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Welcome to our big weight loss pill test 2022. Here we present all the weight loss pills we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best weight loss pills for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. In addition, we also offer an interesting video and some important information that you should be aware of if you want to buy weight loss pills.


  • Weight loss pills are often used to help and support weight loss
  • Cravings are inhibited by appetite suppressants. There are many different products with different ingredients, which makes it difficult to decide what to buy.
  • To minimise health consequences, it is advisable to see a doctor and get his or her expert opinion before taking any product.

The Best Weight Loss Pills: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying weight loss pills

Which pills help me lose weight?

Every body is very individual, so it is impossible to make a general statement about which product is best for losing weight. You can only find out whether appetite suppressants or fat blockers have the desired effect by trying them out. It is also very important to eat a healthy diet and get enough exercise in order to lose weight sustainably and healthily.

The pills should rather be seen as a supplement. Exercise is essential to lose weight and have a healthy body. Nutrition also plays a big role, as the food you eat can have an effect on your whole organism and also your psyche.

Furthermore, you should always talk to your doctor before taking any medication. This way, dangerous interactions can be avoided and your doctor can help you find the right medication for you.

Who are weight loss pills for?

Weight loss pills are for people who are unhappy with their current weight and want to lose a few kilos.

Weight loss pills can help you lose weight. (Image source: / Gesina Kunkel)

Many people take them when they start to change their diet, often in combination with exercise. Nevertheless, especially if you are overweight, you should be aware that weight loss pills do not replace a healthy diet and exercise.

Nevertheless, many people have had negative experiences with diets and are therefore looking for alternatives, such as weight loss pills, so that they do not have to do without anything.

You should have a realistic goal and a healthy way to lose weight.

How do weight loss pills work?

Weight loss pills can have different effects, for example appetite suppressants or fat burners. It always depends on the composition of the ingredients how the weight loss pills work in the body.

Appetite suppressants fat burners
Appetite suppressants prevent cravings from arising. Certain ingredients in appetite suppressants inhibit the satiety and hunger centres in the brain. As a result, you feel full longer and hungry later. In addition, appetite suppressants often work to increase your feelings of happiness fat burners increase your body’s basal metabolic rate, causing you to lose weight. Your hunger is also inhibited. One reason for this may be the increased amount of caffeine in fat burners.

What can you buy at the pharmacy to lose weight?

There are various products available in pharmacies to help you lose weight. Often you can buy over-the-counter products like shakes, pills or teas. The range of products available at each pharmacy varies. The best thing is to get advice on the spot.

If you want to use a prescription medication to increase your weight loss success, you must consult your doctor beforehand. He or she will give you tips and evaluate together with you whether a medication makes sense.

In addition, you should not approach weight loss exclusively with pills. A holistic approach is very important, as exercise and diet can have a big impact on your weight and also promote your well-being.

What are the possible side effects of weight loss pills?

One positive side effect of weight loss pills is the increased release of endorphins. However, there are also many negative side effects that should not be forgotten. Restlessness and heart palpitations are possible.

In any case, you should consult your doctor before taking weight loss pills. He or she can check you for health problems and help you find the best pill for you.

If you already have heart problems, it is important to be careful when taking them. You may also become more dependent on the pill, which can lead to side effects.

How fast do weight loss pills work?

How quickly weight loss pills work depends on the type of pill. When taking appetite suppressants, a feeling of fullness may occur a few hours after taking the pill. However, this is very individual when exactly it occurs. Depending on the preparation, this feeling can occur after about four hours. However, it can also happen earlier or later depending on the individual condition.

Your weight loss success can happen sooner or later. This is also very individual and depends on several factors. Nutrition plays a big role. If you eat healthy and use weight loss pills as a supplement, success will most likely come sooner. The same is true for sports and exercise. In addition, you should never forget to exercise and eat healthy during and after weight loss. This can also reduce the risk of the yoyo effect.

How much do weight loss pills cost?

Weight loss pills can cost very different amounts, depending on the type, the amount and the manufacturer. In general, you should expect to pay between €15 and €40.

There are also natural alternatives to weight loss pills, such as mate tea. (Image source: / congerdesign).

What are the alternatives to weight loss pills?

If you don’t feel comfortable taking a chemically produced weight loss pill, there are of course other alternatives that can help you lose a few kilos.

