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Welcome once again! This time we are going to talk about one of the most versatile and beautiful accessories that became popular in the 17th century: the wig. Today we want to tell you all about this wonderful product that has evolved for centuries, fulfilling new purposes in the aesthetic and health world.

Prejudice is a thing of the past when it comes to wearing wigs, as nowadays we can find thousands of variations that are used for aesthetic purposes and by all genders. Whether it is to complete a look, to perform, to increase your confidence or to feel comfortable with yourself every day; there will always be a wig for you.

We care that you find the wig that best suits your personality and needs. That’s why we’ll explain everything you need to know to make the best decision when buying a wig: Black with fringes? Blonde with curls? Short in pastel colours? Let’s get started!


  • The wig is an accessory for personal use, composed of a cap or base where natural or synthetic hair of various textures and colours are joined together. They are used for aesthetic and health purposes. Basically they fulfil the function of changing your appearance.
  • Among the wide range of wigs you will find two types: natural hair wigs (neutral colours) and synthetic hair wigs (in any colour). Each has its advantages and disadvantages which we will review in depth below.
  • Before purchasing a product of this type it is necessary that you consider why you need it, how you would like to look and how much time you will dedicate to its care. Each of these factors are definitive when making the right decision.

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Buying Guide

We are sure that you already have an idea about which wig would be ideal for you. Well, you need to know every detail of these accessories so that you can classify them according to their quality, features and your tastes. So take note of all this information.

Wigs are perfect accessories to highlight your personality (Photo: melpomen /

What is a wig and what are its advantages?

When we talk about wigs, we are referring to a mesh or fabric cap to which strands of natural or synthetic hair are inserted. This fulfils the function of replacing the hair or the absence of hair in people who decide to wear it, all with the purpose of changing the appearance.

One of the great advantages of wigs is the security they provide us as individuals when we want to wear them. Also, if they are of good quality, whether they are natural or synthetic hair, they will not look fake, so we will be very comfortable.

Now, if natural hair is sometimes a mess, imagine a wig. Synthetic hair tends to tangle a lot and doesn’t tolerate heat. Natural hair, on the other hand, suffers from weather changes and breaks over time.

  • Change your look
  • Personal safety. Diversity of colours and textures
  • Natural hair can be heat treated
  • Synthetic hair is unaffected by weather changes and breakage over time. Synthetics are not affected by weather.
  • Natural are expensive
  • Synthetics are intolerant to extreme heat. They deteriorate
  • They need maintenance. They can be heavy or uncomfortable.

Synthetic or natural wigs – what should you look out for?

When you embark on the search for your perfect wig, you will notice that there is an almost overwhelming amount on the market: colours, textures, lengths… There is everything! For this reason, and to make your life easier, we will explain the characteristics of the two main variables in the wig world: natural hair and synthetic hair.

Synthetic. At this point we refer to those wigs that are designed with synthetic hair. The quality of the hair is related to its opacity and softness. This is the variable where we will find more diversity of colours and textures. Its disadvantage is that most of them cannot be manipulated with heat.

Natural. Wigs made from natural hair are the best quality by far. This is why they are also the most expensive. In general, they can be manipulated just like natural hair: chemicals and heat. However, they can be damaged by time and weather. And, depending on their length, they are often heavy.

How to wear a wig?

One of the questions you might be asking yourself when buying a wig is, will it be easy to put it on at home? And the answer is yes. Nowadays, due to the great popularity of this accessory, there are many tutorials you could watch or read.

In fact, wigs are very popular in the youtube community, so it won’t be hard to find content on how to put it on, cut it, style it and keep it in perfect condition. This applies to both synthetic and natural wigs.

Natural hair wigs usually come in more neutral colours than synthetic ones (Photo: dragoscondrea /

Buying criteria

Finally, we want to give you some tips on factors to consider when choosing a wig. These will help you to compare them according to their quality and the features that best suit your needs: how much time do I need to spend on care, will all sizes fit, hand-sewn or machine-sewn, how much time do I need to spend on care, how much time do I need to spend on care, will all sizes fit, hand-sewn or machine-sewn?

Texture and size

One of the essential features of a wig is that it should be the right size

One of the essential features of a wig is that it should be the right size for your head and give you the look you want. It would be a total disappointment to buy a wig that is going to annoy you by being too small or whose hair texture you hate.

Adjustable sizes. Nowadays, most wigs come with clips on the cap that are adjustable to various sizes. If you plan to buy a synthetic wig, this will suffice. However, in the case of a natural wig, the ideal would be to have it custom made.

Hair texture. Only natural wigs can be heat-treated for curling or straightening. In other words, if you buy a synthetic wig, you must make sure that the texture of the hair is the one you want to wear. Now, there are models of the latter that tolerate low heat intensity, so if they are straight, you could curl them.

Frequency of use

How often you plan to wear your wig is something to consider when choosing your wig. Buying one for a special occasion is not the same as buying one to be part of your everyday look. Also, you will notice that the investment you will make will be related to the frequency of use.

Daily. If your need is to have a wig for daily use due to some pathology, we recommend you to opt for one made of natural hair. Now, if you want to use wigs frequently but in different colours and styles, we advise you to buy synthetic hair.

Monthly. When wearing a wig only for photo shoots, parties, or very special days, it is advisable to buy one that does not exceed 20 Pounds. You could choose it according to the look it will complement and keep it to keep it in perfect condition.


It is very important to take into account the construction of the cap, or base of the wig, where the synthetic or natural hair will be attached. This can be hand or machine sewn, which will define its quality. Let’s see a little more about each of its types.

Handmade Lace front Machine
Hair movement Natural Medium natural None
Texture Soft Delicate Firm
Styling Free Natural looking front line Default

Care and durability

When buying a wig, you need to be very clear about how you will care for it to keep it in perfect condition. There will be some that will require more time and dedication than others, and even taking them to beauty centres to dye them, for example.

Washing. Natural wigs should be washed and moisturised just like your hair. However, it is not recommended that you wet them with pool or beach water. Synthetic wigs need less care and can be washed after twenty times with a special shampoo for wigs.

Drying. If you buy a synthetic wig you should consider that it should be dried in the open air, so it would not be recommended for cold areas. Now, in the case of natural wigs, you can use a hair dryer or diffuser. The latter could also be ironed or curled.

Dyeing. This procedure can only be done on natural wigs to revive their shine. For this, you will need to go to a specialised hairdresser. Dyeing synthetic wigs is not an option, so we would recommend buying them in the colour of your choice.

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