Last updated: 16/10/2022

Biker boots for women are absolutely trendy. Many women own a pair of these shoes because they can be combined in many ways. Whether in everyday life, to the concert or in the office – biker boots are an absolute all-rounder.

The choice of women’s biker boots seems endless. Whether in classic black or rather in a brown suede, every taste will find a suitable model here. In addition to the right fit of the boot, the styling of the biker boots is also particularly important.

The best Womens Biker Boots: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying women’s biker boots

It’s not surprising that the large selection of biker boots makes it difficult for you to decide on the perfect pair. However, there are some buying criteria that you can use as a guide.

Based on these features, you can find out which biker boots suit you best:

  • Colour
  • Material
  • Shaft height and heel
  • Lining
  • Design elements

Below you can find out more about each aspect and what is important.


The colour plays an essential role when choosing biker boots. Basically, biker boots are available in neutral colours like black, grey or brown. However, there are also models in other colours.

However, the typical biker boot is black. If you are looking for a biker boot in a cowboy style, you will often end up with brown tones.

Dark red tones or a muted green or olive green are also becoming increasingly popular for biker boots and are always a real eye-catcher.


Typical biker boots are usually made of leather or imitation leather. Of course, real leather shoes are of higher quality and price.

Plastic is also a popular material and ensures waterproofness, which is not necessarily the case with leather shoes.

Biker boots for women are often also decorated with paliettes or other additional materials.

Shaft height and heel

Before you buy, you should definitely consider whether your biker boots should have a heel and how high the shaft height should be.

If you are looking for an elegant version, a heel can be useful. However, if you want your biker boots to be comfortable and withstand everyday wear, a shoe without a heel is more suitable.

If you’re a small woman and want to look a little taller, there are many biker boot models with thick soles. These make you a few centimetres taller. A thick sole is also advantageous in cold weather.

Shaft height refers to the height of your boots. Biker boots can end low just above your ankle or go higher to below your knee. For most of the year, short shaft heights are sufficient in our part of the world.

There are also many models that have cut-outs on the sides. Here you should be aware that moisture and cold can get directly onto your skin or socks. They are therefore only suitable for warm weather without rain.


A large part of women’s biker boots are not lined. This means you can still wear them in spring or autumn when the temperatures are not yet freezing.

However, if you are looking for biker boots that are also suitable for winter, you should make sure they are lined. In addition, the boots should not have the aforementioned cut outs so that no cold or wetness gets to your feet.

If your dream model doesn’t have a lining, but you still want it to withstand cold temperatures, you can buy the shoes one size bigger and wear thick socks. A thick sole will also keep out a lot of cold.

Design elements

Almost all biker boots have one or more design elements. We have listed some of these elements below.

  • Rivets
  • Buckles
  • Glitter and rhinestones
  • Chains
  • Pearls
  • Zips or laces

This gives you a wide choice. Whether you choose a simple model without striking design elements or a biker boot adorned with a buckle, glitter and pearls is up to you.

Biker boots for women: The most important questions answered

With such a large selection of biker boots for women, it can be very difficult to decide on a suitable model. That’s why we have compiled and answered the most important questions about women’s biker boots.

What styles of women’s biker boots are available?

Not all women’s biker boots are the same. There are many models in different styles so that every taste is catered for. In the following list, we present some styles of biker boots.

  • Sporty biker boots for women: Sporty biker boots are often slip-on boots without zips or laces. Often in neutral colours like black, dark brown or dark grey without many design elements and without a heel, these biker boots are ideal for everyday wear.
  • Cool glam women’s biker boots: The eye-catcher of your outfit will be cool glam biker boots. These often have many design elements and are decorated with studs, glitter or buckles. Nevertheless, they usually have no heel and are totally comfortable.
  • Elegant biker boots for women: Often with a narrow heel and pointed at the front, elegant biker boots can also be worn in the office. They are usually kept neutral with a simple lacing or a small buckle.
  • Cowboy biker boots for women: Biker boots are also worn in the Wild West. Here, the high shaft height of the boots is particularly striking. Very typically, the boots are often in brown tones, but are also available in black.

If you are not quite sure which style suits you, just try out different models. Afterwards you will certainly know more!

How can I tell if my ladies biker boots are waterproof and warm?

It is often important that your biker boots are waterproof and warm, as you will want to wear them in winter.

Your biker boots are especially warm if they have a lining. A thick sole also protects you from the cold in the ground.

A large part of biker boots will also keep wetness off your feet. However, if you stand in the snow for a long time or walk on wet ground, wetness can get to your feet through zips, among other things.

With regard to the waterproofness of your biker boot, it is always worth taking a look at the manufacturer’s description.

How do I care for and clean my ladies biker boots?

To ensure that your biker boots last for a long time, you should clean and care for them regularly. We have put together a few tips for you:

  1. Impregnate your biker boots regularly: Immediately after buying your boots, you should impregnate them with a suitable product to protect them from moisture and dirt. Be aware that not every product is suitable for every material. After that, you should re-impregnate your biker boots every few weeks.
  2. Keep your shoes clean: Not only so that your shoes are always ready for use, but also so that they don’t give dirt and moisture a chance to settle in the material in the long term. A simple cloth is suitable for smooth leather shoes. For suede shoes, a suede eraser is suitable.
  3. Use shoe polish: To restore the shine to your shoes, you can treat them with shoe polish. You can bring suede shoes back into shape with a soft brush.
  4. Don’t dry your shoes on the heater: If your biker boots get wet, stuff them with newspaper. However, avoid putting the boots on the heater, as leather easily becomes brittle due to the heat.

If you apply these tips to your biker boots, you will certainly have something from your shoes for a long time.

Styling tips for biker boots for women: How to achieve the perfect look

Biker boots are in many women’s shoe closets these days. No matter what occasion or look you want to create, biker boots go with almost any outfit. We have put together some styling tips for you below.

  • Casual look for everyday wear: Biker boots are ideal for everyday wear. If your outfit consists only of basics so far, the shoes will certainly enhance it. Biker boots are also suitable for a shopping trip. Choose boots with a short shaft height and combine them with jeans that end above the ankles and a sweatshirt. You can complement your outfit with a handbag in the same colour as the biker boots.
  • Relaxed to the next concert or festival: At a concert or festival, sturdy and comfortable footwear is an advantage. With biker boots, you also have style. You can go for a classic rock look with flat, black biker boots with design elements like buckles or glitter in combination with skinny jeans and a wide band shirt. But biker boots can also be combined with boho-style dresses or jeans shorts.
  • Elegant look for the office: Feminine, narrow biker boots with a small heel can also be worn to the office. Why not combine striking boots with a short shaft height and lots of buckles and studs with dark chino trousers and a light blouse?

Our styling tips are of course only for inspiration and you can decide for yourself how you want to combine your boots.


Biker boots for women are versatile to wear – whether in everyday life, to the office or to a concert. In addition to the classic models in black, there is also a large selection in other colours such as various shades of brown, olive green or in dark red tones.

Turn an inconspicuous outfit into an absolute eye-catcher with your biker boots. Or dare to do something unexpected and combine your biker boots with a summery floral dress. No matter how you combine the boots, they are practical companions during every season.

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