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Do you want to experience exciting gaming sessions with your friends or alone and plan to spend a lot of time in front of your computer? Then the right wireless gaming headset is a must. It is important to spend enough time on preliminary research to find the perfect headphones for your needs.

The big Wireless Gaming Headset Test 2023 should support you in this important decision. The various advantages and disadvantages of the different types are explained. Furthermore, some important criteria for the purchase decision are listed.


  • Wireless gaming headsets are offered with either stereo or surround sound. However, the surround sound is usually generated virtually. Nevertheless, the gamer has the feeling that the sound is coming from all sides.
  • There are two different ways of receiving audio with wireless headphones: via Bluetooth or radio. With Bluetooth headphones, you can connect to any Bluetooth-enabled device.
  • Wireless gaming headsets are all over-ear headphones. A distinction can be made between closed and open/semi-open headsets.

The Best Wireless Gaming Headset: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for wireless gaming headsets

When buying a new wireless gaming headset, several criteria can be decisive. Only you can decide which are the most important. The evaluation criteria can, of course, vary from person to person, as everyone has different preferences.

The criteria you can use to compare wireless gaming headsets include:

We go into more detail on the individual criteria below.


Especially for people who like to use their wireless headset to play video games, a microphone is essential. It allows you to communicate with the other games while playing.

  • Flip-to-mute: With this type, the microphone is permanently attached to the wireless gaming headset. To mute the microphone, the lever must be flipped up and retracted.
  • Detachable microphone: The detachable microphone can – as the name suggests – be detached from the headset. Removing it interrupts the signal and the sound is no longer transmitted.
  • Mute button: A mute button is particularly useful if you only want to interrupt the sound transmission to your fellow players for a short time. This saves the time of folding up and retracting.
  • Noise filter: The noise filter is well suited for noisy environments. However, if you only play at home, this function is not really needed.
  • Noise reduction: If you own wireless headphones, for example, these headsets have a background noise. This could disturb the player during his game sessions. Noise suppression can reduce the inherent noise.

The quality of the microphone differs here between the different price classes. But even the cheaper models work adequately and transmit the voices of the other players well. Of course, the sound colour of a cheaper microphone is not completely neutral.


Good sound quality is essential, especially for gamers. This enables better immersion in a foreign world. Therefore, when buying your new wireless gaming headset, make sure that the audio quality meets your requirements.

You can choose between two different categories: Stereo and surround sound.

Stereo headset

The sound of a stereo headset is only reproduced through the two earcups. This means that the sound only reaches your ear from the left and right.

This does not allow for much surround sound. However, you should note that stereo headphones are comparatively cheaper than headsets equipped with surround sound.

Surround headphones

With a surround headset, it seems to the gamer as if the sound is coming from all sides. The headphones are therefore very suitable for sound-laden action games.

The virtual surround sound is individually adapted to the player.

The player has a better sense of direction due to the surround sound. As a result, one feels more immersed in the video game.

Nevertheless, only a few wireless gaming headsets have real surround sound integrated. Normally, a virtual surround sound is generated. The surround sound is calculated and then reproduced perfectly.

Compatibility with other devices

With a wireless gaming headset, it is important for most gamers that they can pair their headphones with a wide variety of devices.

Here, it is important that the wireless headset obtains its audio signal via Bluetooth. If this is the case, the headphones can be connected to any Bluetooth-enabled device.

Devices with which you want to connect your wireless gaming headsets: PC, TV, Playstation 4, XBOX One, Nintendo Switch, etc.

However, there are also many old devices, such as old TVs and computers, that do not have a Bluetooth connection. To avoid having to buy a new PC in this case, a Bluethooth adapter can be purchased. The connection is made via a USB interface.

Noise cancelling

A noise-cancelling headset is a pair of headphones that shields the wearer from ambient noise as much as possible. When gaming, this can lead to a change in the perception of reality, as the player is completely shielded from the outside world.

