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There are wall stickers in every possible size and shape. Either for the kitchen, the children’s room, the bedroom or anywhere in the house, you can find a recommendation here. Some other uses that can make everything nicer are certainly your car, your bathroom or maybe a café if you have one.

Many people love your new modern wall stickers in the shape of a stone, some natural motifs like mountains, jungles or even flowers. The wall stickers also come in a cool 3D format or as desired text.


  • how and where to start decorating your living room
  • fresh ideas, find new products
  • some details that can completely ruin your decorating experience

The Best Wall Sticker: Our Picks

Buying and review criteria for wall stickers

To get an idea or draw your attention to some usually overlooked details before buying a wall sticker, here are some buying criteria you can look at before starting a project yourself.


Before you start looking for a product, you need to have a fixed amount of empty space on your wall that needs to be filled. With good preparation, you can avoid placing the wrong orders.


You should have a vision of where it will fit and how it will fit into the environment. For example, for children’s rooms there are some good ideas such as wall stickers with letters, the Avengers, Elsa or Disney. In the kitchen, motifs of nature, the jungle or simply a mirror are more common.

Type of production

All wall stickers are not made the same. There are wall stickers that are pressed on a foil and those that are not pressed but cut out of a thin foil. The quality of production is the decisive element, not only the smell of cost-effective production, but also environmental awareness should play a role in 2021. Which one you choose depends on your taste.


Depending on your own creativity, you can nowadays create your own beautiful, stylish wall sticker at a fair price. Creating your own wall sticker is one of the most interesting and fun tasks when decorating a house or flat. With your own creation, you can make yourself very comfortable in your own home.

This is also highly recommended for bars and small businesses, as they can use a window decal to market their property and attract new customers.

Guide: Frequently asked questions about wall stickers answered in detail

Now we want to answer all your questions about wall stickers. Look no further, you can find the most frequently asked questions and answers here.

How should I apply wall stickers correctly?

Be sure to read the instructions on the product before you start. In any case, make sure there is no dirt or dust on the film. They are usually self-adhesive and stick to smooth surfaces such as walls or tiles. If your wall is freshly painted, it will take two to three weeks to dry completely. If your wall sticker is really long, invite a friend or family member to help you.

Once you have received your ordered wall sticker, the first thing you should do is flatten it with a squeegee. You will usually receive one with your order. If you didn’t receive one with your order and want to save your nerves and time, it’s a very smart idea to order one separately or use a credit card. After the wall sticker has stuck to the wall, you should press the entire poster again with the squeegee.

How should you remove wall stickers?

When you change your home, you may often wonder if you can use the same wall sticker twice to use it in a different room. This is rather not possible as the sticker will lose its shape and not stick properly the second time.

If you have difficulty removing the wall sticker or it may damage the wall, warm it up with a hair dryer. The adhesive will become softer and therefore easier to remove. Then use tweezers to slowly peel the sticker off the wall. It is easiest to remove a wall sticker from glass and tiles. It is most difficult to remove a wall sticker from wallpaper.

How can you print / create wall stickers yourself?

Sometimes you just can’t find a suitable wall sticker for your space or you have an original idea that fits perfectly with your particular space in your home or business premises. In this case, you want to create your own wall sticker, and even if you are not a graphic designer, nowadays you can create a good wall sticker all by yourself.

Your personal wall sticker can be designed in different ways. Moreover, it can be designed the way you want it. (Image source: Katarzyna Białasiewicz / 123rf)

If you have decided to have fun with self-made wall stickers, you are only a few clicks away from your dream decoration. There are countless websites on the internet that offer services of self-made forest stickers. Before you start creating your next decoration, don’t just order from the first provider you can find. Click through a few of them and take the time to test all possible options.

Your time will not be wasted, after all, you will be looking at the wall sticker every day. It’s rare to make such a big change, so easily, without spending a lot of money and in return you’ll have your original room and the atmosphere that comes with it.

Is a wall tattoo the same as a wall sticker?

In short, yes it is. Wall tattoo is not a protected term and is used freely.


If you don’t want to paint your walls to make your living room look nicer or pay a professional to do it, wall sticker is the answer. There are so many possibilities with this decoration that it’s even a shame not to use a wall sticker in your home, cafe or workspace. Since this is a DIY concept, it doesn’t even cost that much. Prices vary but are affordable even on a budget.

You should measure your walls and free space before placing an order and have a clear idea of how it will fit with everything else in your room. Avoid putting the wall sticker on wallpaper as it can tear easily. Have fun!

Image source: Peter Olexa/ Unsplash