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Welcome to MONEDEROsmart. Today we will talk about wallet, one of the most used accessories in everyday life, whether by men or women, regardless of age group. The wallet not only serves to store your valuables such as money, cards and personal documents, it also transmits your personality and style. As it is an item of daily use, it is necessary that the model is of high quality and durability. As you will be taking it out of your pocket or purse at various times of the day, choose a beautiful and resistant piece.


  • Bet on wallets made of good quality materials, like genuine leather, synthetic, nylon, among others. Also opt for models with few details and that have the brand’s logo in a discreet size.
  • Do not exaggerate in the size of the wallet, you only need to carry what you are going to use. Just have enough room to keep one or two cards, your identity document (Rg or CNH) and some money notes.
  • There are several types of wallets for women and men. They vary in shape, style, size, colour, material, type of closure and extra features. The cool thing is that, among so many options, you will find a model that will please you.

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The wallet is an essential item for both men and women. Men’s models have a discreet, casual design with useful compartments and are smaller to fit into a trouser pocket. The female wallet is larger and has more compartments. Moreover, the design is varied, there are models of various sizes, colours and styles, to please women of all ages and tastes.

 Imagem de uma mulher fazendo um pagamento enquanto segura uma carteira verde

The female wallet is usually larger than the male and may have a more stripped design, with vibrant colours and various formats. (Source: quinntheislander / Pixabay)

Why is the wallet indispensable in everyday life?

The wallet is an essential accessory to keep documents, cards and money in an organized manner. And even if she is most of the time stored, it is interesting you choose a beautiful and versatile model. It’s also important to know what you’re going to keep inside this accessory before choosing a model, because it must be the right size to organize your items without looking like a crowded wallet.

Imagem de uma carteira abarrotada de pertences

You should never exceed the capacity of your wallet, so as not to deform it. (Source: e-gabi / Pixabay)

There are models made just for cards, others with internal and external pockets, with or without compartment for checkbook, with several plastic to store cards, among other models. The wallet may have different sizes and be made of various materials such as leather, canvas, plastic, nylon, cotton, among others. The female models can be printed, textured, colored, have or not straps, or even be adorned with trims such as studs, buttons, metal buckles, among others. This accessory may also be larger, like a clutch or smaller. The shapes also vary, there are female wallets square, oval or rectangular. Men’s wallets are more traditional, usually made of leather, with zip, button or elastic closures and in sober, dark and neutral tones, like brown and black. The shape is always square or rectangular and the size is a little smaller – about 10 cm wide by 8 cm high -, to fit in the back pocket of trousers, jacket or backpack.

 Imagem de um homem colocando dinheiro dentro de uma carteira em estilo bifold

The men’s wallet is more basic, smaller and is usually found in sober tones such as black, brown and grey. (Source: EVG Photos/ Pexels)

The ideal is that you choose the size of the wallet in a way that is practical to carry it anywhere, in pockets, backpacks or bags of all sizes. Remember that the wallet will be your most used item, much more than a shoe or piece of clothing, so it is important to invest in a model with high quality, because the “cheapies” will probably need to be changed quickly.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a wallet?

Surely the biggest advantage is to carry everything of value, such as money, documents and cards in an organized way and in one place. In addition, the variety is so great that you can find one that suits your style exactly. Regardless of size and shape.

A wallet – a quality one – can last for many years, becoming a cost-effective investment, even if you choose the more expensive models.

Price, is considered a negative factor by many. In addition, Velcro wallets may lose their ability to stick over time. And the models with zip may end up tearing notes and documents. Know the main advantages and disadvantages of the wallet, regardless of the model being male or female:

  • The wallet serves to keep your belongings safe
  • There are models of various sizes and shapes
  • A quality model lasts several years
  • Wallets can be made of various types of materials
  • Wallets made of synthetic materials may deform
  • Wallet with zip closure may hook notes and documents
  • Wallet with Velcro closure loses the ability to stick over time

What are the different types of wallets?

There are several types of wallets, some are smaller and are only for cards, others are larger and can hold an infinite number of papers. They can be of discreet or visible use, the disposition of the belongings can be vertical or horizontal and so on.

Bifold Wallet

The bifold wallet is the most common type of wallet, the one with a single fold, which has space to keep entire banknotes, cards on one or both sides and even hidden pockets. This is the model used by most men, so much so that the bifold wallet is considered classic. At the same time that it has more space to store and organize your belongings, it is easy to handle.

