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The water tap is often undervalued and not given much attention. Yet it can be an important style element for your kitchen. What’s more, you can make your life a little easier with the right tap.

This article is all about the tap. We explain the different types, shapes and functions. By the end of this article, you will understand what we mean when we say that the tap can make your life easier. In addition, all your questions will be answered so that you too can install the perfect tap in your home.


  • Buying a tap should be well thought out, as it will be in constant use.
  • When buying, consider which functions are important to you and what you value less. In this way, you can get an overview of the many offers.
  • You can easily clean the tap with various home remedies without spending a lot of money on special cleaning products.

The Best Water Taps: Our Picks

In this section we have presented our six favourites. It is meant to serve as an orientation for you, so we have chosen different types and styles. You can be inspired by these products when buying.

Buying and evaluation criteria for taps:

The purchase of a water tap should be well considered. After all, it will be with you every day. To help you, we have presented the most important buying criteria below. They should help you to make the right decision.

Now we’ll explain what these criteria mean. Soon you will be an expert on taps. With the right choice, nothing can go wrong.


When choosing the material, it is important that your tap can withstand a lot. After all, it is in constant use and this can leave its mark. Most taps are made of brass or stainless steel and have a chrome coating on the outside.

Range of movement

Another important thing to consider is whether you want your tap to swivel or pull out the shower. This can be very useful in the kitchen and make cooking easier. Here you need to know your needs and decide how much your tap needs to be able to move. But don’t forget to include this criterion in your decision.

Type of handle

There are taps with one handle or with two handles. If your tap has one handle, you can easily adjust the temperature with one hand. If it has two handles, you can decide for yourself how you want to regulate the heat. Again, you have to decide for yourself what suits you best.


Taps have many different functions. From cold water taps, to taps with a sensor, to LED taps. Here you have to decide according to your preferences whether you like gimmicks, such as an LED tap. But even if you prefer a classic look, you have an almost unlimited choice of different models.

Water pressure

You can distinguish between high-pressure and low-pressure taps. With a low-pressure tap, the hot water comes from a boiler and it has three connections. The high-pressure tap is the more modern technology. Here, the water comes from a central hot water supply or is provided by an instantaneous water heater. The fitting here has only two connections.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about the tap answered in detail

Now we will answer the most frequently asked questions. If you still have a question, you will certainly find the answer in the following section.

For whom is a water tap suitable?

For everyone. Taps are one of the most important things in the household. But now every household has a tap already installed anyway, so why buy a new one?

But as with so many household appliances, the water tap does not last a lifetime. After a while, it becomes tedious to use, the seal leaks and it is simply no longer attractive. Of course, the seal can be replaced individually, but sometimes it is also worthwhile to install a new tap. After all, a new tap can change the whole aesthetic of a room and upgrade your sink.

What types of taps are there?

There are almost an infinite number of different types of taps. When you were first confronted with the choice, you too probably felt a bit overwhelmed at first. But with a rational approach, you can rule out most of them right from the start.

First you should decide for yourself what you want. A tap for the kitchen, for the bathroom, swivel, pull-out, with shower function, with LED, low or high pressure, or even with a built-in water bubbler. Once you know what you want, the options become fewer and fewer and you can discover the perfect tap for you.


A tap can be a real style element for your home. But it’s not just the look that’s important, it’s the various functions it should offer. (Image source: Jana Heinemann / Unsplash)

How much does a tap cost?

Because there are so many different types of taps, the prices also vary accordingly. The following table should help you get an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (0 – 50€) Standard products, without additional functions
Medium-priced (50 – 100€) Taps with shower function, rotatable, extendable, good quality
High-priced (100€ and more) High-quality taps, often with special functions such as LED, bubble water or sensor

As you can see, you can buy a simple tap relatively cheaply. If special functions are important to you, you can also find one in the mid-price category.

How can I clean my tap?

On the outside, you can wipe the tap with a mixture of vinegar and water and a soft sponge. Let the water soak in for a while and then wipe it again with pressure. This will remove the unsightly, stubborn limescale stains. But never use the rough side of the sponge, as you don’t want to scratch the tap completely. The strainer at the end of the tap, the aerator, can also be soaked in a mixture of vinegar and water for 15 minutes, then wiped off and everything will shine again.


People often don’t pay much attention to the tap. You should change this, because the tap is a constant companion in your life. Think about which functions are important to you and buy a suitable model.

How often have you been annoyed because your pan doesn’t fit under the tap or because the water jet doesn’t reach all the corners of the sink? You can avoid all this by simply choosing the right tap.

(Cover photo: Krystal Black / Unsplash)