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Welcome to our big waffle maker test 2023. Here we present all the automatic waffle makers that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and added a summary of customer reviews on the web.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best waffle maker for you. You will also find answers to frequently asked questions in our guide. Furthermore, you will also find some important information on this page that you should pay attention to if you want to buy a waffle maker.


  • Basically, there are three types of waffle iron. The heart waffle maker, a waffle maker for Belgian waffles, also called a Brussels waffle maker, or an American waffle maker. These designations stand for the respective typical waffle shapes that can be baked with the automatic waffle maker.
  • There are automatic waffle makers with which one waffle, often two and sometimes four waffles can be prepared at the same time. The more waffles there are on a plate at the same time, the smaller the individual waffles.
  • Most automatic waffle makers require a 230-volt power connection as standard and have an average output of 1000 watts.

The Best Waffle Maker: Our Picks

Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a waffle maker

Why do I need a waffle maker?

A waffle maker is a device that consists of iron plates inside. These plates are on both the bottom and the “lid” side. The plates have a certain shape or pattern, for example heart-shaped, where five hearts are lined up in a circle. Often there are also square or other shapes. The plates each have small elevations, whether in a triangular shape for the heart patterns or squares for the Belgian wafers.

A waffle batter can then be poured into the lower plate, after which the lid of the waffle maker is closed and the batter is distributed in the machine by the pressure of the closing. The waffle then takes the shape of the plates from both sides at the same time and as they are equally heated, the waffle is evenly baked in the machine.

Waffles are popular with pretty much everyone – whether children or adults, they are particularly good for breakfast or as a sweet treat between meals.

Not only do they taste good, but they are also a nice activity for families, because at the weekend, for example, children and parents can prepare the batter and bake the waffles together and then enjoy them together. However, since waffle preparation is perhaps a little too time-consuming for everyday life, this could become a weekend tradition.

Since waffles only achieve their typical pattern with a waffle iron, everyone who also wants to make waffles themselves therefore needs a waffle maker. Otherwise, the waffles cannot take on this classic shape.

Who is a waffle maker suitable for?

Waffles taste good to almost everyone, so the answer to the question of who a waffle maker is suitable for is quite simple. A waffle maker belongs in every waffle fan’s household. However, since it is an electric appliance that works via a power connection and also quickly reaches very high temperatures, it is of course important that only adults should actually operate this appliance.

Of course, children or teenagers can help with waffle batter preparation, but when it comes to operating a waffle maker, an adult supervisor should always oversee its use.

How much does a waffle maker cost?

If you have decided to buy a new automatic waffle maker, we advise you to pay attention to a reasonable price for technical devices such as these.

A price that is too low can be a hidden indicator of the actual quality of the waffle maker.

As this is a household electrical appliance, you should not skimp on the price to prevent the appliance from performing poorly or even having a short lifespan. For private households, however, automatic waffle makers are already suitable, between approx. 30€ and 60€, as here the device is probably only rarely used and for a smaller quantity, as the preparation of the waffles is somewhat more elaborate.

Making waffles with friends or family can be a lot of fun and then they taste even better when you can enjoy them with your loved ones. (Image source: / Pietro De Grandi)

For commercial purposes, such as for city festivals, clubs or in cafes, where the waffle iron is used daily and also a higher quantity of waffles are prepared and sold, these waffle makers should tend to be more expensive in price in order to be as durable as possible. The price range for professional waffle makers is between 85€ and can be up to 250€ or can be more expensive depending on the equipment and size.

Type Price Range
Heart Waffle Maker 25€ to 60€
Waffle Maker for Belgian Waffles 35€ to 75€
American Waffle Maker 30€ to 60€
Professional Waffle Iron 85€ to 250€

What are the alternatives to a waffle iron?

If you’re craving waffles with Nutella, ice cream or fruit, but don’t have a waffle iron at home, we’d like to introduce you to a few alternatives that will satisfy your hunger without the need for a waffle maker. The alternatives to waffles without a waffle iron are:

