Last updated: 16/10/2022

The beanie trend has continued to evolve in recent years. Today, not only skaters and skater girls wear this stylish accessory. The women’s beanie becomes a saviour when it gets cold outside and you want to keep your head warm, when you have a bad hair day or when you just want to effortlessly make your look stand out. To create the perfect look with a women’s beanie, it’s all about the way you wear it and the ideal styling.

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Beanie for ladies: The most important questions answered

A large selection of women’s beanies made of different materials, colours and styles can make it difficult to choose. To help you, we have answered the most important questions about women’s beanies.

How do you wear a ladies’ beanie?

You can wear a ladies’ beanie in different ways. Classically, the beanie is placed on the head so that both ears and forehead are covered. It should end just above the eyebrows.

Another way to wear the ladies beanie is approximately in the middle of the head. So it only partially covers the forehead and ears. This way, the top of the beanie is up, which makes your look casual. Of course, it is also possible to fold this part of the beanie over. For this way of wearing it, open hair with side fringes comes into its own.

You can wear your ladies beanie with open hair or also with a low braid. The braid can also be worn to the side so that more of your hairstyle is visible. If you want to wear your beanie all day long, it is advisable to keep your hair straight if you wear it open. Wearing it for a long time can cause unsightly bumps. Therefore, oversized beanies are advantageous for curly hair.

What styles of beanies are available for women?

Women’s beanies are available in many different styles. The different cuts and materials used can create numerous looks. Below we have listed the different styles for you.

Standard Beanie: The classic beanie fits close to the head. It is often ribbed and is usually made of the synthetic fibre polyacrylic. Some manufacturers use cotton and cashmere. Many of the standard beanies have an envelope on which popular brands have placed their logo in the centre. Whether you want to wear your beanie tight-fitting or loose at the top is up to you.

Slouch Beanie: This beanie is so long that the top part of the beanie hangs down the back of the head. It covers the ears and the upper part of the forehead. Typically, the slouch beanie is made of fine knit.

Beanies with pom pom: These women’s beanies have a pom pom at the top of the beanie. They are usually made of coarse knit and are popular to wear in autumn or winter.

Which beanie for ladies is suitable for winter?

In the cold days, your ladies’ beanie should keep your head and especially your ears warm. Lined beanies are particularly suitable for this. If the inner lining of the ladies beanie is also made of high-quality fleece, the sweat can be distributed away from your head and to the outside. This guarantees that your head stays warm in winter. Beanies with pom poms are often seen, especially in the cold winter months. You will stand out with this accessory.

Can I wear a ladies beanie in summer?

Of course you can also wear your ladies beanie in summer. The best choice is a beanie that won’t make your head sweat on warm summer days. Wearing a loosely crocheted coarse knit beanie allows your head to breathe better. Beanies in colourful or pastel shades are especially ideal for this time of year.

Styling tips for women’s beanies: how to achieve the perfect beanie look

Below we have put together a few styling tips for you to make your look casual, cool, cute or sexy with the help of a women’s beanie:

  • Casual: With a slouch beanie, you tempt your outfit to be more casual. Especially in the autumn days, when short coats come back into use, a slouch beanie in beige, brown or yellow can round off your look. Open, wavy hair goes particularly well with this beanie.
  • Cool: You can round off any everyday look with the standard regular-fit beanie. It goes particularly well with a hoodie, jeans and sneakers. You can’t go wrong with the classic colours in black, grey or beige.
  • Cute: Combine black leggings with boots, a coat and a beanie with a coarse knit pom-pom. This way you have the perfect wintry look with which you radiate your fashion and self-confidence.
  • Sexy: Wear your standard beanie at the scalp line and let your hair down. Combined with a leather jacket, jeans and heeled boots, the outfit looks stylish and sexy. Stand out with a red ladies beanie and red lipstick.

Your beanie can become the perfect accessory to make your look stand out.



A women’s beanie is a stylish accessory that makes your outfit look complete. Whether you have straight or curly hair, whether you wear it all over your forehead or only halfway down your head. There are many ways to wear a beanie to complete your look.

With the different women’s beanie styles, you can create different looks. For example, you can highlight your everyday look with the standard beanie or create a cute winter outfit with a pom pom on the beanie.

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