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Welcome to our big Vitamix blender test 2023. Here we present all the Vitamix high-performance blenders that we have tested in detail. We have compiled detailed background information and the criteria you should pay attention to when buying.

We would like to make your purchase decision easier and help you find the best Vitamix blender for you.

Find out what makes Vitamix food processors so special, what the biggest advantages and disadvantages are and what distinguishes them from blenders from other manufacturers.


  • The high speeds of the Vitamix stand mixers allow you to chop a wide variety of ingredients. Fruit, fibrous vegetables, ice and even nuts are no problem for the Vitamix high-performance blender models.
  • The Vitamix brand offers a 7-year warranty on all its blenders. The Smart range guarantees 10 years on its models.
  • The Vitamix appliance cleans itself. With warm water and detergent, the Vitamix blender with its high speed can clean itself during the blending process.

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Guide: Questions you should ask yourself before buying a Vitamix blender

Who is a Vitamix blender suitable for?

In principle, a Vitamix blender is suitable for everyone. Its many benefits make the Vitamix high-performance blender one of the most popular food processors you can buy today.

Since a Vitamix stand mixer has a certain size, a suitable place must be found in the kitchen where the mixer will be used. For people with very little space in their kitchen, the appliance can take up a certain amount of their work surface.

With a Vitamix high-performance blender, you can whip up creamy smoothies quickly and easily. (Image source: / Francesca Hotchin)

On the other hand, Vitamix stand mixers come in different sizes. Each device also has a powerful motor with laser-cut stainless steel blades that can chop a wide variety of ingredients.

The Vitamix food processor can not only chop ingredients. The powerful high-performance blender from Vitamix allows you to prepare smoothies, frozen desserts, soups, purees, as well as easy self-cleaning.

Vitamix blenders have only one container in which all ingredients can be added. This not only makes it easier to prepare dishes, but also to clean.

With the help of the variable speeds, you can prepare dishes according to your personal preferences.

The Vitamix brand produces high-performance blenders especially for commercial use.

In which size should I buy a Vitamix blender?

Vitamix stand mixers are available in different sizes. Depending on how many servings you want to prepare or what ingredients you are using, you can either choose a Vitamix blender from the Smart, Classic, Compact or Commercial series.

The size refers to the total height of the blender or the capacity of the container.

For preparing dishes for several people, you should take a larger model. Considering the size, a small stand mixer from Vitamix can be sufficient for one person.

It is best to consider other aspects of Vitamix blenders to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages.

What is the price range of Vitamix blenders?

Vitamix high-performance blenders are in the upper price range. There is a wide range of prices for the different types of Vitamix blenders. The features and size influence their cost. The range can go from around 400 to 900 euros.

If you use the Vitamix food processor frequently and prepare many tasty dishes with it, then the prices for Vitamix blenders seem reasonable to us.

The Vitamix Compact blender series starts at a price of 400 euros, whereby it is of course usually true that less equipped Vitamix food processors are cheaper than more equipped ones.

Type price range
Vitamix Smart approx. 530-900 €
Vitamix Classic approx. 450-900 €
Vitamix Compact approx. 400-450 €

For the Vitamix Classic series blenders, prices range from about 450 to 900 euros, with the different prices depending on the model.

The Vitamix stand mixers of the Smart series have prices up to 900 euros. Equipped with a display and Bluetooth function, they go with the zeitgeist of innovation and technical connectivity.

What are the alternatives to a Vitamix stand mixer?

High-performance blenders can have different features, as well as being built with differently powerful motors. Each of the alternatives has its own advantages and disadvantages. In the following section, we will give you a brief overview of the alternatives to Vitamix blenders.

Type Description
Blendtec blender Blunt beater blades made of cold-forged iron rotate like propellers to chop the ingredients. Three different containers for different dishes can be combined with the Blendtec blenders.
Blender A blender can be used to puree soft to medium soft chopped ingredients in different containers.
Household blender A household blender is suitable for occasional use. Soft to medium-soft ingredients can be chopped to a pulpy consistency.
Thermomix kitchen appliances These kitchen appliances are all-rounders that can not only mix, but also steam cook, knead and weigh, for example.

As the table shows, in addition to the Blendtec blender or a conventional blender, the Thermomix is also an excellent alternative to the Vitamix.

Each of the alternatives has certain advantages and disadvantages that are not to be sneezed at. Nevertheless, the Vitamix blender seems to stand out in some categories. It is not without reason that Vitamix competes with Blendtec for the best places in the high-performance blender segment on the German market.

Decision: What types of Vitamix blenders are there and which is the right one for you?

