined the buying criteria to help you choose your cardigan.

These are the following buying criteria:

  • Material
  • Fit
  • Season

In the following section, you will find out what the main aspects of each are.


Cardigans are most often worn in autumn, as they serve as jackets. They are often made of knitwear, wool or cotton. Knitwear is often divided into fine knit and coarse knit. Cardigans have a button placket as a closure or they do not have one at all.

Cardigans with a button placket are often worn as a top or as a twin set. Women’s cardigans made of knitwear are particularly popular.

Basically, cardigans for women can be worn in many different ways. Thick cardigans are particularly suitable for autumn and winter, so that you don’t get cold but look very stylish at the same time.


Women’s cardigans are available in a wide range of fits. The length varies from floor-length to cropped and the cut from oversized to fitted.

Oversized cardigans are the most popular because they fit over all your clothes as a jacket, making you feel cosy and warm. These are usually available in a thick fabric or knit and can also be chosen with cable knit.

The length of the cardigans for women is crucial for the purpose. Cropped cardigans with a button placket are not worn as a jacket, but as a top. Regular length and long cardigans are usually worn as a jacket.

In general, cardigans suit every woman and can be chosen and worn as a top or in a layered look, depending on your preference.


As already indicated, cardigans for women are a very autumnal garment, but depending on the fabric and cut, they can also be worn in all other seasons.

For autumn and winter, the thick, long knitted cardigans are particularly advantageous and in spring and summer the cardigan can be worn as a top and serves as a jacket on a summer evening.

Basically, women’s cardigans are easy to combine and can be worn all year round.

Ladies Cardigans: The most important questions answered

Ladies’ cardigans range from long wool cardigans to dainty tops. To help you make the perfect choice, we have compiled and answered the most important questions.

What styles of women’s cardigans are available?

Cardigans for women come in many different materials, lengths and cuts. So that cardigans can be worn for a variety of occasions, there are different styles, which are shown below.

  • Business cardigans: Cardigans can be worn very well for work. They are made of a finely knitted fabric and are about hip-length. They are a good change from a blazer.
  • Statement cardigans: Cardigans are available in bright colours and unusual patterns. These should be combined with plain clothes to create a successful look.
  • Playful cardigans: Apart from the colour aspect, the cut and details can be just as unusual. There are cardigans with puffed sleeves or fringes that make your outfit stand out.
  • Chunky knit cardigans: Chunky knit cardigans are almost the classic option, as they are perfect to wear in autumn to keep you warm.

How do I care for and clean my ladies cardigan?

In order for your cardigan to give you pleasure for a long time, it must be cleaned properly. Cardigans should only be cared for according to the instructions on the textile label.

Especially with more delicate materials, such as wool and cashmere, it is advisable not to wash them too often. Some cardigans should only be washed by hand, otherwise they will shrink too much.

The textile label will also state whether the cardigan is suitable for tumble drying. This is usually the case with cardigans made of fine knit or cotton, rather than wool.

Styling tips for women’s cardigans: How to create the perfect look

A ladies cardigan can be worn in any season. In autumn as a jacket, in winter as a layered look, in spring and summer as a top with a button placket.

To make the summer dress suitable for autumn, you can simply put on a cardigan over it and your autumn outfit is perfect and you can wear your midi dresses longer.

Women’s cardigans are also very popular as a twinset. The top and the cardigan have the same fabric and the same pattern.

Basically, cardigans of any kind can be combined very easily. However, it is important to remember that the focus of the outfit should be on the cardigan and that it should not be underestimated.


Cardigans for women can be worn in different ways throughout the year. The layered look means that a variety of combinations can be worn. Whether as a jacket for autumn or as a summer top, all options are available.

Wool and knit cardigans are the most popular, as they are especially good at keeping warm on autumn days, look chic and are incredibly cosy. The great thing about women’s cardigans is that the fit is suitable for every woman. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable and comfortable wearing them.

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