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You are most welcome! Do you want to listen to your favourite music even away from home, be it at poolside parties or on the beach? There is an excellent solution! How about buying a waterproof speaker?

Many brands already manufacture waterproof speakers and there are many quality models on the market. In this article, you learn the advantages and disadvantages of this accessory and learn how to find the model that suits you best!


  • Even if you don’t take your speaker outdoors very often, liquid resistance is a good thing as it gives your accessory more durability.
  • The range of waterproof speakers is huge: they can range from the classic two-piece format used in conjunction with computers, to large and capable.
  • Check that the liquid resistance of your chosen model is compatible with your intended use of the speaker.

The Best Waterproof Speaker: Our Picks

Buying guide: What you need to know about waterproof speakers

It’s time for you to know the most important information about waterproof speakers. Our buying guide answers all the main questions about the accessory!

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Waterproof speakers are essential for those who enjoy music on outdoor adventures. (Source: Zac Gudakov /

How does a waterproof speaker work?

Waterproof speakers have special coatings that protect them from potential damage when in contact with liquids.

To avoid the risk of accidents that could potentially be serious, waterproof speakers are always wireless. They work via Bluetooth, which means you need to have a compatible device.

Simply place the waterproof speaker where you want it, such as outside in the rain, near a swimming pool or even in the bathroom, pair it with the device that will play the desired sounds and the fun begins!

Did you know that since the middle ages people have been trying to give objects resistance against water, usually using waxes or oils?

What are the degrees of water resistance of speakers?

Just because a speaker is waterproof, you can’t dunk it in a swimming pool. There are several different levels of liquid resistance.

To understand how water resistant a speaker is, you need to pay attention to a code called IP (Ingress Protection Making). It always consists of the letters IP and two digits and must be in the technical specifications of the product.

Imagem mostra uma caixa de som sobre uma mureta.

It is great to leave a stereo in an outdoor place without worrying about rain. (Source: annekrois /

The first digit of the IP code indicates, from 0 to 9, how dust resistant the product is, and the second, also from 0 to 9, how water resistant it is.

An IP55 code on a speaker, for example, means it is level 5 dust resistant and level 5 water resistant.

But how much resistance does each of these numbers indicate? Take a look at a chart:

Resistance index Resistant to
0 Nothing
1 Water drops
2 Water drops more frequently
3 Water spray
4 Water splashes
5 Water jets
6 Stronger water jets
7 Immersion up to one metre
8 Deep immersion
9 Powerful water jets

In which situations can waterproof sound boxes be useful?

Whenever speakers are used in situations with potential contact with water, protection against liquid is important. Here are some possibilities and indications of the degree of resistance:

  • Hiking, trekking and meeting up with friends: Whenever there’s a group adventure outdoors, a waterproof speaker can come in handy! Protection levels between 2 and 5 are already sufficient.
  • Outdoor parties: Parties in open areas need loud speakers that are powerful and, if there are no covered spots, protected against rain. Think about protection ratings between 3 and 6.
  • Use near swimming pools or hot tubs: Of course, you don’t want your speaker to fall into a pool or other area with large amounts of water, but level 8 protection helps if an accident happens.
  • Bathrooms: Lots of people like to liven up bathrooms, especially the shower area. You may get splashes, but lower protection, down to level 5, will do the trick.
  • Planned use in water: Anyone who wants to dive into the sea, a river or even a swimming pool with a speaker needs maximum protection! With a model that has water resistance index number 9, all horizons of aquatic fun are possible.

What are the advantages of a waterproof speaker?

When you buy a waterproof speaker, you considerably expand the possibilities of its use. You can take it without fear anywhere, always generating excitement for your adventures.

The waterproof speaker can be used near swimming pools with peace of mind

It makes it possible to use it in bathrooms, near swimming pools and outdoors without worrying about possible contact with water.

The durability of a waterproof speaker is far superior to simple models, as it has special coatings and is more robustly constructed.

You may pay a little more for a waterproof speaker, but it’s definitely worth the extra money! Below, with advantages and disadvantages of the accessory:

  • It has greater freedom of use
  • It is more durable
  • It can be taken to any adventure
  • It animates all kinds of parties without worries
  • It is a little more expensive than the normal model

Buying criteria: Factors when choosing a waterproof speaker

Has our buying guide convinced you to buy a waterproof speaker? Then stay tuned for the technical criteria that help you choose the best model!


As waterproof speakers work via bluetooth, they require battery power. The further away from the mains the intended use, the more necessary a great autonomy is.

If you intend to leave the speaker installed in a fixed place, such as a bathroom or barbecue area, you don’t need a model with the ability to hold a charge for many hours. But if you are going to take it on outings and adventures, you need an autonomy of at least eight or ten hours.

Imagem mostra uma caixa de som molhada com diversas gotículas de água.

Small waterproof speakers can even be placed in the bathroom box. (Source: StockSnap /

Type of box

Waterproof speakers can be simple, in the two-piece style that has always made computers successful, they can be larger and portable, they can even be boombox style.

There are mono, stereo and surround style waterproof speakers

There are many differences in the main functions of each of these speakers: They can range from just being used in your bathroom or for a small family gathering by the pool, to livening up a large party.

Another variation in the type of speaker has to do with the sound produced: there are models specialising in bass, others in treble, there are mono models, others in stereo and even some suitable for surround. You can base your choice on multiple categories and needs!

Size, weight and transport

Do you need a speaker that is fixed in one place or one that is ideal for transporting to different adventures?

In the case of the first option, the relevant question is the size: Does it fit in the space provided? Will it not be out of place in the room?

If you want to transport it to different places, you need to make sure its size and weight don’t make it impossible to move around and if, when carried by people, there are handles or grips that make it easy to move around.

Bluetooth Version

There is not only one type of Bluetooth. The technology is in constant evolution and, for this reason, the boxes launched in different times have different versions.

See which bluetooth versions your devices are compatible with and choose a speaker that uses one of them.

The most modern bluetooth technology is 4.1. This is where you get the best sound quality.


A waterproof stereo amplifies your possibilities for fun. You can leave it in the bathroom, place it beside the pool and even take it on your adventures without fear of the rain or a fall into a river or sea.

Many criteria will help you choose the best waterproof speaker, especially the level of resistance to contact with liquids, battery life, size, weight and ease of movement.

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