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Hanging cabinets are great pieces of furniture for displaying your favourite items and collectibles on your home wall while keeping them safe. They are available in a variety of sizes and finishes. The design is also important, because a modern hanging showcase often differs from rustic showcases or country-style hanging showcases.

With our hanging showcase test 2022, we are happy to help you find the best hanging showcase for you. In our comparison, we pay attention to criteria such as size, weight and material and show you the corresponding advantages and disadvantages. This should make your purchase decision easier later on.

The most important facts

  • A hanging showcase allows you to display beautiful things and store them safely. In addition, it is very space-saving and can therefore also be used in small rooms.
  • Hanging showcases are ideal for collectors. But depending on what you want to store in them, they can also make your kitchen, hallway or living room into something special.
  • If you give a found object from the flea market a new coat of paint or extend it according to your own ideas, you can “upcycle” your own unique piece.

The Best Wall Cabinets: Our Picks

Buying and evaluation criteria for wall cabinets

Before buying a wall cabinet, it is worth taking a look at the following criteria to help you make your decision:

These criteria will be explained in more detail in the next sections.


Hanging display cases can be used in many ways. While the appearance is the first thing that attracts attention, the choice of material is also very important, depending on your desired use.

  • Glass: Display cabinets made purely of glass or Plexiglas are wonderful for presenting delicate figurines. However, the glass and mirror elements make hanging display cases susceptible to dust and fingerprints. They therefore need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Wood: They are also available in a wide variety of wood versions. A wall cabinet made of oak is a real eye-catcher and very stable thanks to the solid wood. As half cabinets, wooden hanging display cabinets provide sufficient storage space. Vases or larger decorative objects are ideal for the interior, while smaller items may be somewhat lost. Antique wooden showcases can add a rustic flair to your living space.
  • Metal: If you prefer the industrial style, then a metal or iron wall cabinet is just right for you. It is super easy to clean, robust and totally trendy. In addition, it is not only a great instrument for displaying your treasures, but also makes a great decorative element.

As a tip, it is perhaps good to know that you should try to avoid a break in style. In other words, the porcelain service from grandma fits better in a rustic hanging showcase than in a “metal box”. On the other hand, your collection of video games is less well placed there.


As a rule, wall cabinets tend to be smaller and are therefore ideal for placing a chest of drawers or a cupboard underneath.

On a living room wall, you can create an eye-catcher with decorative elements. The long or transverse wall cabinets in particular are perfect for a place next to or above the TV.

When measuring, make sure you have enough space to open the doors. In the best case, position them so that you don’t bump into them.

Wall cabinets are a great eye-catcher and can enhance your room. Don’t forget, however, that it’s mostly about the contents, so you shouldn’t go overboard when choosing the size.


As far as weight is concerned, again the contents are crucial. Due to its robust material, solid wood can withstand considerably more weight than a glass top. However, the wood itself also has a higher dead weight.

Glass shelves, for example, are better suited for figurines and other lighter exhibits. In any case, you should bear in mind the maximum load of your hanging display case when loading it.

In addition, the weight of your wall cabinet will vary depending on its size. When assembling your wall cabinet, a heavy-duty hanger can therefore be useful.


In addition to the ability to protect against dust and moisture and to be a great display medium, your wall cabinet can have other “extras” at the ready.

  • Lighting: In order to accentuate your contents in an ideal way, the appropriate lighting must of course not be missing. The resulting passive lighting also has a very pleasant effect on the rest of the room. Bear in mind that some models do not have replaceable lighting, but rather permanently integrated lighting. However, you can ideally upgrade your wall display case with the help of LED lights.
  • Lock: If you are displaying rare and valuable collectors’ items, make sure that your display case is lockable. This will protect the contents from envious thieves or clumsy hands.
  • Mirror: Since a wall-mounted showcase is attached to the wall, a mirror is a good way to show the contents from all sides. Last but not least, a mirror makes the room look bigger.

Regardless of the features of your display case, you should not overcrowd it. A mirror, for example, can make the contents appear even fuller and thus limit the presentation of individual objects.

To get the best out of your showcase and thus your collection, the motto is: “Less is more”.

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying hanging display cases

Inherited dishes, books, wine bottles or holiday souvenirs – a wall cabinet can be the perfect piece of display furniture for many people. In this section, we will answer some frequently asked questions.

What is a hanging display case?

A wall cabinet is a piece of furniture that is attached to the wall and has at least one glazed side. The name is derived from the Latin word “vitrum” for glass.

The piece of furniture thus gives you a view of special or beautiful objects and at the same time stores them safely. In contrast to a classic floor-standing display cabinet, it has the advantage of being very space-saving.