  • Pancake / waffle batter in a pan
  • Pre-made waffles from the supermarket
  • Eating waffles in a café / ice cream parlour
  • Silicone waffle mould
Alternative Description
Pancakes The first alternative is to make pancakes. You either have the choice of just making the actual waffle batter in a pan, then your waffles will look like pancakes but taste like they were made in a waffle maker. Then the only thing missing is the classic waffle pattern. Or you can make a real pancake batter and prepare them in a pan as usual. Pancakes may look a little different, but they are very similar in principle to waffles.
Pre-made waffles The next alternative would be to buy ready-made waffles from the supermarket. You can find them almost everywhere, already baked waffles from the bag. These are usually rectangular in shape. The ready-made waffles usually come with icing sugar and can be a quick and easy alternative if you don’t have a waffle machine.
Cafes / ice cream parlours If you’re not a fan of ready-made or don’t like supermarket waffles – because let’s face it, homemade is still the best – then it might be worth considering a visit to your local cafe. Many cafes or ice cream parlours offer hot waffles, which can be served with cream, a scoop of ice cream or hot cherries. These waffles are also homemade and you save on the preparation. It’s also nice to meet up with a friend to have waffles together.
Silicone waffle moulds The last alternative we would like to introduce you to is silicone moulds. These provide the classic waffle pattern, which can really only be made with the waffle maker. These moulds are also available in different shapes and sizes and help you to bake not only waffles with the typical taste, but also with the classic pattern.

Decision: What types of waffle makers are there and which is the right one for you?

When shopping for automatic waffle makers, there are basically three types that you need to distinguish between:

  • Heart-shaped waffle maker
  • Waffle maker for Belgian waffles / Brussels waffle maker
  • American waffle maker

In the following, we would like to help you find out which type of waffle maker is suitable for you. For this purpose, we will introduce you to the waffle makers individually and weigh up the individual advantages and disadvantages.

What distinguishes a heart waffle maker and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

A heart-shaped waffle maker is probably the most popular, as the shape is simply cute and makes the waffle look even more special. Most heart waffle makers have a plate for a round waffle, which consists of five smaller hearts. These are lined up with the top of the hearts in the middle, and the curves of each heart form the edge of the waffle. There are also waffle makers that have two of these heart waffle plates, so two waffles can be made at the same time.

Heart-shaped waffles not only look beautiful, they are also very tasty. (Image source: / Ana Azevedo)

Not only do heart-shaped waffles look beautiful, they are also very good for sharing with friends or family. The individual little hearts can be pulled apart and eaten separately. But eating the waffle as a whole on its own is also fun for everyone. Typical of heart-shaped waffles is that they are usually thin and served either crispy on the outside or soft and fluffy. They are usually served with icing sugar, but also with a scoop of ice cream, Nutella or fruit.

What distinguishes a waffle maker for Belgian waffles and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

The main difference between a heart-shaped waffle maker and a Belgian waffle maker, also called a Brussels waffle maker, is the shape of the waffle. Belgian waffles are famous for being rectangular and having a distinct structure. There is also a difference in thickness, as heart waffle makers have a rather thinner waffle mould. Belgian waffles, on the other hand, are much thicker and more substantial, which is why the waffle mould tends to be deeper, as more batter is poured into it. Brussels waffles are also heavier, so a single waffle is comparatively smaller than a heart-shaped waffle.

Usually, Belgian waffle makers have at least two moulds, which means that at least two larger, rectangular waffles can be baked at the same time. There are also often plates with four moulds at the same time. The preparation of the waffles will therefore be somewhat faster, which can be an advantage for impatient snackers in particular.

  • Suitable for thick and mighty waffles in the classic Belgian style
  • preparation somewhat faster due to several waffle moulds
  • Usually more expensive than heart waffle vending machines
  • Brussels gun vending machines are usually larger, so they require more space in the kitchen

If you like the shape of a heart-shaped waffle, a heart-shaped waffle maker is a good choice. Unfortunately, the shape of the plates in these waffle makers is so special that the plates cannot be removed, which means that other waffle shapes cannot be made with this machine.

Belgian waffles are a classic and very popular. (Image source: / topcools tee)

Heart waffle vending machines are also usually the smaller waffle vending machines, so are good for someone with limited kitchen space. However, the waffle makers that have two heart-shaped waffle moulds and can therefore make two heart-shaped waffles at the same time are more expensive.

  • Shape of the waffle is very special
  • Heart-shaped waffles can be split
  • Usually fluffy-thin or crispy-thin
  • Heart-shaped waffle makers have only one or a maximum of two waffle shapes, therefore only a maximum of two waffles can be baked at the same time
  • Waffle shape cannot be changed, so no rectangular or thick waffles possible to prepare

What distinguishes an American waffle maker and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

An American waffle maker prepares waffles in the classic, American style. What is special about these American waffles is that they are completely round. In Germany, heart-shaped waffles are very popular and although they are also round, heart-shaped waffles are not really a circle. In America, very round waffles are popular – they consist of four triangles that are lined up to form a circle.

