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An Irish proverb says that reality is a condition created by a lack of whiskey. Whiskey is far more than a trendy drink. Whiskey is a pleasure. A pleasure that is worth enjoying in matching whiskey glasses.

In our whiskey glasses guide, we have summarised all the important facts from the world of whiskey aficionados. We have also researched and selected some whiskey glasses in our product section. With the help of our buying criteria and our guide, we also make your search for the right whiskey glass easier.

The most important facts

  • Whiskey glasses are indispensable if you want to enjoy a whiskey properly. Some glasses even help to better perceive aroma and taste.
  • There are three basic types of whiskey glasses that you need to know about, namely: nousing glasses, Glencairn glasses and whiskey tumblers.
  • Whiskey glasses come in a wide variety of designs and materials. This makes them particularly suitable as gifts, for example with engraving.

The Best Whiskey Glass: Our Picks

In the following section we have summarised our favourites. Take a look and let yourself be inspired: you’re sure to find something that suits your taste. For all glasses, it is very easy to order them online.

Buying and evaluation criteria for whiskey glasses

In the following section, we present you with a clear overview of the buying criteria for whiskey glasses:

If you would like more detailed information on this, you can read it in the following presentation.


Normal whisky glasses are made of glass. However, if you are looking for something noble, you should choose a whisky glass made of crystal glass instead. This is more robust than normal glass. Crystal glasses have an unmistakable shine. They also reflect light in a variety of colours. This makes the colour of the whisky stand out.

There are also high-quality whisky glasses made of plastic. These sturdy plastic glasses are particularly durable. Because of these advantages, they are well suited for camping.


The different designs of whiskey glasses are so varied that everyone will find something suitable here.

  • classic / elegant design: Whether glasses with gold rims or timeless cut crystal glass, whiskey glasses are as timeless as wine glasses. These designs testify to style and elegance.
  • fancy design: Whether a glass in the shape of a skull or in punk style. These glasses are real eye-catchers in the glass cabinet.
  • plaindesign: If you like it simple and rustic Scottish, plain models are recommended. Simple designs are particularly suitable for parties and tastings.

Which design you choose is entirely up to you.


There are three basic shapes of whiskey glasses.

  • Nousing glasses: Nousing glasses have a long stem and a design that tapers towards the top.
  • Whiskey Tumbler: Whiskey tumblers have a wide opening and are perfect for Whiskey On The Rocks. They are also very stable.
  • Glencairn Glasses: Glencairn glasses are bulbous, taper towards the top and have a short, very thick stem. As hybrids, they combine all the advantages of the previously mentioned.


Whiskey is a drink that is best enjoyed in company. That is why most whiskey glasses are offered as a set. Most sets are 2, 4 or 6 pieces.

Many sets also offer additional accessories such as whisky stones, tongs or coasters. There are also sets with a matching carafe.


Whiskey glasses are ideal for personalisation. Unlike imprints, engravings have the advantage that they cannot be washed off. They also look much more elegant.

Whether your own name, a photograph or an entire map of the world – there are no limits to your imagination when it comes to engraving motifs.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about whiskey glasses answered in detail

Now you know a lot about what is important when buying a whiskey glass. For a better overview, however, we have compiled the most important questions that are asked again and again. With this knowledge you will become a connoisseur.

Which whiskey glasses are suitable as gifts?

Whiskey glasses make excellent gifts. They are particularly unbeatable as a Father’s Day gift. Given in a matching wooden box, it is the ideal gift for men.

Whiskey Gläser

The classic: Whiskey on the Rocks with a cigar – naturally only in a whiskey tumbler. (Image source: anncapictures/ Pixabay)

As they are very high quality, they are also ideal as wedding gifts. By means of printing or engraving, you can give your gift a personal touch.

Which whiskey glasses are best for whom?

Whiskey glasses can be used for private use or in the catering trade. Which glass is best depends on what you want to achieve with it. Glencairn glasses are recommended for all whiskey connoisseurs who want to experience their whiskey as intensively as possible. Nousing glasses are perfect for tastings.

Tumblers, on the other hand, exude the perfect 60s James Bond feeling. If you’ve always wanted to fill up like a British agent, there’s no getting around a whisky tumbler.

How dishwasher-safe are whiskey glasses?

Whether a whiskey glass is dishwasher safe or should be cleaned by hand depends on the quality of the glass. Especially with plastic glasses and those made of particularly thin glass, it is recommended to clean them by hand.

Whiskey glasses with imprints are also best cleaned by hand.

What is a calibration mark?

Nousing glasses often have a small line on the surface of the glass. This line is called a calibration line. Often a glass will have one graduation mark for 2 cl and one for 4 cl.

With these lines, you can easily check how much whisky you are drinking during a tasting. It also helps you to estimate the mixing ratios.


There’s a lot to be said about whiskey, but it can only really be enjoyed by drinking it. A whiskey glass is indispensable for savoring this pleasure. By choosing the right shape, design and material, you can enhance the pleasure for the senses. Whiskey glasses also look great in display cabinets or as gifts and show everyone that you have good taste.

Therefore, think carefully about who or what the glasses are intended for before you buy them. Then think about how many glasses you want to buy and at what price. A whiskey only really comes into its own in the right glass.

(Cover photo: Elzer2016/ Pixabay)