Last updated: 16/10/2022

A beanie hat is an absolute must-have for every lady in every season. With a beanie you are guaranteed a cool, casual style. But a playful, feminine look can also be created with a beanie.

When buying a beanie hat for women, you should consider various criteria, which we have explained for you. We have also compiled tips on how your beanie fits properly and how you can style your beanie correctly.

The Best Women’s Beanie Hat: Our Picks

Buying criteria: What to look for when buying a beanie cap for women

When buying a beanie cap for women, you should consider a few criteria.

  • Material
  • Size
  • Intended use

In the following, we will go into more detail on the criteria mentioned to give you an overview.


A women’s beanie can be made from a variety of different materials. A beanie made of wool or a wool blend is suitable for winter. A beanie with a fleece lining is also practical for the cold season. However, beanies are not bound to one season. A beanie made of a light jersey fabric is the perfect companion for summer.


When sizing your beanie hat, keep in mind that women’s beanies are usually made in one size fits all. Size One is the size that fits well on an average head circumference.


Beanies are worn by ladies as a fashion accessory in all seasons. In winter, they have the practical effect of protecting the head from the cold and looking good at the same time. But beanies for ladies are also always popular in summer and spring. A light material ensures that you don’t sweat in summer with your beanie. Beanies are especially widespread in the skate scene.

Beanie caps for women: The most important questions answered

In the following paragraphs we answer the most frequently asked questions about beanie caps for women.

In which styles are beanie hats for women available?

Beanie caps for ladies come in many styles, which makes their use very varied.

  • Fisherman beanie: A fisherman beanie for women is a round, tight-fitting hat. It is quite small and covers the head. The ears are not covered. The cap is reminiscent of the former headgear of fishermen, which is where the name fisherman beanie comes from.
  • Skater beanie: A skater beanie is a tight-fitting cap that protrudes slightly from the top of the head. The beanie is worn by women throughout the seasons.
  • Backward sloping beanie: The backward sloping beanie is a cap that goes over the ears and fits tightly. It has a little more soff at the back, which falls discreetly down the back of the lady’s head.

The year-round use of a beanie cap for women makes it an absolute all-rounder.

How do I know if my beanie hat fits well?

Since a beanie hat for women is a fashion accessory, it is important that it fits properly.

  1. Beanie ladies’ caps can be worn in different ways.
  2. A fisherman’s beanie is not pulled over the ears. It serves as a fashionable eye-catcher and protects the scalp. Despite the free ears, it keeps the warmth on the head.
  3. A skater beanie is pulled over the ears. However, it is also pulled up quite far so that part of the beanie sticks up slightly.
  4. A beanie that slopes backwards is worn like any other ladies’ cap. It covers the ears and reaches about 2cm above the eyebrows. With the curve of the back of the head, some fabric falls away to the back.

There are no set rules as to how a lady must wear her beanie. The above are just tips that you can follow.

What season is a beanie cap for ladies suitable for?

A beanie cap is season-independent. Since beanie hats for women are available in different materials, you can wear your beanie in cold seasons as well as in warm seasons. For example, a women’s beanie made of jersey is suitable for summer and a beanie made of wool will keep you warm in winter.

Styling tips for beanie hats: How to achieve the perfect beanie look

Beanies have become an absolute must-have. Here are a few inspirations on how to achieve the perfect beanie look.

  • Casual: Opt for a simple outfit. A pair of black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. Wear with a colourful skater beanie for women and black Vans shoes. A sporty backpack completes the outfit.
  • Playful: You can achieve the everyday look with a beanie by wearing a plain-coloured beanie for women that slopes down towards the back. Combine it with a patterned, short dress and mid-height boots.
  • Wintery: For the perfect winter look, try a wool beanie. It keeps you warm and looks stylish. Wear a matching scarf and gloves. A down jacket and warm shoes complete the outfit.

There are many more ways you can style your beanie. Be creative. [/kb_faq] [kb_conclusion]


When buying a beanie cap for women, you should consider the criteria of material, size and intended use. Depending on the season you want to wear your beanie, you should choose a certain material.

Wool is suitable for a winter beanie and a light jersey fabric for a summer beanie. The styling options are many. Beanies can be matched to any outfit. Whether casual, playful or wintry, you are always fashionably dressed with your beanie for women.

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