Did you know that in America waffles are often served with breaded chicken? Americans are known for their crazy eating habits, but waffles with breaded chicken or sometimes fries are very popular there. The result is a savoury-sweet dish that everyone should try. This is then called “Chicken & Waffles”.

These waffles can also be divided into small triangles and eaten. American waffles are also typically very thick and heavy. They are crispy on the outside rather than soft and are often served with lots of ice cream and whipped cream. The American waffle makers therefore conjure up the round waffles, but usually only one waffle can be prepared and because of the thickness of the waffle, it can also take a little longer to prepare.F

Classic American waffles are completely round and consist of four small triangles that form the circle. (Image source: / Joseph Gonzalez)

Since American waffles are still rather unknown in Germany, it may be that finding an American waffle iron in shops can be a little more difficult, as they are not yet very common. But you’ll still find plenty of offers on the internet.

  • Suitable for perfectly round waffles in the classic American style
  • as American waffles are still unknown in Germany, they are unique and special
  • Preparation is more time-consuming
  • American waffle makers can be harder to find in German shops

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate automatic waffle makers

In the following, we show you which aspects you can use to decide on the right waffle maker. The criteria you can use to compare waffle makers include:

  • Waffle plates
  • Waffle type and shape
  • Material / Housing
  • Power (watts) and connection (volts)
  • Additional features (heat control, removable and/or replaceable inserts, signal lights, cool-touch handles, overflow rim)
  • Warranty

In the following, we will explain what is important in the individual buying criteria.

Waffle plates

We have already described the different types of automatic waffle makers above. You will have noticed that there are simple waffle makers, but also some that allow you to make more than one waffle at a time. Basically, the most common number of plates is either one, two or four. You should decide individually which you prefer.

However, it is more important that the iron plates have a non-stick coating (or are made of ceramic). This is a coating on the iron plates that ensures that the waffle batter does not stick to the plates as much. This gives a nicer result and you need less oil, because you don’t have to grease the iron plates so much beforehand. This is also good for your health, as you can save unnecessary calories, especially with a rather unhealthy sweet like waffles. The non-stick coating also makes the iron plates last longer and prevents them from wearing out quickly. The fact that the waffles no longer stick to the plates also makes it easier for you to clean the waffle maker after use.

Waffle type and shape (heart waffles, square waffles or ice cream waffles)

The different types of waffle makers actually only differ in the type of waffle and therefore also in the shape of the waffles. You can choose between heart-shaped waffles, square or rectangular Brussels waffles and circular American waffles. There are also waffle irons that have shapes for ice cream waffles, but these are not important for private use. You should therefore decide for yourself which waffles you like best visually and which shape you prefer.

Material / housing

Nowadays, most waffle irons are made of cast iron, as the name suggests. This mainly means the plates, which are made of black iron and should also be coated. The housing can be made of either cheaper plastics or high-quality metal. In addition, a waffle iron can become a real eye-catcher in a kitchen. So if you want to place the waffle maker visibly in your kitchen, the design of the appliance, i.e. the housing, should also appeal to you visually.

Power (watts) and connection (volts)

Most automatic waffle makers have an output of around 1000 watts, but the wattage does not necessarily promise a better baking result. It is not important that one automatic waffle maker has a higher wattage than another, because the quality of the waffle iron can also influence this. On average, automatic waffle makers require a 230-volt power connection, and these fit well with any connection in German households.

Additional features

In addition to the main function of baking waffles, there are many other functions that make it easier to make waffles. In the following, we would like to explain the additional features to you.

Heat control

Heat controls are thermostats that allow the user to determine how hot the waffle maker should get. Cheaper waffle makers often have no heat control and get the same heat for each waffle. This means they only have an on and off switch. Higher-quality models have this heat control, which is perfect for making waffles that are sometimes a little softer and sometimes a little crispier, depending on your taste. So if you like to alternate between the two, heat control is essential, because it’s the only way you can control the temperature of the waffle iron.

Removable and/or replaceable inserts

Basically, most automatic waffle makers are designed in such a way that you cannot remove the plates. However, there are also more sophisticated models that allow you to remove the plates after use. This makes it easier to clean the iron plates. There are also special waffle makers with interchangeable inserts. This means that you can choose between different plates and thus prepare different waffles. This can mean, for example, that you can choose between heart-shaped or square waffles. This is especially advantageous for waffle lovers who often need variety.

