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A whirlpool bath combines the bubbling experience of a Jacuzzi with the relaxed comfort of a bathtub – so you have the perfect oasis of well-being for your bathroom or garden.

With our large whirlpool bath guide, we would like to help you find the perfect “whirlpool bath”, as it is also called. We have taken a close look at various whirlpool baths and compared them with each other. This way you are guaranteed to find the perfect model for you.


  • You can relax wonderfully in a whirlpool bath. At the same time, jets of air and water provide a pleasant massage, which is particularly helpful against tension.
  • There are models for the bathroom, but also for the garden. So when the weather is good, you can lie outside in your bathtub and just enjoy. Some models are even suitable for several people.
  • Whirlpool baths no longer cost a fortune. You can get one for under 500 euros – but we recommend a slightly higher budget. You can have your whirlpool bath customised.

The Best Whirlpool Bath: Our Picks

There is now a lot more choice in whirlpool baths than simply the white, rectangular model with four jets. The choice is huge! We show you our six favourites to help you make your choice.

Whirlpool baths: Buying and evaluation criteria

A bathtub with whirlpool function enhances any home. As it is both a whirlpool and a bathtub, you save space and money. If you are thinking about buying such a “whirlpool bath”, you should keep the following criteria in mind.

First and foremost, your needs play a role. Do you want to use the whirlpool alone or together with others? Do you want it in the bathroom or in the garden? Should it be round or square? If you know all this, you will certainly find the right tub for you.


The size of the whirlpool bath is probably the most important criterion: it should be large enough for you to lie in comfortably, but of course it should not block the entire bathroom.

Our advice: If space and budget permit, you should buy as large a bathtub as possible. Nothing is more annoying than buying a whirlpool that is too small and then not being able to relax in it. Normal bathtubs are usually about 170 to 180 centimetres long and 75 centimetres wide. Look for longer and wider models that are over two metres long. This way you will definitely have enough legroom and can enjoy your whirlpool bath to the full.

The whirlpool’s functional elements also take up some space. A large bathtub is therefore a must.

There are also whirlpool baths that are specially designed for two to four people. These so-called family tubs offer enough space for several people and are ideal for couples, for example. They are often also equipped with several seats.

Bathtubs are available from a volume of 120 litres. We recommend a capacity of 150 litres and upwards, especially for multi-person whirlpools.


The classic bathtub is rectangular and has an oval shape inside. This standard model fits in almost every bathroom – you can’t go wrong with it. However, there are also some variations that might be more to your liking.

A good example of this is the corner bathtub. It has the advantage that it can perfectly fill an empty corner in the bathroom, which is very space-saving. It is also wider than conventional whirlpool baths, which increases freedom of movement. It is usually rounded.

Type of bathtub Location of bathtub
Rectangular bathtub In the bathroom on a wall, in a corner or freestanding
Corner bathtub In the bathroom in a corner
Round or hexagonal bathtub Freestanding, indoor or outdoor
Asymmetrical bathtub Individual

Round, trapezoidal, hexagonal or even asymmetrical bathtubs can also be found in the bathtub manufacturers’ catalogues. Incidentally, outdoor whirlpools are usually round or square, in contrast to the oval or rectangular indoor tubs.

Inflatable models are also found almost exclusively for outside your own four walls. However, you can customise and adapt it to your taste. A popular option is to build the bathtub on a pedestal. This look enhances any bathroom.


The jets are what really make the whirlpool a whirlpool. They massage you pleasantly while you lie relaxed in the bathtub. It is important where the jets are placed and how many of them are distributed in the interior of the bathtub.

There are jets with an air jet and jets with a water jet

Most of the jets produce air bubbles. These create a pleasant feeling on the skin and you can often regulate the intensity. There are also some jets with water jets, so-called jet jets, which are stronger and have a similar effect to a massage.

This also creates the iconic bubbling sensation that you know from every whirlpool.

The jets are located on the floor and on the four sides of the whirlpool bath. You should pay particular attention that the jets are evenly distributed. This makes bathing fun pure relaxation.

As a general rule, the more expensive the models, the more jets they have. But even with just a few jets, the bathtub gains in comfort.

Some whirlpool baths have many jets attached to a small area. This can be useful if, for example, your back or feet need an extra intensive massage.

Colour and material

The classic bathtub as we know it is white. Most models of whirlpool baths are also white. However, more and more designers are also offering black bathtubs or at least incorporating some dark elements. Occasionally you will also find models in grey, brown, beige or green.

Whirlpool tubs for outdoor use are often clad with wooden elements.

When it comes to the material, there are two options that differ in individual points, namely sanitary acrylic and steel enamel.

Sanitary acrylic

Sanitary acrylic has only been used since the 1990s and is very light compared to other materials. It is also easy to shape during construction, which makes it particularly suitable for individual whirlpool baths. Acrylic bathtubs last on average about 40 years before they need to be replaced.

Even though the surface of the bathtub is very smooth, the risk of slipping is only slight. In addition, acrylic conducts electricity rather poorly, which further reduces the risk of accidents.

