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Every one of us needs it, a wardrobe and a mirror. In today’s world it is essential to look good. Here in this guide we have explicitly looked at wardrobes that have an integrated mirror. This way you don’t have to buy an extra mirror and, what’s even less available, find a place for it.

On average, everyone looks in the mirror several times a day. This shows us that we can no longer imagine our lives without mirrors. It is also important to differentiate: Do I want a wardrobe with a mirror and hinged doors or a wardrobe with a mirror and sliding doors? For our product comparison, we have compared different models.


  • You have to look at how much space I have. Would I therefore prefer a wardrobe with a mirror and hinged doors or with sliding doors?
  • It pays to invest in a good quality wardrobe. All in all, it clearly pays to pay attention to high-quality materials. This makes the wardrobe much more durable.
  • In addition, you should always pay attention to the size. It pays to buy a much larger wardrobe. This way, you have enough space in the long term.

The Best Wardrobe With Mirror: Our Picks

In the following, we have compiled our favourites. This should help you to simplify your purchase decision and find the wardrobe with mirror that would be perfect for your needs.

Buying and Evaluation Criteria for Wardrobes with Mirrors

In order to find the perfect wardrobe with mirror, we have worked out some buying criteria that you should consider when buying. These criteria should make it easier to compare the individual models so that you can make an objective and informed choice.

The criteria that help you compare the different wardrobes include:

In the following points we explain in detail why it is so important to consider these points.


They are the ideal place for all your smaller things like underwear, socks, belts, ties, silk scarves and all your accessories. To keep this well organised, there are often inserts and partitions for the drawers

Some manufacturers equip the drawers with practical partitions. This simply creates more order in the wardrobe and you won’t lose track of everything so quickly. Baskets, boxes and textile boxes are also practical for keeping things tidy.

Shelves / cupboard compartments

A must and an ideal idea for neatly stacking jumpers, trousers, T-shirts, towels or bed linen. The wardrobe should provide at least one compartment for each of the above categories. You should plan generously here.

You should think about a few more compartments in advance. As is so often the case, new items of clothing will certainly be added over time. If the TV is in the bedroom, you can also integrate a TV shelf into the wardrobe.


The material makes the difference, of course, in terms of price, quality and durability. The differences between the materials used by the manufacturers are extremely large. Even though solid wood is still the most expensive wardrobe solution, it is worth buying.

With these wardrobes, you simply know what you have and they will last a lifetime. Meanwhile, sliding-door wardrobes made of chipboard or MDF are also very attractive and do their job, but they are usually not a long-term solution.

The colour of the wardrobe

It is worth taking a good look around the room beforehand. Look at the other furniture, pictures, carpets, decorative elements and the lighting in the room. You will quickly recognise your own style of furnishing. Is it quite modern or more rustic, playful or cosy? Maybe even industrial or minimalist furnishings. Especially today, the trend is often towards this.

Also, look at your materials, more high-gloss or wood? Is there a colour that is very present in the room? Then you should adapt your wardrobe accordingly.

Guide: Frequently asked Questions about Wardrobes with Mirrors answered in Detail

In the following, we would like to answer the most important questions about wardrobes with mirrors. In this way, we want to give you a deeper insight into the topic.

For whom is a wardrobe with mirror important?

Of course, as mentioned at the beginning, appearance and style-conscious dressing are becoming increasingly important.

Kleiderschrank mit Spiegel

You should always pay attention to the size of your wardrobe. It pays to buy a much larger wardrobe. This way, you have enough space in the long run. (Image source: Zoe van /

That’s why it’s naturally also an advantage to have a mirror integrated directly on the wardrobe doors.

What types of wardrobes with mirrors are there?

In sum, we basically distinguish between two types:

  • Wardrobe with mirror and revolving doors: A wardrobe with revolving doors is a real classic. When you open all the doors, you can see the entire contents of the wardrobe and thus have a complete overview. In addition, hinge-door wardrobes are particularly flexible and hard-wearing and are best suited to moving house. With a hinge-door wardrobe, you should have enough space in front of it so that the doors can be opened. They are also often cheaper than sliding-door wardrobes.
  • Wardrobe with mirror and sliding doors: The sliding doors of the wardrobes are attached to the top and bottom of the wardrobe with rails. They can easily be pushed to the side. You often have to adjust the doors longer until they run perfectly. If they do, they run smoothly at best and almost silently. The biggest advantage is probably that it saves space. You don’t need the space to open the revolving doors.

Cupboards are available in different types. Their designation and interior fittings depend on the respective purpose.

What does a wardrobe with mirror cost?

As is often the case, the price differences are enormous. You can buy a wardrobe with a mirror at a low price, but you can also spend a lot of money on it.

Price Products
Price category between € 250 and € 300 Width approx. 132 to 150 centimetres
Price category between € 360 and € 620 Width approx. 200 to 270 centimetres

How much the wardrobe ultimately costs depends on the size and quality.


All in all, it’s up to you to decide which you prefer. Do you want a wardrobe that takes up little space or do you have a lot of space and prefer the classic version? How important is the quality of the material to you?

All in all, we have presented the most important criteria in this article. In addition, we have shown you what we consider to be the most interesting wardrobes with mirrors at the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that it helped you to find your dream wardrobe.

Image source: CHUTTERSNAP / unsplash