Signal lights

Signal lights are usually small lights on the front of the waffle iron that signal the baking process. They are usually in the colours red and green. Red indicates that the waffle is still being baked and needs more time, while the green light indicates that the waffle is ready. The signal lights are like an integrated timer, which makes baking easier and so you don’t have to constantly check whether your waffles are already done or still need some time.

Cool-touch handles

Cool-touch handles are very important because they protect you from burns. Because waffle irons can get very hot, the handles should always be “cool-touch”. This means that they are made of a material that prevents the handles from heating up or even getting hot while the waffle maker is in use. Because you have to open and close the lid of the waffle maker every time you make waffles, it is important that you do not injure yourself.

Overflow rim

Every automatic waffle maker should actually have an overflow rim, but when buying one, make sure that your waffle maker really does have one. This rim prevents the waffle batter from running onto the machine and soiling the outside of the appliance. Since the lid is closed to prepare the waffles and thus creates pressure on the waffle batter and distributes it on the plate, it can happen that if you have used too much batter, it can run out over the plate. The overflow rim catches the excess batter and prevents larger spills.


Before buying a device such as a waffle maker, you should always make sure that the manufacturer or seller offers you a guarantee. Because of its technology, this product can quickly become susceptible to faults or have production errors right from the start. A guarantee gives you a period of time during which you can easily return the appliance without incurring any costs. The warranty should last at least one year, but two or even three years is better, depending on the manufacturer.

Of course, you have a 14-day right of return, which allows you to return the device without a specific reason. However, technical faults are usually only discovered after a few uses, or the device simply breaks down after a few months due to poor quality – so the warranty is an important criterion. Caution: A warranty usually only applies if the fault lies with the manufacturer or is due to the production process, i.e. if you cause damage to the waffle maker yourself, either by scratching the iron plates or by water damage, the warranty will usually not cover this damage.

Facts worth knowing about the waffle maker

What should I pay attention to before using a waffle iron for the first time?

Before using a waffle maker for the first time, it is advisable to read the operating instructions thoroughly. There, all important information is explained and the correct operation of the appliance is described. In addition, you will always find the warranty information and the contact details of the manufacturer in case of problems with the appliance.

Before using a waffle iron, it is a good idea to clean the plates once to remove bacteria before the first use. We explain below how best to do this. Once you have prepared your waffle batter and are ready to make your first waffle, plug your waffle maker into a power source and allow the machine to heat up. Then you should grease the plate a little to prevent the batter from sticking to the plates.

What is the best waffle batter recipe?

We would now like to introduce you to a delicious recipe for heart-shaped waffles, which you can easily make at home, step by step. We will show you a classic and a vegan version.

Quantity Ingredient
125 g Soft butter
100 g Sugar
1 packet Vanilla sugar
3 Eggs
250 g Flour
1 pinch Salt
1 tsp Baking powder
200 ml Milk
  1. Mix the softened butter with the vanilla sugar and the regular sugar. To soften the butter, take it out of the fridge at least 20 minutes beforehand.
  2. Gradually stir in the three eggs.
  3. Mix the flour, salt and baking powder, i.e. the dry ingredients in a separate bowl.
  4. Then slowly stir the flour mixture into the batter and add the milk.
  5. Put two heaped tablespoons on your preheated waffle iron and let the waffle bake for 1 to 2 minutes, depending on the temperature.

How do I clean a waffle maker properly?

  1. Before cleaning the waffle maker, always let it cool down first so that you don’t hurt yourself.
  2. For waffle makers with removable plates, remove the cooled plates to make them easier to clean. If the plates of a waffle maker are not removable, make sure that no liquids come into contact with the underside or the technology of the appliance during the cleaning process. Otherwise, the appliance could be damaged.
  3. If there is a lot of dough stuck to the plates, first remove it roughly with a damp cloth while the plates are still warm. Do not use sharp objects such as knives, etc., as these could scratch the plates.
  4. If there are no more residues on the plates, you can put some kitchen paper on the iron and close the appliance, so that the grease residues are absorbed and you do not have to scrub for a long time.
  5. However, if the dirt on the plates is stubborn, mix 1 tablespoon of baking powder or cornflour with water and stir the mixture into a kind of paste. Then pour the mixture onto the hot plates and “bake” them. When the cleaning wafer has become hard, take it out. All the residue should then stick to it and your waffle maker will be clean again.

Image source: / Congerdesign