  • Lightweight material
  • Easy to shape
  • Low risk of slipping
  • Conducts electricity poorly
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Do not last very long
  • Prone to major dents and scratches
  • Disposal is not environmentally friendly

Generally speaking, acrylic is slightly lighter and more comfortable than steel enamel, it requires little maintenance and the temperature adjusts to the room.

Steel enamel

In contrast to acrylic bathtubs, steel enamel whirlpools are more solid and therefore heavier. This makes them difficult to customise. On the other hand, they are particularly durable: if you take good care of a steel enamel bathtub, it will last much longer than one made of acrylic, up to 100 years. However, since bathtubs made of sanitary acrylic have become available, the popularity of steel enamel has steadily declined.

The bottoms of steel enamel bathtubs are somewhat less smooth and more wavy, which is supposed to prevent slipping. Unfortunately, steel is a material that conducts electricity very well, so you should take extra care.

  • Solid construction
  • Very durable
  • Low risk of slipping
  • High-quality material
  • Environmentally friendly disposal
  • Heavy material
  • Conducts electricity well
  • Rather expensive

In conclusion, steel enamel bathtubs are very high-quality and durable. They are also very environmentally friendly: unlike acrylic, steel can be melted down and does not belong in hazardous waste.

So it is not possible to say clearly which of the two types is “better”. Both variants have advantages and disadvantages. By the way: some manufacturers combine the two materials. The bathtub is then made of steel enamel but coated with an acrylic layer.

Whirlpool baths: Frequently asked questions and answers

In the following we would like to answer the most important questions about whirlpool baths. We have selected the questions for you and will answer them shortly. After you have read through the guide, you are almost an expert on whirlpool baths.

Who is a whirlpool bath suitable for?

There is hardly anything better than lying down in a warm bathtub and relaxing after a hard day’s work. And if you have a little money on the side anyway, then you should buy a whirlpool bath straight away, because it is no longer a luxury item like it used to be. The few extra euros are very well invested in massage jets that provide additional relaxation.

Whirlpool Badewanne-1

Whether alone or as a couple, indoors or outdoors: A whirlpool bath brings you relaxation when you are stressed and warms you up on cold winter days.
(Image source: Gaspar Manuel Zaldo / unsplash)

A bathtub with whirlpool function is also a good idea if you want to have a small pool or similar in your garden. The big advantage of a whirlpool tub over a whirlpool is its multifunctionality: you can also bathe in it normally.

Whirlpool baths are particularly recommended for couples. Large models offer the possibility of relaxing hours for two. The purchase of a large whirlpool bath can also be worthwhile for families with small children, as parents can splash around in it with their children. Of course, a beautiful whirlpool bath can also make sense in a one-person household; but then we recommend a smaller bath.

A whirlpool bath is suitable for almost everyone, even if you only use it once a week.

A whirlpool bath can also be very helpful if you have back problems. The jets relax tense muscles and can help you to reduce any pain. In fact, some of the bathtubs are specially designed for this and have an increased number of jets in the back area.

What types of whirlpool baths are there?

Whirlpool bathtubs are indeed a mixture of bathtub and whirlpool, but if you now think there is only one standard model, you are mistaken. In fact, the whirlpool bath comes in several variations and designs. We list the four most important ones.

Type of whirlpool bathtub Special features
Stinknormal whirlpool bathtub Whirlpool and bathtub in one
Outdoor bathtub Ideal for the garden
XXL bathtub Suitable for up to four people
Luxury whirlpool With many additional elements such as light, music and much more

Stinky normal whirlpool bathtub

Of course there is such a thing, the completely normal whirlpool bath. Simply a bathtub with a few jets, no witchcraft. The advantage of this model is its comparatively low price. Nevertheless, you get a bathtub and whirlpool in one – and that’s enough for many. Compared to a standard bathtub, this model is of course more worthwhile.

Outdoor bathtub

Perfect for the summer is the outdoor bathtub with whirlpool function. Its advantage over a normal whirlpool is that it can also be used lying down. Permanently installed whirlpool bathtubs are also usually a little more elegant than normal whirlpools and certainly the eye-catcher at every garden party.

If the outdoor tub has a heating system, it can also be used as a hot tub

It’s best to install the outdoor hot tub under a roof, i.e. on a terrace or veranda. Whirlpool tubs are not suitable for wind and weather.

They won’t necessarily be damaged, but it’s not necessarily good for them either. You also have to clean them more often and more thoroughly.

For those on a budget, there are also inflatable models that serve the purpose of an outdoor bathtub. You should inflate these with a pump, as otherwise a lot of work is involved. And the aim of a whirlpool tub is, after all, to relax.

XXL bathtub

The large models are perfect for families or couples. These XXL whirlpool tubs are designed for two to four people. Although they take up quite a bit of space and are usually expensive, they are like a small wellness area for the home.

There is room for up to four people in an XXL whirlpool tub. Ideal for families and friends.

For families, an individually designed whirlpool bath with seating and reclining options may be worthwhile. This way, children can splash around in it with their parents, but the adults can also enjoy the tub without their offspring.

