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Welcome to Review! It’s always a pleasure to welcome you here! Today we are going to talk about a subject that should interest our wine loving readers, as we are going to talk about the wine opener itself.

If you can’t live without a good dinner accompanied by this beverage, you know that this article is essential! It is responsible for removing the cork efficiently and without destroying it.

Currently, you can find on the market a number of variations and models of openers, and here in this guide we will tell you a little bit more about this subject. When you finish reading this guide, you will know which is the ideal wine opener for you. Let’s go?


  • Despite being a simple accessory, the art of enjoying a good wine is totally dependent on it! The opener is used to remove the cork before the drink is served.
  • There are several types of openers: butterfly, sommelier, rabbit, electric, tongs and even pressure.
  • The prices of this article usually please the most varied types of public. This is because there are expensive and cheap models, for different types of income.

The best Wine Opener: Our Picks

Buying Guide

Now that we have a very cool list of some models that we can find around, we present you a guide full of tips and information about wine openers.

Foto que mostra do ombro ao quadril de duas pessoas bebendo vinho, sendo que uma delas segura a garrafa que está em cima de uma bancada. Pão, uvas e velas também estão na bancada.

A good wine opener is essential for wine lovers. (Source: Burst / Pexels)

Wine opener: What is it and what are its advantages?

A wine opener, also known as a corkscrew, is nothing more than the tool that allows you to remove the cork from the bottle so that you can then consume the drink.

It is very simple, but essential, right? A good wine consumer knows that a quality opener makes all the difference and is part of the experience of enjoying the drink.

Currently, there are many models on the market and most of them do not require the use of force, making the process simpler and more delicate, which is also good news for cork collectors, who like to keep them with as little damage as possible.

This item also has the advantage of pleasing the most different publics, as there are basic and cheap models, as well as more elaborate and expensive ones.

In general, it is a super useful product, easy to use and can still be a good gift option for a friend who loves wine! However, it is important that you always pay attention to the quality of the product, okay?

  • Easy to use
  • Most models do not require the use of force, Different price ranges
  • Some brands offer low quality models

Types of wine openers: do you know them all?

As we have already said, there are corkscrews for all tastes! We have selected the four most common types on the market to help you choose.

Butterfly wine opener

The butterfly model is the most traditional. It is very practical and most people like its cost-benefit ratio and its ease of use.

Its operation is simple: while you turn the upper lever to “screw” the spiral into the cork, two lateral levers go up. When you lower them, you completely remove the cork.

You only have to be careful that the cork is well fitted into the spiral, otherwise it may break.

Sommelier wine opener

As the name says, this is the preferred model of wine professionals. It is very compact and its parts are hinged, allowing you to put it in your pocket and carry it around.

It has a spiral, a support to pull the corks and a seal cutter. All this in the same structure!

It is not difficult to use, but it is more suitable for those who already have a little more experience using a bottle opener, since it is also not the easiest.

Electric Wine Opener

The electric corkscrew is the easiest and also the most elegant! Just push a button and the spiral does all the work by itself. Some of them also have technology to release the cork from the spiral without human intervention. Cool, right?

The disadvantage of this product is that it is more expensive than most, and some brands offer models for very high prices. However, if you are willing to invest, it is a great idea for your home, or to give to a friend!


This model is known as such because of its resemblance to the ears of a rabbit. It works by means of a lever system, which is also super easy to use!

To remove the cork, simply position the tabs on the neck and lower the lever that inserts the spiral into the cork. Then, just lift it again.

How do the different types of wine openers compare?

Now that you know the four most common types of wine openers, we will compare all these corkscrews in a single table so that you can see the differences even more easily.

Butterfly Sommelier Electric Rabbit
Practicality Practical, but may be more laborious Extremely practical Practical Practical
Price Low Medium High Medium
Use of force Not necessary Not necessary Unnecessary Not necessary

How much does it cost?

One of the advantages of this item is that it appeals to people with the most different types of income, as there are expensive and cheap openers.

If you choose to buy a more modern and sophisticated model, you will hardly pay less than £150, and the value may exceed £300. But if you seek something simpler, there are good options that cost about £50.

Purchase criteria: Factors to compare wine opener models

As we do not like to leave you in any doubt, we have chosen the main factors that should be observed in a corkscrew. These factors are as follows:

  • Material
  • Size
  • Battery
  • Design

Below, understand a little more about the characteristics of each criterion.

Foto a qual aparece a mão de uma pessoa segundo uma garrafa de vinho, e despejando o líquido dentro de uma taça, que está em cima de uma mesa de madeira.

A good corkscrew saves time and strength when opening your favorite wine. (Source: Pixabay / Pexels)


Like most kitchen items, it is important that you look at what material your wine opener is made of.

In general, we recommend that you give preference to those that are produced with stainless steel, as they are more durable and resistant.


It is always good to pay attention to the size of your opener. If you do not have much space available to keep it, choose the smaller ones, such as the sommelier model, which can even be carried in the pocket.

But if you have a spacious kitchen at home, you should have no problem choosing large models, such as the electric one. This one, in fact, looks quite nice when left out in the open.


If your choice was an electric model, you should observe what the autonomy of the battery is. On average, the batteries of these devices last between 40 and 80 bottles.

The best ones are rechargeable via USB cable, however, there are also some that need batteries to work, which is not always a good idea, because many times we don’t have any at home and we need to go out and buy them.


When we are talking about the elegant universe of wine, design is always important. Currently, there are numerous options of very sophisticated corkscrews, which leave a touch of refinement in your kitchen.

(Source of the highlighted image: Skitterphoto / Pexels)