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A vintage dressing table is a piece of furniture that has been used for the purpose of applying makeup, doing hair and other beauty-related tasks. It usually consists of two parts – one part with drawers or shelves to store cosmetics and another section where you can sit down in front of a mirror. Some have an additional drawer on top which was used as storage space for jewelry or personal items such as handkerchiefs. Most are made from wood but some were also created out of metal (usually brass). They come in many different shapes, sizes and colors so there’s sure to be something perfect for your home.

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Vintage Dressing Table: Frequently asked questions

What types of Vintage Dressing Table are there and what determines a good product?

There are many different types of Vintage Dressing Tables. The most common is the double-sided dressing table, which has a mirror on both sides and drawers for storage underneath. Another type is the single sided dressing table with one side having a mirror and drawer space while the other side can be used to display items such as perfume bottles or makeup brushes in holders attached to it. Some vintage dressing tables have mirrors that fold up so you can use them as desks when not being used for getting ready in front of.

Vintage Dressing Tables are a great way to add character and interest to your bedroom. They can be used as an additional dressing table or even as a bedside cabinet, providing you with extra storage space for books, magazines and other items. The size of the vintage dressing table is also important – it should not take up too much room in your bedroom but at the same time provide enough surface area for all of your make-up essentials.

Who should use a Vintage Dressing Table?

Vintage dressing tables are a great option for anyone looking to add some vintage charm and elegance to their bedroom. They can be used as an alternative to a bedside table or even in the living room, if you don’t have enough space in your bedroom.

Based on what criteria should you buy a Vintage Dressing Table?

The selection of a Vintage Dressing Table should depend on the user, as there are lots of factors that come into play previous to making the purchase. You need to think about whether you’re buying this for yourself or for someone else? If it is for your own use then what do you want from it? How much space have you got in your home and how big is the room where will be placed? What colour would suit best with other furniture items and wall colours in your house? And so forth…

The initial thing you should compare is the quality of wood. If it isn’t solid, then that may be a problem for your dressing table to last long. You also need to look at how well-made the drawers are and if they can hold up weight as well.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a Vintage Dressing Table?


Vintage dressing tables are a great way to add some character and charm into your bedroom. They can be used as an extra surface area for storage or even as a vanity table if you have the space in your room.


The disadvantages of a Vintage Dressing Table are that it is not as sturdy or durable as other types of dressing tables. It can also be difficult to find one in good condition, especially if you want something with drawers and/or mirrors.

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