If you want to get a Vitamix high-performance blender, there are different types you can choose between:

  • Vitamix Smart series
  • Vitamix Classic series
  • Vitamix Compact series

The different Vitamix blenders each have their own advantages and disadvantages. Depending on how you want to use your Vitamix blender or what features you would like to have, a different type is suitable for you.

With the help of the following section, we would like to make your choice easier.

What distinguishes a Vitamix blender from the Smart series and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Vitamix Smart series, also known as the Ascent series, impresses with its innovations, especially in the technical area. The devices are equipped with the same quality and performance of other Vitamix blenders.

Among other things, the appliances have variable speed control, a pulse function and a digital timer.

The front of the Vitamix blender has undergone a definite change in that a display is now built in. The higher equipped Vitamix blenders also have a touchscreen, which makes operation easier.

  • Compact size
  • Container is dishwasher safe
  • Modern design
  • Container not compatible with other Vitamix series
  • Third-party containers are not recognised

The Vitamix high performance blenders of the Ascent series come with a 2 litre container. Inside, 4 blades rotate to skillfully chop the ingredients.

The container is equipped with a special chip that recognises the Vitamix Smart Blender. The programme of the Vitamix blender is automatically adjusted to the filling volume in the container.

The models of the Ascent series are built with the same motor and therefore have the same number of revolutions. Two optional containers can be used simultaneously as blending containers and storage containers for on the go.

What distinguishes a Vitamix Classic series blender and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The Vitamix Classic blender series includes the product lines C, G and E. They are based on the proven technology that the Vitamix brand has been successfully selling for many years. In addition, the Vitamix Classic series focuses on the most essential functions that a high-performance blender must be able to do.

The C series focuses its attention on the primary aspects. A powerful motor, sharp blades and reduced functions give you a lot of freedom in how you prepare your dishes. 1000-1200 watts are used to operate the high-performance blender.

  • Third-party container compatible
  • Proven technology
  • Functions reduced to the essentials
  • no display
  • no Bluetooth
  • no countdown counter

The G-series impresses with a longer blade edge, which produces a finely pureed result despite the low number of revolutions. Up to 1,400 watts drive the motor. The C and G series are sold with 2-litre containers.

The E series of the Vitamix brand is particularly suitable for customers who want to experience the quality of the brand for the first time. The container holds 1.4 litres and the simple control panel also allows a first experience of a Vitamix high-performance blender.

What distinguishes a Vitamix blender of the Compact series and what are the advantages and disadvantages?

The blenders of the Compact series of the Vitamix brand impress with their compact size. The blenders are classified with the letter S.

The container is 1.2 litres and is adapted to the Compact series. The size of this personal blender makes it possible to comfortably prepare portions for one person.

The stand of the Vitamix blender is 15 cm high. Its modern and slim design allows it to find a place even in smaller kitchens.

  • Small dimensions
  • Safety mechanism
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Less powerful than Classic series
  • only up to 1.2 litre container can be used
  • smaller container harder to clean

With 950 watts, the Vitamix blender of the S series has a powerful motor. It is weaker than the models of the Classic series, but much more powerful than normal household blenders.

In addition, the tried and tested blades from other Vitamix blenders are built into the Compact series. Various attachable containers make it possible to transport the liquids in the container on the go.

Buying criteria: Use these factors to compare and evaluate Vitamix blenders

In the following, we would like to show you which factors you can use to compare and evaluate Vitamix products. This will make it easier for you to decide whether a particular Vitamix product is suitable for you or not.

In summary, these are:

  • Power
  • Volume
  • Safety functions
  • Manufacturer’s warranty


The power of a Vitamix high-performance blender can be indicated by its wattage and revolutions per minute.

Type wattage
Vitamix Smart 1200-1400 W
Vitamix Classic 1000-1400 W
Vitamix Compact 800-950 W

The Vitamix Smart blender series offers the same wattage range of 1200-1400 in all its models. The models in the Vitamix Classic stand mixer series have a wattage range of 1000 watts up to 1400 watts for the most powerful product.

This is contrasted with the Vitamix brand’s entry-level E series, which covers a lower range of 800-950 watts.

Vitamix high-performance blenders manage to grind grains and nuts into a fine flour. (Image source: / Maddie Bazzocco)

With these performances, the blenders belong to the category of high-performance blenders. With them, you can prepare delicious meals every day and conjure up the finest results.


Vitamix blenders are in the high-performance range and operate at higher wattages than classic household blenders. Their power results in an audible noise level.

In general, the entry-level E series of the Vitamix brand can be described as the least noisy. If you put more solid ingredients into the Vitamix blender, you may experience louder noises for a short time.

