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Do you want to use a variety of pepper with a mild flavour? We have the solution: white pepper. With this spice you can give your soups a slight spicy touch and stimulate the production of iron in your body. Read on to find out more about this cooking ingredient.

White pepper comes from the Piper nigrum plant and is obtained as follows: when ripe, it is removed from the plant, then washed and finally dried. When the outer skin is completely dry, the inside of the pepper becomes white. This leaves us with the type of pepper we know.

As we want to make your buying process easy, we have made an effort to include in this article a ranking for you to compare prices and characteristics, a group of factors that you should take into account when buying such a product and the advantages of using white pepper. We are sure you will find all this helpful.


  • White pepper is a spice that comes from the ripe grains of the Piper nigrum plant. This product is perfect for enhancing the flavour of food, as it offers a slight spicy touch to food. On the other hand, it contains many vitamins and minerals, which makes it favourable for consumption.
  • There are several types of pepper on the market, but the most commonly used are black pepper and white pepper. The former is perfect for foods with a dense consistency and which require an intense flavour. On the other hand, white pepper is perfect for white broths, as it will not change the colour of the broth.
  • When buying white pepper, we suggest you take into account the following purchasing factors: use, aroma, design of the jar lid and preservation. Pay attention to each point and buy the product that suits you best.

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Buying guide: What you need to know about white pepper

We want to guide you when it comes to making your purchases. To make this possible, we have created this section, where you can learn about the different factors you need to know when buying white pepper and the advantages of opting for it.

This spice can be added at any stage of preparation of your dishes. (Photo: Kzenon/

What is white pepper and what are its benefits?

White pepper comes from the ripe kernel of the Piper nigrum plant. When it is fully ripe, it is removed and washed. The outer part is then left to dry until the inside is white in colour. This variety of pepper contains several vitamins, which makes it beneficial to health.

However, it is advisable not to use more than one teaspoon a day if you are taking the following medicines: digoxin or phenytoin. This is because pepper may cause the liver to not digest these medicines quickly.

  • It is easy to find
  • It contains vitamins and minerals
  • It can be used in both powder and grain form
  • It is only recommended for use in savoury dishes
  • It is difficult to find in large quantities in the market

Black or white pepper – what should you pay attention to?

Deciding between black or white pepper depends on the following question: do you want your food to change colour? From your answer, you will know which one will be more helpful. Remember to choose the one that meets your needs.

Black pepper. This spice is one of the most widely used and best known in the world. It stands out for being quite spicy and for adding salt to the dishes in which it is included. However, due to its black tone, it can change the colour of the dishes you are cooking.

White pepper. This variety of pepper is popular for its delicacy, as its aroma and spiciness is mild. The following can be deduced from the above: the purpose of this spice is to enhance the flavour of dishes. In addition, as it is white in colour, it will not tinge the food with any colour.

Black pepper White pepper
Flavour Spicy and intense Slightly spicy
Imperceptible in food No Yes
Maturing time Removed before maturing Mature
Salt level High Low

Purchasing criteria

Buying a white pepper can be complicated, as the characteristics that allow you to identify the quality of the pepper are slight. For this reason, and in order for you to get what you need, we invite you to read this section. Here we will mention the factors you should consider when buying this spice.


When buying condiments, it is necessary to be sure of their intended use. This is due to the following: not all the presentations in which the products come in are used for the same purpose. Therefore, knowing what you are going to use them for will be of great help.

White pepper powder: This product is perfect for preparing white meats, as it comes in the ideal texture for sprinkling on the food. On the other hand, this version is ideal for those who only need to use a pinch in a clear broth.

Whole white pepper: This spice is ideal for seasoning creams, sauces and somewhat thick broths. Such dishes, as they require a lot of cooking, will find in this version of the product the ideal amount to season the food.


When we talk about white pepper, the word aroma is the first thing that comes to mind. Therefore, you need to determine the intensity of the aroma of the seasoning you are about to purchase.

White pepper with an intense aroma: If the aroma of a white pepper is intense, it means the following: you are looking at a fresh seasoning. This is a great find, as it will fill all your meals with flavour and aroma.

White pepper with a weak aroma: If you come across a white pepper that does not give off a strong aroma, it means that the spice is no longer fresh. This is unfortunate, as it will not give any flavour to the dishes you cook with it. For this reason, we suggest that you do not buy it in this state.

Bottle design

If you enjoy using ground white pepper in large quantities, it is crucial to pay attention to the design of the lid of the jar that contains it. This will not only allow you to use it freely, but also to use it easily and without spending too much. Remember, the more you save, the better.

White pepper in a flip-top bottle: This type of bottle is perfect if you want to spread the product evenly. Thanks to the holes in the lid, this is possible. On the other hand, it will also help you not to use too much pepper. A fact that will make you season with more precision.

White pepper in a container without a flip-top lid: This product is ideal for those who do not doubt their ability to save money. This model, as it does not have a lid that prevents you from picking up extra pepper, is not very recommendable. However, if you are experienced in the culinary world, it will certainly not give you any problems.

White pepper can be used with the other pepper varieties. (Photo: Vwald/


Always try to choose your desired product with an eye to the future

When purchasing seasonings, it is crucial that they last for a long time. Such a necessity lies in the following: you will spend less money for a longer period of time. Always try to choose your desired product with an eye to the future.

Long-lasting white pepper: Do you want your white pepper to last for a long time in your kitchen cupboard? You can make it happen, just buy it in grains. In this form it will not lose its aroma and you can use it whenever you want.

Non-durable white pepper: If you are not interested in preserving products, buying white pepper powder is for you. However, you will need to use it quickly, as after a few weeks it starts to lose some of its aroma. This is fatal for food.

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