Alternative Description
Mate tea A tea that suppresses hunger and contains not only important minerals, but also caffeine and important vitamins. In Latin America, the tea leaves are even chewed to suppress hunger.
Garcinia A weight loss pill with natural ingredients. It consists of Garcinia extract, which is made from the husk of an Indian spice plant.
Globuli Argentum nitricum D12 These globules are suitable for people who reach for sweets in stressful situations. The feeling of ravenous hunger is curbed and the intake of calories is regulated.

Mate tea in particular can be used as a natural and gentle alternative to weight loss pills.

The tea curbs your appetite and also has a beneficial effect on your body.

Decision: What types of weight loss pills are there and which one is right for you?

What are the characteristics of prescription weight loss pills and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Prescription weight loss pills are prescribed by your doctor if you exceed a certain BMI. They are only given under medical supervision as they can have increased side effects.

These include mood swings, for example, as they can not only inhibit cravings but also affect other areas of the brain.

  • Medical supervision
  • ingredients are clear and known
  • intake is prescribed individually taking into account the health condition
  • Strong side effects
  • costly
  • caution and mindfulness are necessary

However, since your doctor prescribes the product, you can assume that your well-being comes first.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of over-the-counter weight loss pills?

You can also buy over-the-counter weight loss pills. You can find them in drugstores, pharmacies or on the internet. They differ from prescription weight loss pills in their ingredients and composition.

  • Over-the-counter and freely available
  • Fewer side effects/interactions
  • Less expensive
  • Oversupply and huge selection
  • Can get hold of harmful products
  • No medical supervision

The over-the-counter products usually contain lower dosages. For this reason, they are less potent and consequently do not have as strong side effects and/or interactions.

Buying criteria: These are the factors you can use to compare and evaluate weight loss pills

To help you choose a weight loss pill that appeals to you and is right for you, we will show you several buying criteria below. You can look at these and find out more before you buy.

In summary, the following criteria are important when buying a weight loss pill:

  • Ingredients
  • Quality and origin
  • Testimonials from other consumers
  • Quantity and shelf life


Weight loss pills mainly contain swelling agents. Cellulose or dietary fibre are examples. There are also chemical and herbal ingredients.

The chemical ingredients are less researched and for this reason there is also the possibility that they show unexpected effects. Vegetable ingredients are less aggressive and better tolerated by your body, such as lactose and wheat starch.

Quality and origin

When it comes to weight loss pills, it is really important that you are well informed about the quality and processing.

When shopping online, be aware that prescription weight loss pills are not usually sold without a prescription. In such cases, duplicates with dangerous and unhealthy ingredients are often sold.

Testimonials from other consumers

Another way to help you decide what to buy is to read testimonials from other consumers. There are opinions and reviews of almost every product on the internet.

This way, you can be made aware of possible dangers and side effects. Otherwise, you can rely on the opinion of a pharmacist.

Quantity and shelf life

The amount of weight loss pills in a package and the shelf life can also be a purchase criterion for you. If you are trying a product for the first time, it is a good idea to buy a rather small package.

If you are satisfied with this product, you can then buy a larger pack, as you know how these weight loss pills work for you and that you tolerate them.

Shelf life is also important, as the pills may not be consumed all at once and every day, but sometimes over a long period of time and/or intermittently.

Facts worth knowing about weight loss pills

How do diet pills work for certain illnesses?

Diet pills can sometimes have serious side effects related to illnesses.

So if you have heart problems or other medical conditions, consult a doctor before taking diet pills.

Especially if you suffer from heart problems, you should definitely seek medical advice as they can cause cardiovascular disease or even heart attacks.

What weight loss pills do celebrities use?

Many people interested in buying and taking weight loss pills would like to know what products the stars and celebrities are using these days. They always look toned and slim, and the question naturally arises as to how they achieve such a look.

It is well known that many celebrities go on very strict diets to lose weight, combined with tough personal training (usually daily). However, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan have also been known to take Ritalin to lose weight.

Ritalin is only approved as a narcotic in Germany. It is actually made for people who suffer from ADHD. But when healthy people consume it, it has an appetite-suppressing effect. However, Ritalin can also be addictive.

The weight loss methods of the stars are therefore very controversial, as they may be unhealthy or even harmful to health. For this reason, they should not influence your decision to buy. Your body and your health should come first!

How do weight loss pills with alcohol work?

As with taking medication, you should seek medical advice if you want to take diet pills with alcohol.

Each pill has different effects and consequences when mixed with alcohol. It is better to be cautious before unexpected effects occur.

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