Hanging display cases can be used multifunctionally. They are used particularly often for crockery and glasses. (Image source: Le Creuset / Unsplash)

By using a hanging display case, you can both give special favourite pieces a stage and give your everyday items a good amount of attention.

Who is a hanging display case suitable for?

Basically, a hanging display case is the right thing for you if you like to look at your objects and at the same time want to keep them safe. No matter whether it is perfume, porcelain or glasses.

The purchase of a hanging display case is particularly worthwhile for you as a hobby collector. Whether figurines, trophies, model cars or antiques, your favourite pieces can be perfectly displayed here. But a collection of CDs, books and memorabilia can also find a nice place in a hanging display case.


Display cabinets keep even very cluttered rooms tidy. Hanging showcases in particular have a light effect because the floor beneath them remains free. (Image source: moto moto sc / Unsplash)

You should not underestimate the effect of hanging showcases. At first, you might think that you should have plenty of space in your home. But your living room doesn’t have to be the size of a museum to display your treasures.

Even your hallway can be enhanced by a hanging display case.

What types of hanging display cases are there?

A hanging display case can be made of different materials and have different designs and sizes.

In addition to the classic showcase shape, you can also find long or transverse hanging showcases. The design can also vary greatly depending on the style and possible combinations.

Roughly speaking, you can divide this piece of furniture into three types:

  • Collective hanging display case
  • Living room hanging display cabinet
  • Kitchen hanging display cabinet

We have compiled the most important advantages and disadvantages of each type in the table below.

Type Advantages Disadvantages
Collective hanging display case Objects are clearly visible and
ideally suited for small, delicate or lightweight jewellery
More susceptible to fingerprints and not designed for heavy items
Living room hanging display case Often allows for a combination of storage and display.
Mostly made of fibreboard and thus easy to clean, lighter and cheaper
Can vary greatly in price due to their differences
Kitchen hanging display case Usually made of solid wood for storing heavy objects, such as glasses or plates May not be mountable on every wall due to weight

Hanging display cabinets can also be found in simple and modern styles made of wood and metal variants. In country house style or also in an antique and rustic look, there are living room as well as kitchen showcases.

How much does a wall cabinet cost?

Unfortunately, due to the variety of designs, the question cannot be answered so easily.

Small collector’s showcases start at around 30 euros. Larger hanging display cases made of glass or wood can cost several hundred euros, depending on the design. For example, the material used plays a major role.

Solid wood panels are of higher quality and therefore more expensive than chipboard or metal.
Design variants and extended features such as locks, lighting or mirrors increase the price even more.

Type price range
Collector’s wall cabinet approx. 30 to 165 euros
Kitchen wall cabinet approx. 40 to 200 euros
Living room wall cabinet approx. 50 to 300 euros

If you like to take your time with a project, you can also find a bargain at the flea market or the bulky waste.

What are the alternatives to a hanging display cabinet?

If you like to display your items, you can also use a shelf as an alternative. Just be aware that they will no longer be protected from dust or an accidental fall.

Your valuable crockery can also be stored safely in a wall cupboard. Even if it is of course no longer nicely presented there for you and others.

Finally, you also have the option of using a free-standing display case, which offers all the advantages of presentation and safety of your objects. This has the disadvantage that you have to free up a little more space.

Alternative Advantage Disadvantage
Shelf Objects are clearly visible No protection against dust or falling down
Wall cabinet Space-saving and objects are safe Contents are not visible
Floor display cabinet Objects are presented and stored Takes up more space

Of course, your decision will depend on your individual living space. For example, if you have limited space, a shelf or wall cabinet may be less constricting than a closed version.

How do I install a wall cabinet?

The height at which the wall cabinet should be mounted depends on what it will be used for and by whom.

For a kitchen showcase that is used frequently, for example, it is advisable to leave a distance of about 50 cm to the worktop. Basically, the so-called grab height is decisive.

Purely decorative hanging cabinets for collectibles can also find a place out of reach.

It is best to always follow the instructions for mounting your hanging display case correctly. If you have difficulties with anchoring or questions about the tools you need, most companies have a reliable customer service.


A wall cabinet can find its place in many rooms. In the bathroom as a cosmetics or medicine cabinet and in the living room or bedroom for collections and decorations. It can even provide storage space of a special kind in the hallway. The hanging showcase serves as a real all-rounder, as it can put everyday objects in a new light.

The reflective glass front captures daylight from outside very pleasantly, and colourful LED lighting can also create a pleasant atmosphere in the evening. A wall cabinet is both practical and aesthetic and should therefore not be missing from your home.

Image source: 123rf / 67269713