Imagem de uma carteira em estilo bifold

The bifold style wallet is a traditional model. (Source: blickpixel/ Pixabay)

The size of these wallets is medium and the style varies, you can find casual, sports and social models, some are made especially to be placed in suit pockets. The ideal is to put this jacket in the front pocket of the trousers or in the jacket pocket, to protect the column of deviations and make it difficult to lose or steal. If not you can put it in the back pocket, but you should take it off when you go to sit down.

Slim wallet

The slim wallet is a compact version of the bifold wallet, with reduced dimensions, smaller number of compartments and that it serves only to carry essential items in the day by day such as the bank card, money notes, health plan card and an identification document. The strength of the slim wallet is practicality and it is ideal for people who wear business attire to work as the blazer and jacket, because the slim wallet can be kept in the inside pocket of these pieces without being marking.

 Imagem de uma carteira slim

The slim wallet is very discreet, so that it can be used in the inside pocket of the blazer or jacket. (Source: Sergifunky / Pixabay)

Wallet card holder

The card-holder wallet goes beyond the slim model and is even more compact. The minimalist design gives practicality to this model, because with it you can only carry three cards and one document.

The card-holder wallet does not have the opening of a regular wallet, only front and back compartment (sometimes only front).

It’s great for those who like a discreet wallet, which does not mark the pocket of the trousers (even if it’s skinny). It is the ideal model for those who usually go out with just the basics.

 Imagem de uma carteira porta-cartão

In the wallet in card-holder style only fit the essential items of the day to day as a small amount of money and two to three cards. (Source: Stevepb / Pixabay)

The only downside of this model is precisely its differential, or that is, it only fits card, so you can not take the document of your car or motorbike. The ideal is to alternate the use of this wallet with other models.

Vertical Wallet / Mid Wallet

The Vertical / Mid Wallet is very similar to conventional wallet (bifold), even has the same amount of space, the difference is that it is aligned vertically, so it is narrower and higher. Because of its dimensions, this wallet should be used in the pocket of the jacket or a briefcase / backpack. When you put it in the back pocket of your trousers, besides being uncomfortable, it’s dangerous because it can slip out without you even noticing.

Imagem de uma carteira vertical

The vertical wallet is very similar to the traditional model, the difference is that the belongings are organized vertically and not horizontally. (Source: Stevepb / Pixabay)

The vertical wallet can also be the type passport holder, ie, the type made to carry passports, tickets, more cards and a larger amount of money, is ideal for international travel.

Wallet Trucker Wallets / Long wallets

The Trucker Wallet / Long wallets is made especially for those who want to compose a more stylish and flashy look. It is longer and therefore has more space to store your things, but is not practical to handle. Usually a wallet in this style comes with chains or straps to attach the wallet to your trousers pocket. Besides this being useful not to lose it, it also makes the look more rustic. For those who don’t like this style, simply keep the wallet in a briefcase or backpack.

Which to choose: Wallet, document-holder or purse-wallet?

Besides the traditional wallets there are some similar models that work with the same purpose: to keep personal belongings like money, cards and documents.

  • Document Holder: The document holder can be used on a daily basis, but is more suitable for travel use, because it is larger to fit other types of documents such as passports and tickets without crumpling them.
  • Bag-wallet(clutch): The bag-wallet is a type of wallet larger, with the external finish more sophisticated and that should be carried in the hands or hanging from the shoulders (there are models with removable strap). It is common to see the wallet in the hands of women in wedding parties or birthdays, but there are models to be used in day to day also, they are usually more stripped.

See what are the differences and similar between the wallet, the document-holder and the wallet-purse (clutch):

Wallet Document holder Clutch
Recommended use Day to day Travel Day to day and special events
Size Various sizes and shapes A little larger than a women’s wallet It is a mini bag, so it is larger
Design Various styles, colours, shapes and materials Similar to a small diary There are casual and sophisticated models (for use in parties)

Purchase Criteria: How to compare models of wallets

In this last section, we will talk about the most important features that you should take into consideration when choosing a wallet since the market offers a wide variety of models. They are:

Now we will explain item by item, this way you are not left with any doubt about which model is the most suitable according to your needs and preferences.


Besides the different types of wallets, which vary in shape and size, it is worth choosing a wallet according to your style. There are formal and informal wallets, they can be found in sporty, casual, social, rustic and elegant styles.