The models of the Compact and Classic series achieve a higher value. However, it is important to note that the products with the highest wattages and features of the Smart and Classic series can cause a little more noise.

Depending on whether a quieter Vitamix blender is important to you or you can handle a short noise level, different Vitamix kitchen appliances are interesting for you. In this case, a louder working noise usually means a higher performance of the Vitamix blender

Safety features

All Vitamix high-performance blenders are equipped with a safety function. These differ between the models.

The Vitamix brand uses four rotating cutting blades for its blenders, which are placed in the containers. These kitchen instruments have a high potential for injury, which is minimised by the safety functions.

The Smart series of Vitamix blenders detects whether the lid of the container is closed. If the lid is not on properly or missing, the safety function will prevent the kitchen appliance from starting. If you remove the container from the appliance when the blades are still turning, the motor will stop within two seconds.

However, you should always act attentively and carefully when using the appliance.

The premium product in the Vitamix Classic blender range is designed with motor overheat protection. With a universal off switch, it prevents the other controls from being used.

The C series of the Classic range of Vitamix blenders have a motor cooling system. The entry-level model of the Classic series also has built-in motor overload protection.

A slightly modified version of the safety functions of the Smart series was used by the Vitamix blenders of the Compact series.

The motor only starts when the container is properly seated on the appliance. The Compact series also has overheating protection.

It is important to note that the safety functions are only an aid. There is no 100 per cent, as is the case with other manufacturers.

Manufacturer’s warranty

Vitamix high-performance blenders come with a warranty for material defects and wear and tear. In addition, there is a legal warranty.

The legally regulated warranty covers 2 years if the product is a new product. This warranty covers damage that is present from the beginning of the delivery. This also applies if further problems result from these initial defects.

The Vitamix brand grants a warranty period of 7 years on its stand mixer series. The Smart series is an exception. The Vitamix Ascent high-performance blenders have a warranty that covers 10 years.

The Vitamix high performance blender warranty is also transferable. This can be the case if you buy a used product or receive a Vitamix appliance as a gift.

If you want to know when the warranty expires, contact the Vitamix customer service and provide your serial number.

The Vitamix blender can also be registered on the Vitamix brand website for any changes or safety instructions.

If you have specific questions about your warranty or guarantee, it is best to contact your dealer or a lawyer.

Facts worth knowing about the Vitamix

What can I prepare with the Vitamix high-power blender?

Vitamix high-power blenders can finely chop a variety of ingredients. Fruit and fibrous vegetables are no problem for the Vitamix blender. Coffee beans and nuts can also be ground if you put a larger amount in the container.

The Vitamix blenders can blend these ingredients into a fine and fibre-free mass. Different dry and wet containers allow you to achieve an even better result.

The blenders are suitable for making smoothies, soups, pesto, frozen yoghurt or dressings, for example. Thus, the Vitamix is indirectly also a smoothie maker and much more.

You can also create unusual recipes, such as carrot-orange ice cream, with the Vitamix blender.

Since when has Vitamix been producing stand mixers?

The US brand Vitamix has been producing blenders since 1937. These appliances for private use were presented and sold in commercials on American television from 1949 onwards.

The popularity of Vitamix blenders grew rapidly and more and more recipes were invented especially for the appliances.

When commercial sales were added in 1985, all models of Vitamix blenders were constantly improved. Since 2013, the premium appliance of the Classic series from Vitamix has also been available on the German market.

Where are Vitamix high-performance blenders manufactured?

Vitamix high-performance blenders are produced in the USA. Due to the geographically close production at the American sales location, the prices are more expensive than production in Asian countries.

The Vitamix brand wants to live up to its own quality standards. 70 percent of the individual parts are also manufactured in the USA.

The location in Ohio employs 1000 people who work daily on the production of new Vitamix high-performance blenders and assemble the modules of the appliances.

What does the error message that my Vitamix blender displays mean?

There are screens on the front of the Vitamix Smart Series models. These can display an error message in the event of a problem with the appliance. In the following section we will show you the possible error names and what they mean:

  • E1: general error message
  • E2: general error message
  • E3: overheating
  • E4: contact Vitamix brand customer service

Error messages E1 and E2 are general errors that can often be resolved by switching the Vitamix high-power blender on and off again. If error message E3 occurs, switch off the Vitamix blender for 45 minutes. The motor needs time to cool down.

Fibrous ingredients can get caught in the blades of the blender and cause the motor to overheat. Cut the ingredients a little smaller to prevent this. (Image source: / Alyson McPhee)

If the error messages occur more often, it is best to speak to the Vitamix brand customer service.

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