Last updated: 16/10/2022

Welcome to our big Weekender test 2023. Here we present all the weekender bags we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the internet.

We want to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Weekender for you.

You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. If available, we also offer interesting test videos. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should be aware of if you want to buy a Weekender.

The most important facts

  • The Weekender is practical, handy and yet elegant. Its small and compact size makes it an all-rounder among travel bags.
  • A basic distinction is made between the leather Weekender, the sporty Weekender and the casual Weekender.
  • The material is very important for the Weekender. Most weekender bags are made of synthetic fibres, canvas or leather.

The Best Weekender: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Weekender

What is a Weekender?

As the name suggests, the weekender is designed specifically for weekend getaways or short trips. It is smaller than a regular travel bag and larger than a handbag.

The weekender is considered something typically Italian: elegant, casual and handy. In many Italian cities, the wheeled suitcase is not practical on the cobblestones anyway. Venice was apparently on the verge of banning wheeled luggage for disturbing the peace.

The Weekender usually has a shoulder strap and two handles. It can either be carried comfortably on the shoulders or in the hands. These two carrying methods are typical of the Weekender.

What are the advantages of a Weekender compared to a conventional travel bag?

Compared to conventional travel bags, the Weekender is smaller and therefore easier to carry. It is more elegant and easier to handle.

  • They are elegant
  • Small and handy
  • Easy to carry
  • Can be used as an all-rounder
  • Limited storage space
  • Only for short trips
  • Need more care

Unlike conventional travel bags, the Weekender can also be used as a simple handbag. Its size can be varied depending on how packed it is.

Its small, handy size and tasteful design make it a stylish piece of luggage. Unlike conventional travel bags, it is not only practical but also elegant.

How big is a Weekender?

The weekender is smaller than a conventional travel bag, but larger than a handbag.

Most models do not exceed the standard hand luggage allowance. If they do, it is usually still within the allowance with fewer contents. Many weekender bags do not retain their shape and fit.

For which trips is the Weekender suitable?

Basically, the Weekender is suitable for shorter trips that are no more than a few days long. Whether it’s a family trip, a business trip, a city break or a wellness weekend, the Weekender always fits the bill.

For business trips, it is important for many to look professional. The Weekender convinces with its handy, elegant style and easy carrying.

On a city trip or wellness weekend, you often encounter stairs or other uneven surfaces. The weekender is light, practical to carry and perfect for that holiday.

The Weekender as an all-rounder

However, the Weekender is not only suitable for travelling. The bag is perfect for many everyday situations and is very versatile.

Whether for fitness or yoga, the Weekender is perfect as a sports bag. It has a good size and is handy.

Did you know that you can save space in your Weekender with empty kitchen paper rolls?

Rolled clothes always take up less space than folded ones. You can also stuff socks into the roll and store them there. Generally, you can use small pieces of clothing to fill gaps. The more orderly and nicely you place your clothes, the more space you can save.

The elegant bag is also suitable for the evening. The Weekender has room for a water bottle and still remains small and handy.

Decision section: What types of weekender are there and which is the right one for you?

Basically, you can distinguish between the following three types of weekender:

  • The leather weekender
  • The sporty Weekender
  • The casual Weekender

Each category is suitable for different types of travellers and comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

To help you find the right weekender for you, we present all three types with their advantages and disadvantages.

What is a leather weekender and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A leather weekender is elegant and timeless. Leather is a robust material and the bag usually lasts a lifetime. Many think the leather weekender becomes even more stylish the older and more scarred it is.

  • Particularly stylish
  • durable
  • Needs good care
  • Heavy material

The leather weekender, for example, is well suited for business trips. It looks professional and stylish. Many models also have padded laptop compartments.

A major disadvantage of leather travel bags is their delicate material. Although leather is very robust and durable, it also needs intensive care.

What are the features of a sporty weekender and what are their advantages and disadvantages?

Sporty weekenders are solid and practical. They are usually made of nylon, a robust, water-repellent and lightweight material.

  • Practical and robust
  • All-rounder
  • Lightweight material
  • Less elegant
  • Less durable

Most models have a shoe compartment or even a separate compartment for dirty laundry. They are lightweight, quick to pack and easy to keep tidy

This weekender is also perfect to use as a sports bag. It has enough space for sports shoes, sports clothes and shower things.

What is a casual weekender and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The casual weekender is simple and handy. It is usually made of nylon or canvas.

  • Lightweight material
  • Practical and simple
  • Robust
  • Less elegant
  • contents are less protected

The casual weekender is quickly packed for spontaneous weekend trips. Many models have several interior compartments. This gives you a quick overview and keeps things tidy.