  • The casual wallet is the ideal type for those who are not overly concerned with appearance. It is not about sloppiness, but casualness. This type of wallet can be made of cotton or leather. The casual wallet can be rustic, starched or futuristic which gives you more freedom to assemble your own style. This type of wallet is the middle ground between a formal and informal style.
  • The rustic wallet is made of leather, usually thick, and it can be light or darker, depending on taste. It is usually handmade and sewn with a thicker line and spaced. It also has a more raw style, so it has less finishing.
  • The sports wallet, as the name says, is ideal for sports practice, either to work out in a gym, or do some extreme sport in a forest, mountain or beach. The structure and materials used to make a sports wallet are resistant to adverse weather conditions, do not wear out easily due to overuse and are water resistant.
  • The stylish wallet is recommended for those who have a classic, formal style or need to dress like this on a daily basis to work in a company with a more social dress code.

Wallets of this style are made of leather and it can be plain or exotic (alligator or eel leather) and have a more sophisticated finish. Generally this wallet has a thinner thickness because it should not mark the inside pocket of the suit or social trousers.

 Imagem de um homem colocando uma carteira slim no bolso interno do paletó

The wallet in slim format is ideal for those who have the most elegant style. (Source: Andrea Natali / Unsplah)


The small and compact wallets are very efficient and they only have compartments to keep a small amount of money, one or two cards and a document. Medium wallets are ideal for those who need to carry several cards and more than one document. For those who carry their children’s identity documents, this size is ideal. Now, if your intention is to carry a lot of things in the wallet besides the basic items, it’s better to buy a large wallet (and carry it in your purse or backpack). These wallets can fit mobile phones and even a small makeup case. The size of the wallet influences the handling, so take into account the size of your hand and where you intend to keep it, if it’s in the pocket or in a purse / backpack.

The wallet should not stick out of a trouser or jacket pocket. It should also fit in the bag without hindering the closure.


The wallet can be made of various materials like natural leather, synthetic material, canvas, microfiber, cotton or nylon. Leather models are classic and have a very long life span, since they last for years. Another nice thing is that leather wallets (especially black or brown) match any outfit or shoe you’re wearing, especially if you’re a discreet person. Wallets made of synthetic materials come in a wide variety of colours. In general, they also last a long time, just don’t force the button or zip with too many things inside them, don’t get them wet, nor leave them in the sun. Look for waterproof wallets if you’re the adventurous type of person and you’re going to carry your wallet on outings and trips with humid scenarios, this way you keep everything dry.

Imagem de uma mulher segurando uma carteira de couro preta

The black leather wallet goes with any style. (Source: JESHOOTS-com/ Pixabay)


The wallet’s closure is also a very important detail, both for the security issue (some are easy to open and you can lose your belongings) and for the resistance of the material.

There are wallets with zip closures, button, magnet, Velcro and metal buckle.

The wallet with zip is good to protect your belongings, especially if you carry money in notes or coins. But, this option also has some negative points. If you choose a model with zip, you need to be very careful not to close it holding a note or your document because it can tear them. Besides that, the zip is a sensitive material that can break if pulled too hard or if it gets caught on something. It can also happen that the zip teeth get misaligned and the handle can get stuck or stop closing. Not to mention the risk of the zip hooking on the fabric of your trousers or shorts. Wallets with zip are also bulkier because they usually have several internal divisions. They also have the similar format to a nécessaire, being little practical. Wallets with Velcro closure are sporty, so they should not be used in everyday life, only when you’re in an appropriate environment such as the beach or park. Usually Velcro fastened wallets are larger (because of the various internal divisions) and made of synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester. Over time, the Velcro wears out and loses its ability to stick, which requires the wallet to be changed.


Wallets can be made in various colours, from neutral, sober and discreet tones like black and brown to colourful models in vibrant shades. Although this may seem to be a purely aesthetic concern, it is not. The ideal is to choose a wallet model that is compatible with your personality. If you are a discreet person bet on basic colours, if you are an extrovert person bet on colourful ones.

Imagem de uma carteira feminina rosa pink

Women’s wallets are usually colored and / or embellished. (Source: Robert Bogdan/ Pexels)

Of course, the choice of colour is also associated with gender. Men are more practical and therefore buy wallets in neutral tones such as brown or black that can be used day or night, in everyday life or at special events. Besides brown and black, there are other more sober tones like white, navy blue, gray, beige and earthy tones. The most interesting thing about sober tones is that they match any look or occasion.

Also take into consideration your safety, very flashy wallets in the hands or pockets can draw attention from malicious people.

Women usually choose their wallet by matching it with other items in their wardrobe, such as the colour of their handbag. Some even match the colour of shoes, belts and accessories. Women usually bet on plain or printed colored models. Consider buying a more versatile colour, i.e., one that matches the colour of your bag or backpack and does not need to match your clothes, shoes or accessories. (Source of the highlighted image: RitaE/ Pixabay)