For couples, sufficient freedom of movement is also worthwhile for cosy hours of cuddling together. Additional functions such as LED light, colour light changer, music or heating are particularly recommended.

Luxury whirlpool

The luxury whirlpool bath is a combination of the models mentioned above. It offers everything you could wish for: Massage jets en masse, a shower from above, light, music, heating, bubbles, an extra entrance and a glass front. Everything is possible with the luxury whirlpool bath.

As you can imagine, such a whirlpool bath is in the upper price range and requires a lot of care. But if you have the budget for it, then you are well advised to go for such a model.

What alternatives are there to whirlpool baths?

As you know by now, bathtubs come in different shapes, colours and sizes. The functions of the vessels are also always a little different. That’s why we also list alternatives to a whirlpool bath here.

Type Short description
Whirlpool / Jacuzzi Generates more flow than a whirlpool bathtub, requires more space, more electricity and is more expensive.
Bathtub A simple bathtub without additional functions, but cheaper. Preferably used indoors.
Swimming pool Larger, more expensive and can only be used outdoors.
Hot tub / Hotpot With integrated heating, but without bubbles and jets. Available in various sizes.

The big advantage of whirlpool baths is that they are real all-rounders. This means that many whirlpool tubs are whirlpool, bathtub and hot tub at the same time, if heating is available.

Incidentally, a Jacuzzi is the same as a hot tub. The name comes from the American company “Jacuzzi”, which manufactures sanitary technology.

How do I install a whirlpool bath?

A whirlpool bath is installed in almost the same way as a normal bath. The only difference is that the whirlpool bath needs an electrical connection for the jets.

In principle, however, at least one specialist should help with the installation in any case. The transport alone from the van to the bathroom or garden can rarely be managed alone, namely if it is a small whirlpool bathtub made of sanitary acrylic.

Whirlpool Badewanne-2

This is how it should look in the end: The whirlpool bath is perfectly installed in the bathroom. Now just fill it with water and the bubbling relaxation can begin.
(Image source: Lisa Moyneur / unsplash)

There are two variants for the installation itself: during the shell construction phase and during the final construction phase.

  • Shell construction phase: If you have the whirlpool tub installed during the shell construction phase, it will be placed directly on the concrete floor in the bathroom. If it is placed against the wall or in a corner, it will be connected there and covered with tiles. You can only choose this option if you are building a house or renovating the entire bathroom.
  • Final construction phase: In the second option, installation during the final construction phase, the floor and walls are already tiled. The whirlpool bathtub is then placed correctly and then installed. This variant happens far more frequently than the first, then the installation and also the eventual removal go very quickly.

However, both types of installation require a lot of planning and a specialist who is familiar with sanitary installations and electricity.

How do I clean a whirlpool bath?

Whirlpool bathtubs are relatively susceptible to microorganisms, because the warm water and the many hoses provide a large surface for bacteria and dirt such as limescale, soap and oil residues to attack. Regular cleaning is therefore particularly important.

Before using the bathtub for the first time, it makes sense to clean it properly. Otherwise, it is sufficient to clean it every four weeks. There are cleaning agents specially made for Jacuzzis that you should use instead of the usual cleaning agents.

Clean your whirlpool bath regularly with whirlpool cleaner to keep it in good condition

Some whirlpool tubs have an automatic cleaning system, but it also works without one.

Simply fill the whirlpool bath with warm water, add whirlpool cleaner and let the functions run for a quarter of an hour.

By the way, whirlpool baths are unsuitable for oil and foam baths, as they can clog the pipes and jets. When cleaning the surface, you can safely use household cleaners. However, make sure that it does not contain any scouring agents, solvents or acids, as these will attack the material.

What do I do if there is a defect?

In the case of minor defects such as limescale deposits or a nozzle that no longer bubbles fully, you can do something yourself. First try to clean the whirlpool tub thoroughly. You can also recoat smaller scratches yourself. However, if the problem becomes more complicated, we would advise you to call in a sanitary specialist.

Some manufacturers have their own repair service, others require you to find a regional contact.

What else do I have to consider with a whirlpool bath?

It is not advisable for pregnant women and babies to get into a whirlpool bath. This is because if it is not thoroughly cleaned, there can be a high concentration of bacteria or fungi in the warm water, which can be harmful.

Pregnant women should not use a whirlpool bath for safety reasons.

Seat and neck cushions as well as headrests specially made for use under water considerably increase the comfort of the nevertheless hard bathtub. A mat and a step-in also help.

Before you buy a whirlpool bath: Be aware of how many different models and variants there are and only then choose your favourite. After all, your oasis of well-being should have everything you want.


The whirlpool bath is a true all-rounder. With it you have a bathtub and whirlpool in one; this saves space and money. In addition, you can now equip your whirlpool bath individually at an affordable price.

If you take the time to clean your whirlpool bath regularly and thoroughly, you will enjoy it for many years. Whether outdoor, XXL or simply a small tub in the bathroom: a whirlpool bath becomes a place of relaxation in no time at all, where you can spend many pleasant hours.

Image source: Felker/ 123rf