There are, of course, different methods and levels of quality. For example, noise reduction headsets only reduce the noise from outside. But most on-ear headphones manage this.

Passive noise cancelling isolates the gamer well from reality through its targeted design. So you can hardly hear anything and can concentrate fully on the game. The noise cancelling is created by certain materials and the close-fitting ear cups.

In wireless gaming headsets with active noise cancelling, microphones built into the headphones pick up the ambient noise. The headset then generates a counter tone that neutralises the sound source.

Construction type

The construction type refers to the design of the ear cups of the wireless gaming headset. A distinction can be made between these types: open, half-open and closed.

  • Closed: In this variant, the shells are completely closed. They are usually made entirely of plastic and are impermeable to air. Thus, they guarantee that little noise can penetrate during playing. The air can therefore also escape less easily and the gamer’s ears start to sweat more easily.
  • Open / half open: With this variant, the sound reproduced seems most natural. Unlike the closed ear cups, the sound can penetrate to the outside. As a result, more noise gets through. The ventilation of the ears works better with half-open headsets than with closed headsets. They have integrated grilles or air holes on the sides.

Closed headsets are especially intended for loud gaming events. This guarantees that you will not be disturbed while playing. At home, the open / half-open version is best suited. This way you won’t get hot ears even after a long gaming session.

Wearing comfort

The wearing comfort of wireless gaming headsets is of utmost importance during a long gaming session. If the ear cups do not adapt perfectly to your ear, it could become uncomfortable for you after a very short time.

There are a few aspects you should pay attention to if you want to achieve sufficient comfort while gaming.

Ear cup- Description
Shape completely round, oval or square elongated
Size larger and smaller
Material velour, synthetic fibre material or smooth synthetic leather

Mostly it comes down to individual preference. When it comes to the size of the ear cups, the pads usually come in standard sizes. These can be exchanged and changed.

When it comes to the material, it should be noted that velour is softer than the other materials. On the other hand, the smooth imitation leather is easier to clean.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about wireless gaming headsets answered in detail

What is a wireless gaming headset?

What is a wireless headset? These headphones are like normal headsets, except that they no longer need a cable to transmit sound. The headphones can connect wirelessly to all kinds of devices.

wireless Gaming Headset-1

The wireless gaming headset offers many advantages. For one thing, you are not restricted in your freedom of movement and can also sit comfortably on the couch.
(Image source: Drobot / 123rf)

They can also be used for Skype conversations or telephone calls. Moreover, these headsets can also be used to watch videos on the TV while lying on the couch far away. The sound can be received through two different variants: Wireless and Bluetooth.

What types of wireless gaming headsets are there and which one is right for you?

There are two different types of wireless gaming headsets to choose from. Each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages.

To get more details about the different wireless gaming headsets, they are explained in more detail in the following sections.

Bluetooth Headsets

Bluetooth Headsets

The Bluetooth headset does not require a transmitter to obtain and play back the audio signal. It can connect directly to all Bluetooth-enabled devices. This means you don’t have to switch between different headphones on all your electronic devices.

  • Reception range is higher
  • use with Bluetooth-enabled devices
  • Not as good sound as wired headphones

In contrast to wireless headphones, the reception range of the signal is much higher. With different wireless gaming headsets, the sound can still be transmitted up to 10 metres without any problems.

Another advantage is that Bluetooth headphones have no background noise. Thus, the gamer can experience a better sound image. Nevertheless, the sound cannot be compared to cable headphones.

Wireless Headsets

Wireless Headsets

A distinction can be made between 3 types of wireless headsets. We will show you their advantages and disadvantages here.

Infrared headset

If you have an infrared wireless headset, you must expect that your freedom of movement will be severely restricted. The contact to the transmitting station must be uninterrupted.