When travelling, the Weekender can be carried comfortably over the shoulders. It looks modern and can also be used as a handbag or sports bag while travelling.

Buying criteria: You can compare and evaluate weekender bags based on the following factors

You can use the following factors to decide which Weekender is right for you:

  • Design and colour
  • Material
  • Workmanship
  • Carrying handles
  • Interior design
  • Size and volume
  • Empty weight

In the following paragraphs you can read about these buying criteria.

Design and colour

Many weekender bags are available in a retro style. The leather models are durable and robust.

But retro doesn’t always have to mean leather. There are also elegant black, sporty or even Weekender created in a cool cowboy style.

Weekender for women

For many women, it is important that the Weekender can be used as an all-rounder. The practical Weekender as a fashionable accessory that can also be used for beach trips or wellness weekends.

The right model can be found for every woman. The range is wide, from discreet bags in black to trendy and gaudy designs.

Weekender for men

Whether for sports or travelling, the Weekender is a stylish and practical all-rounder. For men, the useful inner compartments are especially important. They help with packing and offer a better overview of the contents.

The Weekender is available in many colours and designs. In plain black, blue, brown or beige. The practical weekender suits everyone.

Mann mit Weekender über der Schulter

The casual weekender is handy and can be worn comfortably over the shoulders. (Photo: antas singh /


The material of the Weekender is an important criterion. The following three materials are the most common:

  • High-tech synthetic fibre
  • Leather
  • Canvas

In order to make a well-informed decision about which material most suits your needs, we briefly introduce all three:

Material Properties
Synthetic fibre Tough, tear-resistant, lightweight
Leather Tough, resistant, easy-care
Canvas Natural, durable, breathable

High-tech synthetic fibre

Frequently used examples of high-tech synthetic fibres are nylon or polyester. They are robust, tear-resistant and yet lightweight materials.

Weekender bags made of synthetic materials usually look less elegant than weekender bags made of leather or canvas. They give the bag a sporty and casual style.


Individual elements of the Weekender are often made of leather. These stabilise the parts of the weekender that are particularly exposed to stress. However, a distinction must be made between genuine and artificial leather.

Genuine leather

Genuine leather is made from animal skin. It is thick, robust and resistant.

It is very important to care for genuine leather intensively and with the right products. It is a rather heavy but very robust material.

Artificial leather

Artificial leather is made of synthetic material. It is made to look like real leather.

In contrast to real leather, artificial leather needs less care, it is much lighter and still tear-resistant.

However, compared to genuine leather, artificial leather is less breathable and lasts less long.

Canvas (canvas)

Canvas is also called sailcloth because it is used in shipping. It is usually made of natural materials such as cotton, hemp or linen. Canvas is woven from strong yarn.

Canvas is not only a popular material for weekender bags. In shipping, for example, it is used as sailcloth and in painting as canvas.

Canvas is a robust, durable and opaque material. Due to the weaving technique, the fabric is very resilient and breathable.


When making your purchase, it is important to pay attention to well-made seams. Your Weekender will be subjected to a lot of wear and tear and poorly finished seams will tear quickly.

Pay particular attention to well-made seams on the handles. They have to bear the entire weight of the bag and are exposed to the greatest stress.

Carry handles

It is important that the Weekender has two carrying handles as well as a shoulder strap. For longer distances, the shoulder strap pays off.

It is an advantage if the carrying handles are padded and as wide as possible. This way they cut less into the skin.

Interior design

A padded laptop compartment is especially practical for business trips. It allows the laptop to be transported easily and safely.

Another handy compartment is a separate shoe compartment. This can also be used for dirty laundry. This keeps the important contents clean.

Did you know that you can also carry your clothes almost wrinkle-free in the Weekender?

If you wrap your clothes nicely around an empty kitchen roll or put tissue paper between your individual items, they will stay wrinkle-free. If your clothes do get creased, you can hang them on a hanger in the bathroom while you shower. The warm steam can remove some creases. Many hotels also offer the possibility to iron your clothes.

A separate compartment for valuables is good to keep track of and not have to search forever for your wallet.

Size and volume

To choose the right size for your weekend bag, consider the following points:

  • How big is your luggage? Are you used to travelling light?
  • Do you also want to use your Weekender for everyday life? For example, as a sports bag or a beach bag?
  • Do you want to use your Weekender as hand luggage or as checked luggage?

The amount of hand luggage varies from airline to airline. However, there are standard guidelines you can follow: 55cm x 35cm x 20cm. In most cases, the weight should not exceed 5-7 kg.

Empty weight

A lightweight weekender is definitely recommended. Weekender bags made of canvas, artificial leather or high-tech synthetic fibres are usually lighter than other models.

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