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A water jug is a bulbous or cylindrical vessel with a vertical handle. Occasionally, there is a lid, which is used to hold, transport, store and remove liquids. Today, water jugs are mainly made of glass. In the beginning, carafes were made of clay.

The Egyptians, Chinese and other early civilisations already used clay jugs to draw drinking water and carry it into the living space. At that time, however, the water jugs had completely different sizes.

The journey from the source was often long, so larger quantities were carried. Today’s one- or two-litre containers are adapted to modern life.


  • Depending on the intended use, there are various additional functions for water jugs.
  • Important purchase criteria are material, filling quantity, design and dishwasher resistance.
  • Water jugs are available in a wide range of price categories. Good products are already available from a low price category.

The Best Water Jug in the United Kingdom: Our Choices

In the following, we have compiled our favourites. This should help you to simplify your purchase decision and find the right water jug for your needs.

Buying and evaluation criteria for water jugs

In order to find the perfect water jug, we have worked out some selection criteria that you should consider when buying. These points of reference should make it easier for you to compare the individual variants, so that you can make your choice objectively and in a well-founded manner.

The following criteria will help you compare the water jugs:


As with plastic bottles and glass bottles, there is also a debate about which material is best for water jugs. According to current knowledge, substances from PET bottles are only released into the beverage in quantities that are harmless to health.

However, the taste can change when compounds dissolve from the plastic. This change in taste also occurs with plastic water jugs.

A recommendation therefore goes to glass water jugs, as these not only retain the taste, but are also more environmentally friendly. Besides these two materials, there are also water jugs made of clay, copper, stainless steel, bamboo, etc.

Intended use

For what purposes should the water jug be used? Depending on the place of use or what specifically is to be in the carafe, it is important to pay attention to the corresponding properties. For example, if it is a water jug that will be used in the kindergarten, a water jug made of plastic or synthetic material is recommended, as it will not break immediately if dropped.


To ensure that the water jug is adapted to your needs, you should know which drinks you would like to drink. The decisive factor is whether you like to drink hot drinks or cold drinks. Because there are different functions, such as an insert for fruit, tea leaves, tea bags and even ice compartments for the summer.

There are also water jugs without lids and with lids, and these even have other functions, such as an automatic closing function.


When it comes to the design and aesthetics of one’s water jug, personal taste is decisive, but also for which occasions it is intended. Especially in the living area, the water jug can be a timeless carafe or a special eye-catcher.

The design can also intensify the colours of the contents through specially cut glass, through targeted refraction of light. Water jugs come in many different colours and shapes, depending on what you prefer.

Heat resistance

If you like to drink tea, you should definitely make sure that the jug is heat-resistant. Heat resistance is also important when you put the jug in the dishwasher, because high temperatures are reached there too, which can damage the material or even the jug.

It is also important to know whether the water jug can withstand cold temperatures, i.e. if you put ice in the drink. Or even put the jug in the fridge.


It is essential to assess the capacity of water jugs, because this already determines how often you refill the carafe. Water jugs come in many sizes, shapes and capacities. You should therefore think about the purpose for which the water carafe should be designed. For personal use, a one-litre carafe is perfectly adequate, but there are also carafes that can hold up to eight litres.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about water jugs answered in detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions on the topic of water jugs. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

Who is a water jug suitable for?

A water jug is generally suitable for everyone who does not buy water bottles and has their own filter system at home or likes to drink tea or cold drinks. Plus points for the purchase are, for example, preferences on how to present drinks.

But also points such as whether you like to prepare tea or cold drinks with your own fruit in larger quantities. For example, at office events, group meetings or at parties, water jugs are particularly useful, as several litres can be conveniently prepared on the table in one vessel and also stylishly presented.

What types of water jugs are there?

To name the different types of water jugs, there are those with filters, lids, inserts, ice cube chambers. The ice cube chamber, to go into detail, is particularly useful on hot summer days, as this chamber cools the entire contents of the water jug without changing the taste. That is, without the liquid from the ice mixing with the drink.


The glass water jug is a practical and handy product. You can even combine the taste and vitamins from oranges with the water, making it taste better. It is important that everyone drinks enough water every day. (Image source: Alexander Lemann / unsplash)

In addition to this useful function, there are also filters that are used to filter out tea crumbs or even pulp from the water or liquid when pouring. There are also differences in filters, there are also water jugs with inserts that directly retain the large unwanted pieces and only add flavour to the water or liquid.

There are also water jugs with lids. These also have special functionalities such as built-in filters or automatic closing mechanisms, among others. Water jugs that are made of glass and have a certain thickness insulate the internal temperature, which means the drink stays hot or cold for longer.

What does a water jug cost?

The price is mainly determined by the scope of additional functions, the quality and the brand. The price of a water jug can range from low to high. The following table should give you an overview.

Price range Available products
Low-priced (1 – 15 €) Mostly simple jugs without many functions
Medium-priced (20 – 40 €) Simple jugs with additional functions
High-priced (from 50 €) Unique pieces, handmade, designer water jugs with additional functions


To prepare large quantities of homemade drinks or to prepare for events, it is helpful to buy water jugs.

Thanks to their capacity and beautiful design, it is not only an eye-catcher but also a practical product. I can see the added value that a water jug with the right functionalities brings with the eye and in the taste.

On average, there are already good water jugs with great functions for low, double-digit amounts on average.

(Cover photo: tushar sharma/ Unsplash)