Last updated: 05/10/2021

The team behind THEGOODESTATE is all about great content and this is why we conducted a detailed survey of websites in various categories. The result: We awarded the best websites with our quality label “Best Website 2021”.

The best websites are awarded our quality badge if they meet all our qualifying criteria.

Selection Process

Step 1: Identification of Candidates

First, a list of all websites is created. The data stems from different data sources like online directories and CMS systems (WordPress, Blogspot etc.). Newspapers, trade magazines, portals and foreign-language websites were eliminated from the candidates list.

Step 2: Relevance

We then also remove all websites that post less than 5 articles per year. In addition, websites with very low monthly traffic are also eliminated.

Step 3: Detailed Investigation

The remaining websites were investigated by our THEGOODESTATE experts on the basis of objective  criteria. These criteria are sorted in 4 different categories. With the help of a point system, the winners of the survey are then determined.

Evaluation Criteria

The award is based on an evaluation in four areas:

  • UX / Usability
  • Privacy & Security
  • Information Content & Research
  • Services & Communication

UX / Usability

  • How high-quality is the layout and page structure?
  • How functional is the website?
  • How practical is the search function? Is there an auto-completion function?

Privacy & Security

  • Is personal data only collected, processed, used and passed on to third parties insofar that it is legally permitted or that the user has given their consent?
  • Is information about the use of personal data provided in a comprehensible and easily accessible manner?
  • Is there any information on data security (e.g. SSL)?
  • How much trust does the website inspire?
  • Is there an imprint and a data protection declaration available and if so are they linked on the homepage?

Information Content & Research

  • How well are articles researched?
  • Are articles with visual elements supported (images, graphs, videos)?
  • Are contents professionally produced?
  • Who runs the website?
  • How long has the website been running?
  • How popular is the website?

Services & Communication

  • Does the website communicate directly with its readers (e.g. in comments)?
  • Does the website offer other services (e.g. e-books / online courses)?
  • Does the website have social media channels?
  • How many followers does the website have on its various social media platforms?

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