  • Signal reception is possible over a longer distance
  • High inherent noise
  • the signal can break off at a greater distance
  • restriction of freedom of movement

Complete independence cannot be guaranteed when it comes to signal reception. If the headphones do not receive a radio signal, the inherent noise increases. In the worst case, the wireless gaming headset no longer plays any sound.

Some gamers might feel disturbed by the background noise of the wireless headphones. Of course, the sound quality deteriorates as a result.

Analogue headphones

As with infrared headsets, analogue headsets also have a background noise. This distorts the sound image during use.

  • Signal reception is possible over a longer distance
  • High self-noise
  • self-noise increases at greater distance
  • restriction of freedom of movement

There is a difference to infrared headphones. At a greater distance from the transmitter, the signal does not simply break off. The inherent noise increases first until it completely overlaps the sound.

Digital headphones

Digital headphones have a big advantage. They have no background noise. Thus, the sound is not affected when using the wireless gaming headset.

  • No inherent noise
  • sound quality remains the same at a distance from the transmitter
  • Lower reception range

If you move away from the transmitter, the sound quality remains the same. This means that noise does not occur with digital headsets. The sound gets weaker and weaker until it finally stops altogether. For this reason, digital headsets can only build up a smaller reception range.

The types of headphones have different functions and strengths. Think carefully about which strengths you want.

How much does a wireless gaming headset cost?

With wireless gaming headsets, the more money you spend, the better the quality of the headphones.

Here, you should note that for infrequent use, the lower price range is quite sufficient. For an excellent sound experience and high-quality material, however, you should be prepared to spend more.

Price range price in euros
Lower price range between 70 and 150 euros
Middle price range between 150 and 250 euros
High price range over 250 euros

There are also a number of purchase criteria that determine which one you ultimately choose. When it comes to the question of whether you prefer stereo or surround sound for your headset, we find ourselves in two different price classes.

For stereo sound, you can find the right headphones for less than 100 euros. However, if your wireless gaming headset has integrated surround sound, you can expect to pay around 130 euros.

wireless Gaming Headset-2

Before buying your new wireless gaming headset, you should be clear about which functions and criteria are crucial for you. This is the only way to get the best product for you.
(Image source: Priyam Raj / Unsplash)

What are the alternatives to wireless gaming headsets?

The alternative to a wireless gaming headset is a wired gaming headset. Instead of wireless headphones, this variant has classic headsets with a cable.

Type Strengths Weaknesses
Wired better sound quality, a bad connection does not affect the sound quality freedom of movement is limited
Wireless no tangling with the cable, freedom of movement connection can be interrupted, headset must be charged, more expensive

Basically, it’s up to you which type you choose. If you only sit in front of your PC while gaming, a wired gaming headset is perfectly adequate.

However, if you prefer to sit on the couch and connect to your TV, the wireless version would be more suitable.

How long does the battery of a wireless gaming headset last?

When it comes to battery life, there is no standardised time that dictates how long a wireless gaming headset should run. Nevertheless, it is especially important for gamers to get through several gaming sessions without having to recharge the headphones.

wireless Gaming Headset-3

If your wireless gaming headset has a separate charging station, you cannot use your headphones while they are charging.
(Image source: Fredrick Tendong / Unsplash)

You should then make sure that your wireless gaming headset can be used during the charging process. This way, you won’t have any problems with battery life. If your headphones can only be charged with a charging station, you won’t be able to use them during the charging process.

What are the “nice-to-have” gadgets that your wireless gaming headset can have?

There are still a few features of a wireless gaming headset that can sweeten your gaming time. These include:

  • Lighting: If your headset has integrated lighting – RGB or LED – gaming in the dark becomes a very special experience. The colourful light creates a unique flair.
  • Precise location: The exact transmission of the location of your gaming headset can lead to better interaction in action games.
  • Glasses channels for ear cups: This extra is especially important for those who wear glasses. It increases wearing comfort during longer gaming sessions.

These are not essential buying and evaluation criteria, but they are still worth mentioning.

Image source: Drobot / 123rf